Control the Security of Your Home With CCTV Bardi

Control the Security of Your Home With CCTV Bardi

Control the Security of Your Home with CCTV Bardi – Monitoring of our homes is very important, especially when traveling outside the house.

Therefore, the use of CCTV using CCTV Bardi smart indoor IP static camera to be able to increase security and monitor your home for 24 hours, what are the advantages? The following is the review.

What is the difference between a CCTV camera and an IP camera?

The sophistication of CCTV or monitoring cameras is now increasingly practical and easy to install.

This surveillance camera technology has different types, such as the two types of surveillance cameras used are CCTV and IP cameras.

But what is the difference between CCTV and IP cameras? Here’s an explanation of the features and how they work.

What is CCTV?

  • Image recording still uses analog, both transmission and receiver still use analog signals.
  • Cheaper than IP cameras, DVR installation is easier and the bandwidth required is lower because it uses a coaxial cable instead of a LAN.
  • Analog cameras still use a lot of cables, the more cameras used, the more cables will be used.
  • Image resolution is still low and video details are blurry.
  • The video recording can only be viewed on the monitor inside the house
  • The camera viewpoint is still limited.
  • Videos are vulnerable to being bugged.

What is an IP Camera?

  • Use an internet connection to send pictures.
  • Does not require a DVR, but uses an NVR that uses a hard drive with a digital format.
  • Can be accessed to internet-connected devices such as smartphones and laptops.
  • The higher video resolution reaches full HD up to 4K so that the image looks clearer. Image detail is better and more colorful.
  • The viewing angle is wider and you don’t need a lot of cameras.
  • More practical and does not require cables.
  • Video recordings are encrypted so that they are more secure than eavesdropping.

CCTV Bardi Product Types?

CCTV Bardi consists of various types, what are the types? Here’s the explanation:

Indoor Static IP Camera

The Bardi Smart IP camera is a smart camera that can be seen the recordings via the internet to a smartphone and vice versa, the voice from the smartphone.

IP cam bardi has a max SD card storage slot up to 128 GB and provides notification when something passes at the specified hour in the application.

If the area is dark, the camera will automatically switch to night mode or night vision.

In using this camera is very easy, where you just connect it to the mains and position it as you wish. BARDI smart camera can rotate up to 360 degrees so that it can cover a wider area.

Outdoor Static IP Camera

This Bardi Smart outdoor static IP camera is a smart camera that has almost the same features as an indoor IP camera.

But the advantage is that this camera has better night vision and is equipped with infrared for better night recording.

And also this outdoor IP camera bardi is equipped with a 2.4 GHz wifi signal which makes the monitoring system faster.

Indoor PTZ IP Camera

Bardi smart indoor PTZ camera is a smart camera that is equipped with full HD night vision mode and can send images directly to your smartphone or provide voice feedback to the camera.

This bardi smart camera can rotate up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 60 degrees wider and more freely in monitoring.

Not only that, this camera is equipped with a complete 2.4 GHz wifi connection.

Where is the right installation of Cctv Bardi?

Smart indoor static IP camera due to its designation inside the house or outside the house.

For installation outside the house, it is necessary to consider the material for the outoor, it must be stronger against hot and rainy weather.

Smart indoor static IP cameras can be installed in strategic places such as in the family room, living room and kitchen.

Camera Mounting

In outdoor, you can install a static IP camera on the front door of the main house, garage, or above the window.

This can provide a view around the outside area of the fence, for road monitoring and also have guests or couriers delivering packages clearly visible.

Outdoor cameras can be installed with a screw that is included in the sales package. As for electricity, you can pull the wire from inside the house out to provide electricity to the camera.

For an indoor camera, you can install it in a strategic place such as in the living room that leads to the front door of the house.

Connecting the Camera to a Smartphone

Bardi smart home can be available for IOS and Android. For those of you who want to see video camera recordings, just download the application first on the Google Playstore or App Store.

Setting Up the Router

Prepare a router on the outdoor IP camera that can support 2.4 GHz wifi (not yet support 5 GHz) and connect to a Wifi network.

You need to configure router parameters to connect wifi network and note the SSID and Wifi password.

Registration Process

First you connect to wifi, open the Bardi smart home application, click register.

Both enter a valid and valid mobile number or email address, then click continue. Enter the verification code then login.

Add Tool Configuration

If you have done the registration, you can click the + button in the upper right corner. Then choose to add manually or scan automatically.

In the interface then add this device, click the next step then you can enter the wifi password.

For the record, the camera only supports 2.4 Ghz wifi network. The number of bits in the SSID and password cannot be more than 24 digits.

The next step is to move the QR code on the cellphone with a camera. If it’s connected then make sure the router, cellphone, and camera are close together.

If you have successfully added a camera, then you can change the name in the settings, for example, change it to a family room camera.

Camera Function Settings

Video Clip: To change the video stream up or down for maximum flexibility.

Motion Detection: The built-in motion sensor detects motion and camera and sends push notifications and app alerts.

Recording: Can record up to 24 hours non-stop with high capacity SD storage.

Day and night: the camera is equipped with night vision which can record at night so that no moment is missed.

What are the specifications of CCTV Bardi?

The bardi CCTV smart camera has specifications that are quite capable of an affordable IP camera class. Then what are the specifications? Here are some specifications of several types of Bardi cameras:

BARDI Smart Indoor Static IP Camera IP Camera Specifications

  • Model: IDR-IPC-STC
  • White color
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 Ghz
  • System Support: IOS & Android OS
  • On the camera body there are: Microphone, SD Card Slot, Reset Button, Status Light, and Speaker


  • Flip Video for table and ceiling
  • Motion detection and in-app notifications
  • Record with the included SD Card
  • Automatic night mode when it’s dark

IP Camera Specifications Bardi Smart Outdoor Static IP Camera

  • On the camera body there are: Microphone, SD card slot, reset button, status light, and speaker.
  • Power: DC12 +/- 10%

Status light:

  • Red light is on: the camera network is abnormal
  • Red light flashes: waiting for Wi-Fi connection (blinks faster)
  • Blue light is on: camera is running properly
  • Blue light flashes: is connected (blinks faster) Microphone: Pick up sound for videoSlot kartu SD: Mendukung penyimpanan kartu SD Lokal (Max. 128 GB)

Reset: the Reset button can be pressed and held for 5 seconds to reset the initial configuration of the camera.

Where to Buy CCTV Bardi

Owning your Bardi smart IP camera is not difficult to buy because in almost all e-commerce or even offline stores.

Price and Availability of CCTV Bardi

Smart Outdoor Static IP cameras and smart Indoor Static IP cameras are available in various e-commerce sites or you can also buy them on NETDATA.

NETDATA sells bardi cameras of various types and complete series at affordable distributor prices.

CCTV Bardi on Netdata

NETDATA as a trusted IT company in Indonesia provides various IT services and also sells various network security needs.

This network security includes security in the form of CCTV cameras and Bardi’s IP cameras. If you are confused about what is needed for your home or office, don’t worry because NETDATA will provide the best monitoring system solution for you.

What are you waiting for, immediately buy CCTV Bardi on NETDATA, which is guaranteed to be original and also the cheapest in Indonesia.


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