What is RJ45 and Where Can You Buy Panduit RJ45

What is RJ45 and Where Can You Buy Panduit RJ45

What is RJ45 and Where Can You Buy Panduit RJ45? – What is RJ45? Is there a quality RJ45 brand? This question has become a natural thing when someone or a party wants to build an internal network.

RJ45 is a kind of ethernet cable connector used in network topology based on Local Area Network or LAN that can work in various other topologies.

RJ stands for Registered Jack, RJ itself is used as a standard equipment in the network that does regulate the installation of connectors and cable sequences.

You can find RJ45 connectors on UTP or Unshielded Twisted Pair cables, besides that you can also find them on STP or Shield Twisted Pair cables that are connected to the transceiver.

RJ45 consists of 8 pin connectors, cables that use the RJ45 connector have eight separate wires. You can see at the end of the ethernet cable there are 8 connectors.

Continuing on to what brand of quality RJ45 connectors are, one of them is Panduit. Panduit itself is one of the best network device manufacturers in the world, including the Indonesian market.

In addition to producing RJ45, Panduit also produces various types of networking cables that can complement network devices.

Then where to buy Panduit RJ45 in Indonesia? Before that we will discuss about Panduit RJ45, the history of RJ45, the following types of RJ45 cables.

What is Panduit RJ45

What is Panduit RJ45? Panduit created one of Panduit’s line of Network sockets and cables that focuses on producing the best quality RJ45 sockets on the market.

The quality of the RJ45 produced by Panduit is quite well known, where the RJ45 material used is selected with high quality control.

This makes the use of RJ45 sockets, especially for ethernet cables, to be durable and suitable for long-term use.

History of RJ45

Before the creation of RJ or unregistered Jack, we need to know the history of the jack that was first introduced in the 70s and replace the bulkier connection that was previously used first.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company introduced the plug under bell system which is their trademark offering to engineer services

Then the RJ45 offers a much cleaner and sophisticated connection compared to the much larger telephone connectors.

RJ connectors marked with the letter C are flush mount or surface mount, the letter W is a wall mount and the letter S is a single jack. As for the letter M is multi-line and X is a complex jack.

RJ45 Cable Type

RJ45 consists of various types that are distinguished according to the configuration according to your needs. The following are the types of RJ45:

Straight-through cable

The first type of RJ45 cable is straight-through which is a connector to connect network devices with different network hierarchies.

For example, if you want to connect a computer via a switch, the type of cable is the most commonly used type and it is easier to arrange the cables when using an RJ45 socket.

Cross-over cable

Cross over cable is a type of RJ45 connector that can connect two types of network devices with the same hierarchy.

For example, if you have a connection on a computer to a computer or a PC to a radio AP or it can also be from a router to a router, you can use this type of cross over.

Roll-over cable

For this type of roll over cable, we often find it on the router connection with the computer. The configuration of this type of cable is indeed the simplest where we just have to reverse the function of the cable that we use on one side.

For example in standard 568B cable (standard for straight through cable), then we just have to reverse the chronology to brown for the first chronological at the other end of the cable.

CAT Cable

Although many types of electronic devices on the market have switched to using wireless technology, LAN devices still use CAT cables that can handle various data transmissions.

The Ethernet cable consists of two main variants, namely UTP or STP. The two variants have almost the same construction structure, but are usually distinguished according to the transmission frequency and the relevant throughput.

How to install RJ45

In the way of installing RJ45, the first thing to note is that the different cable colors must be installed in the order and should not be reversed.

There are provisions in the pairing of these eight cable colors, four of which are solid colors and the other four have stripes.

The first pin is on the far left if it’s facing you. Then follow the numbers 2, 3, 4, to 8. The installation method is as follows:

  • Before you insert the cables into the connectors, you must make sure that you have sequenced the cables together correctly
  • If it is correct, then insert the following cable into the RJ45 . connector
  • The next step, clamp the following connector using crimping pliers
  • The last step, please test the cable together by using the cable tester

RJ45 Konektor Connector Function

The function of the RJ45 connector is to make it easier for us to change telephone devices or network devices or want to move between cables or unplug without worrying about getting an electric shock.

This connector can also connect the LAN network device connector with the network center. You can find RJ45 connectors at computer or cable stores. As for the price, usually if you buy 100 pcs at a much cheaper price.

How the RJ45 Connector Works

Talking about how the RJ45 connector works, it can be seen in the way the RJ45 connector is used which is used as a connector used for standard network ethernet cables.

There are RJ45 cable types with cat 4 which allows for 4 cable connections and cat 6 which allows 6 cable connections at the same time.

Inside Cat 6, there are 6 cables used for data transfer. However, of the six internal cables, only four were actually used. Meanwhile, the two remaining cables are actually used unless there is a later repair. Even so, it is not impossible that in the era that will come, the six cables can have all the benefits.

Where to buy Panduit RJ45

Now for the last one, where to buy Panduit RJ45 in Indonesia at a cheap price but also original? The answer is in NETDATA of course.

NETDATA as an IT company that helps serve any party in need regarding network issues provides Panduit RJ45 products at the lowest prices in Indonesia.

Not only that, NETDATA also provides Panduit RJ45 managed services for companies that want to start using their internal network with quality Panduit products.

What are you waiting for, as soon as you buy Panduit RJ45 at NETDATA, the quality is guaranteed and the price is also competitive with market prices.


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