Functions and How it Works of FortiGate Firewall

Functions and How it Works from Fortigate Firewall

Functions and How it Works of FortiGate Firewall – Starting a business in the modern era like today will certainly require adequate online technology. This is necessary in order to provide facilities for both the operations and marketing of the business itself.

Therefore, a company needs a secure network, especially for companies that have more than one branch. Network security is absolutely necessary to protect companies from leakage of corporate data to hacking of internal network systems.

To improve network security, a proper Firewall system is needed. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a quality firewall such as the Fortigate Firewall.

What are Firewalls?

Firewall is one of the efforts to secure computer networks from various threats on the internet network.

Like a barrier or wall, this firewall filters various data, information, and any traffic from the internet network to enter your computer and vice versa.

As previously we want to talk about fortinet support and fortinet Firewall. Of the two network security products from fortinet.

Firewall Fortigate itself is a type of hardware firewall that has its own hardware contained in network systems such as routers.

This firewall has a standalone configuration to work effectively. Hardware firewalls themselves have filter techniques to determine the main packet, source, and destination.

Internally the system will be able to find out the difference between legal and illegal information according to the established rules.

Then the filter will know which information needs to be dropped and which is passed to the destination.

What is the Function of a Firewall

What is the most important function of a Firewall is absolutely or mandatory to use to secure your internal computer network at home or in the company. In addition, what are the functions of the Firewall? Here is the full explanation.

Protecting Data from Hackers and Unauthorized Users

The first function of the Firewall is to protect internal data from outside access. Firewall hackers and foreign users can not connect with the data owned.

That way the data stored on your computer will be prone to being stolen if you don’t use a Firewall.

Block Unwanted Messages

Getting a mysterious message on your computer will certainly make us wonder if our computer has been infected with a virus.

Well, it’s true that a message like this can be an indication that your computer is infected with a virus that cannot be filtered by your computer’s built-in Firewall.

Therefore, additional firewalls such as Firewall Fortigate are needed to block spam messages that can interfere with your internal data.

Block Unwanted Content

In addition to blocking spam messages and containing viruses, Firewalls can block websites that have malicious content.

You can manually adjust the content that is not allowed to be opened on a computer.

Making Online Games More Safe and Comfortable

Playing online games is fun for some people. But did you know that the online game connection itself has a lot of open ports where hackers can insert malware into your computer.

Although most online game servers are equipped with advanced security. It would be better if you use an additional Firewall attached to the computer.

Bandwidth Monitor

Firewalls do not only have the ability to add network security. But it can also function as a monitor and limit the bandwidth used.

For example you can set limits for entertainment content, pictures, music, and prioritize bandwidth for business.

Accessing VPN Service

Firewalls can also be used as a vpn or Virtual private Network facility. The point of a VPN is to create an internal network with the same means that you can open content or websites that are blocked by the ISP.

This can increase productivity, data sharing, and the need for more secure data transmission.

How Does the FortiGate Firewall Work?

To understand how the FortiGate Firewall works, we need to know what the capabilities of this FortiGate Firewall are.

The main facility of Fortigate is to prevent DDOS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks by hackers to penetrate computer security systems and steal your internal data.

Fortigate is equipped with various prevention techniques from the DDOS, there are 2 types of techniques:

  1. UTM

UTM or Unified Threat Management is a system created to handle network security problems comprehensively.

By using this system, Fortigate has complete security features such as a firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), web filtering, antivirus and routing in one complete hardware package.

In addition, Fortigate also provides services that can be tailored to user needs such as:

  • Network switching and routing services, either static or dynamic.
  • Network security services, such as Firewall, secure VPN connection and also for endpoint security.
  • Application security services, which can control spam and viruses, filter web content, and also prevent data leaks as well as complete application control. This feature can be disabled if not needed.
  1. FortiGate comes with FortiGuard

Fortiguard is a fortinet support or support service that provides a variety of continuous update services to ensure the security of computer networks.

This service can also be used to manage and monitor internet bandwidth which aims to regulate the use of internet access outside of office needs, or also adjusted to company policies.

This feature will certainly be useful to prevent the leakage of important information to unwanted parties.


From the explanation of how the FortiGate Firewall works above, we know that there are many advantages to using a Firewall, especially the Fortigate Firewall as the main Firewall for your internal network.

Maybe for those of you who are asking how to implement this Fortigate Firewall on your internal network. You don’t need to worry because NETDATA makes it easy for those of you who want to buy Fortigate Firewall to your network.


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