Configuring Cisco Meraki to Grow Your Business

Configuring Cisco Meraki to Grow Your Business

How to Configuring Cisco Meraki to Grow Your Business – Meraki Cisco provides various benefits to the business world, especially in terms of business development.

Cisco meraki offers many advantages and convenience in managing switching, wireless and security solutions.

That way Cisco users feel the benefit of both capturing new business by reducing operating costs.

Cisco meraki stands on a cloud network, which also offers a fairly complete range of cloud management services both Wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, Security Appliances, and mobile device management.

Of all the benefits offered by Cisco meraki, it is in demand by many people up to 10,000 customers worldwide.

What is Cisco Meraki?

What is Cisco Meraki? Meraki Cisco is a Cisco cloud configuration store.

As for some of the most advanced features, namely wireless, switchting, and security. Broadly speaking, Cisco is a cloud-configurable networking device. What are the best solutions for you? Here are some of the Cisco meraki solutions:

  • Wireless Access Point
  • Switching
  • Security Firewall
  • WAN optimization (bandwidth Optimization)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Once you get on the meraki web, you can work more productively. To reduce operational costs, Cisco meraki can be placed in branch offices.

Cisco meraki has a complete range of products such as Cloud Manage Security Camera, Cloud Manage Wireless, Cloud Managed Security & SD-WAN, and Cloud Manage Switch.

Get to know Meraki Cisco, Access Point Solutions

In addition, Cisco has two access point solutions, including: an indoor access point and an outdoor access point.

For various types of access points indoors or indoors, namely MR32, MR33, MR42, MR52, MR53, MR30H.

For outdoor or outdoor access points, there are types MR84, MR62, MR66, MR72 and MR74.

Cisco Meraki excellence

When talking about the advantages of Cisco meraki, maybe it can be very much if it is mentioned, where the advantages of Cisco meraki can also vary according to the needs of each company.

One of the most prominent advantages of Cisco meraki is a security product that can be configured cloud or remotely.

Cisco security products are very reliable especially for companies such as offices. There are services such as web caching, Intelligent WAN with multiple uplinks, Layer 7 application firewall, content filtering, search filtering, SNORT® based intrusion prevention and 4G failover.

In addition, Cisco meraki has other types of security such as MX84, MX100, MX400, MX600, MX64, MX64W, MX65 and MX65W.

Configuring Cisco Meraki to Assist IT Management

If you want to use Cisco meraki for IT management then you need the right and correct configuration. Following are the steps for configuring Cisco meraki

Configure the SSID Wifi

Select Menu Wireless then SSID.

Select New Un-configured SSID and click Rename to change SSID name.

Enter the SSID name you want, for example NETDATAWifi Demo. Make sure your wifi SSID has appeared on your smartphone device.

Then click Save Changes to save the configuration earlier.

Configure Access Control

Select Wireless then Access Control.

Select Applicable SSID in the dropdown menu.

Select the option under Association Requirements: Open Splash Page: click Network access control: Assign group policy to device type: Disabled Captive Portal Strength: Block all access until the entry process is complete Walled Garden: Walled Garden is activated Walled Garden range: *

If you receive an error message that the Walled Garden is invalid, open the support case via Help-> Cases -> New Cases to activate the walled garden domain in your account.

Controller disconnection behavior: Restricted Client IP Assignment: NAT mode VLAN tagging: Do not use content filtering: Disable Bonjour Forward: Disable Wireless Options: no change.

Click Save Changes to save the configuration.

Configure the Splash Page

Select Wireless then Splash Page.

Select the applicable SSID in the dropdown menu then select Customer splash page url, enter the URL address to show you or one of the demo URLs that were created in the previous step.

Choose Spash Frequency: Every Half Hour.

Click Save Changes to save the configuration.

Enable SSID

Select Wireless then SSID.

Select “enabled” from the drop down menu for the applicable SSID.

Click Save Changes to save the Configuration.

Why Use Cisco Meraki?

For companies large or small, IT technology must continue to be developed along with business growth to face future business challenges.

The following are 6 ways of cloud-based IT management that can support your business development using meraki Cisco solutions:

Faster Deploy Process

Cisco’s cloud-based IT management platform means remote infrastructure management via any browser, anytime.

With the pre-configured feature, IT admins can install and configure devices in no time, but before the devices are delivered and connected.

Save Resources

Network managed via cloud from Cisco Meraki has simple management and minimal training in usage. This is ideal for organizations with limited IT teams and can save costs up to 90% compared to the use of traditional network infrastructure.

More than 25% originating from IT decision makers in the United Kingdom define cost-effectiveness as a major feature of their IT infrastructure.

Complete Visibility

Cisco meraki’s deep cloud management interfaces allow IT admins to review overall network performance and be able to change configurations on the network on the fly.

There is an automatic notification that will inform you if there is a problem in the network, so that the admin can fix it immediately.

Network Protection

With Cisco Meraki’s cloud IT management, simple security settings can easily be synchronized across thousands of websites using templates. Auto VPN technology connects branches securely with just one click and is controlled by your IT team.

Over 33% of IT decision makers pointed out that network security is the main fear regarding their current infrastructure.

Automatic Updates

IT managed via the cloud from Cisco merits better overtime. The cloud-based architecture allows devices to download and install firmware updates automatically, with new content and security fixes.

And also automatic updates keep your network up to date at no additional cost.

Digitalization For Transformation

Digitalization of tools and processes, including creating new tools and processes, is essential so that the company continues to grow. Cloud platforms, such as the Cisco Meraki solution, come together with intelligent analytics tools that add extra business insights.

The countless scalability helps companies to network together easily and also gives organizations the foundation needed to play a role in initiating digital transformation.

What are the products in Cisco Meraki

There are lots of products from Cisco Meraki. These products have many models that can be tailored to suit your needs. what are these products?

Wireless Access Point

A wireless access point is a network device that allows a wireless capable device to connect to a wired network. It is simpler and easier to install a wireless access point to connect all the computers or devices on your network than using wires and cables.

Cisco Meraki wireless access points are access points with a variety of advantages that are guaranteed to be of better quality than other brands.

Security / Sd-Wan

As you know, SD-WAN is currently preferred over WANs with traditional technology.

The SD-WAN from Cisco Meraki certainly benefits businesses by reducing overhead costs and improving network performance. The SD-WAN solution cuts costly routing and reduces hardware costs while offering your business the flexibility to access multi-cloud services.


Configuring Cisco Meraki also has a product in the form of a switch. Do you know the importance of the Switch? A switch is the primary firewall for any network. They connect multiple devices, such as computers, wireless access points, printers, and servers; on the same network within the building or campus. A switch allows connected devices to share information and talk to one another.

Cisco Meraki Insight

This is a new tool from Cisco Meraki that helps IT administrators optimize the end-user experience, significantly reducing the time needed to isolate network or application problems.

Cisco Meraki System Manager

Meraki System Manager mobile device management solution provides cloud-based centralized management, diagnostics, monitoring and security of mobile devices in your organization. Now, you can manage deployment of all devices without tools in place.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras from Cisco Meraki are easy to deploy, configure and manage, MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights for organizations of any scale.

Cisco Meraki on Netdata

Do you feel you need a variety of products from Cisco Meraki and do you want to get them at an affordable cost and are guaranteed to be reliable? Take it easy, now you can buy it safely and many have trusted it, where else if not in NETDATA.

NETDATA is a partner of Configuring Cisco Meraki, so don’t be surprised if various products from Cisco Meraki are available on NETDATA. With an affordable and reliable price, it will make you more profitable.


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