What is E Stamp and How to Use It?

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What is E Stamp? Maybe you already knew when you signed the letter that was on the seal. Yes, this is one form of legality of the document being legally protected in the eyes of the law. In terms of business activities, paperless is an alternative to increase efficiency. In the same direction, electronic transactions are even growing so that contracts can be executed electronically via the internet network. Therefore there is an idea for an e seal.

Therefore, it is necessary to expand the definition of documents that are not only in the form of paper. Extensification of Stamp Duty on electronic documents is urgently needed so that their potential can be developed and provide increased revenue for the government.

What is E Stamp?

Before discussing what an e seal is and also how to use it, you first need to know what a seal is.

Many official documents in Indonesia must be affixed with a blue stamp called a seal to be considered valid. Someone has to sign the stamp; if part of the stamp does not include a person’s signature, then it is invalid.

Authorized Company Issues E Stamp

The company in Indonesia that has the right to print the stamp duty is the Public Company for the Printing of Money of the Republic of Indonesia (Perum Peruri). The need for this seal is not something that can be done by just one company. From now on, Perum Peruri also has the authority to appoint companies that are authorized to print stamps.

The other party must be a taxpayer who complies with introducing the annual tax return for the last 2 years and the VAT period tax return for the last 3 tax periods. Other parties must not have tax debts and are not in the process of handling tax crimes.

Functions and Uses of the E Stamp

Contracts and other documents made with the intention of being used as evidence of personal actions, facts or circumstances can be used as a seal.

In non-legal terms, the article means that stamp duty will only be imposed on contracts to be used for evidentiary purposes.

If the seal is not placed in the contract, please always keep in mind that the contract will not be null and void, or irrevocable. In contrast, the Stamp Duty Law states that such contracts will not be considered or accepted by government officials, judges, court clerks, bailiffs, notaries, and other public officials in accordance with Article 11(1) of the Stamp Duty Law. .

In other words, instead of being void, a contract without a stamp duty cannot be accepted in Indonesia.

What Documents Can Be E Stamp

Documents under 5 million that are natural disaster management are not subject to stamp duty. Documents that are non-commercial are also not obliged to use a stamp.

The following are documents that can be stamped:

  1. Letter of agreement, statement/statement, or other similar letter, along with its copy
    Notary deed along with grosse, copies, and quotations
  2. Deed of Land Deed Officer along with copies and quotations
  3. Securities in any name and in any form such as stocks, cheques, bilyet giro, bonds, sukuk, warrants, options, deposits, and the like
  4. Securities transaction documents, including futures contract transaction documents, in any name and form
  5. Auction documents in the form of quotations from auction minutes, auction minutes, copies of auction minutes, and grosse minutes of auction

Stamp Price Unit

In the year before 2021, the unit price for the stamp duty was still in the figure of 6000 rupiah. However, now there is an increase in the price of the stamp duty unit, which is 3000 rupiah. This is related to the bill that was approved by the DPR RI.

Fundamental changes regarding costs, regarding the adjustment of the Stamp Duty fee to a single layer of fixed fees, amounting to Rp. 10,000, which previously consisted of Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000 for two layers of fees.

Types of E Stamp

When asking what types of stamp duties are, there are 3 types that you can use. Namely a sticky seal, a sticky seal, and also a seal in other forms. They all have very different characteristics and also how the seals are affixed is also different.


A sticky stamp is a type of seal with the use of being affixed directly to the paper.

What is a Stamp Seal?

Many official documents in Indonesia must be affixed with a blue stamp called a seal to be considered valid. They can also be used for personal documents, such as promissory notes for personal loans. It’s a patch seal.

The features of the patch seal that you can pay attention to if it is genuine are:

  • There is a national symbol, namely Garuda Pancasila
  • There is the phrase “Paste Stamp” located in the upper left corner of the stamp duty
  • There are numbers indicating the nominal value of the stamps issued.

Stamp Seal Function?

Stamp duty is a legal tax that must be paid in full and acts as evidence for any sale or purchase of property. Stamp duty levies are a state subject and thus stamp duty rates vary from state to state. The Center collects stamp duties on certain instruments and also sets rates for these instruments.

Electronic Stamp (E Stamp)

Last October in 2021, the government issued an e-stamp because now there are so many things called electronic documents in Indonesia. It aims to equalize physical documents with electronic documents.

What is E Seal

e-Seal or electronic seal is one of the electronic seals with specific characteristics and has a safety factor. The electronic seal itself is a component of tax duties on electronic documents.

E Seal Function

The function of the e-stamp itself has the same strong function as other conventional seals as evidence in court. Proof itself is an important stage in resolving for the parties in court.

Without a seal, a document cannot be used as evidence in court. If the document is not stamped, then the document must still be stamped in court.

Stamp In Another Form

For a seal in another form, it is called a stamp seal. This type of seal uses a computerized system and also a printing machine.

Impression Stamp

Stamp Duty Machine is one of the means of paying off Stamp Duty by using another method, which is used to affix the Paid Stamp Duty guidelines.

The method of filling in the deposit is done electronically, where no human intervention is needed, such as the Stamp Entry Machine, the Deposit Code Recrediting (DCR) method or other similar methods.

Computerized Stamp

The computerized seal is a seal in the form of a label whose use is carried out by affixing it to the document by applying the computerized method.

Taxpayers who can apply for permission to make computerized stamps are those who are owed stamp duty on more than 1,000 documents in 1 month and have the equipment to make computerized seals.

Printing Stamp

Then the last is the printing stamp. This is a type of seal in the form of a label whose use is to be affixed to a document that uses printing technology.

According to Article 8 paragraph 2 of PMK 134/2021, this printing stamp is only used in collecting stamp duty on securities in the form of checks and bilyet giro.

Difference between E Stamp and Stamp

The E seal and also the seal have the same function. However, the way they are used is different.

According to Article 1 point 4 PP 86/2021, Article 1 number 4 PMK 133/2021, and Article 1 point 6 PMK 134/2021, e-stamp is a stamp in the form of a label whose use is carried out by affixing it to documents through a certain system.

Physical form

The stamp issued by Perum Peruri is worth Rp. 10,000. The dimensions of the Rp10,000 e-stamp are square in shape and have a dominant pink color. The digital seal itself contains security elements issued specifically by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

On the electronic seal, there are characteristics of the e-stamp that indicate its legality. Each e-stamp has a unique code in the form of a serial number.

There is also certain information consisting of an image of the Garuda Pancasila symbol and the words “Electronic Seal”.

How to use

For the use of the e-seal itself, of course, it is different from the physical use of the seal. The application method is certainly different from the sticky stamp document.

Payment of stamp duty using an electronic seal is carried out by affixing an electronic seal to the document owed by the stamp duty via the electronic stamp method.

The document that you use must also have various special provisions so that the document can be affixed with an e-stamp.

How to Purchase

To buy e-stamp, you can buy it on the official website of the Indonesian government which manages e-stamp, namely pos.e-meterai.co.id. The purchase method is quite easy, the method is as follows:

  1. Go to the pos.e-meterai.co.id page.
  2. Click the “BUY E-METERAI” menu.
  3. Login by entering your email and password, if this is the first time, then click “Register here”.
  4. Continue with filling in your personal data and uploading the document. Enter the OTP code sent via SMS for the validation process. After validation, you can purchase e-seal as you wish.

How to Use E Stamp

To use the e seal, you must first purchase the e seal that you will use. Buying e stamps are still many ways you can do. There are still many ways how you can buy this product easily and also at an affordable price and of course it is the original official e stamp issued by Perum Peruri.

How to Buy E Stamp

One of the ways how you can buy e-stamp at an affordable and reliable price is by buying it at NetData. NetData is one of the distributors who actually registered with Perum Peruri to sell e-stamp. With this, you will not get a fake e seal, all guaranteed authentic.

How to Use E Stamp

  • If you already have an e seal, the following is how to use a good and correct e seal:
  • Click here to buy E Stamp.
  • Follow the instructions and make the payment.
  • After that you will be directed to the Log In page, you will be faced with two menu options, Purchase and Affix
  • Select the affixing stage
  • Enter detailed document information such as date, document number, and document type
  • Upload documents in PDF format
  • Position the seal in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Click ‘Apply the Seal’, then ‘Yes’
  • Next, the Enter PIN menu appears
  • Fill in the registered PIN, the affixing process is complete
  • Anda bisa langsung mengunduh file PDF dari dokumen yang sudah terbubuhi meterai elektronik atau mengirim ke email yang sudah terdaftarkan

Documents That Can Be Affixed with E Stamp

The forms of documents that can be affixed with an e-stamp are regulated in article 3 paragraph 2 in Government Regulation no. 86 of 2021 concerning the Procurement, Management and Sale of Stamps are as follows:

  • Letter of agreement, statement letter, statement letter, or other similar letter and its copies
  • Notary certificate with its grosse, copy, and quotation
  • Certificate of Land Certificate Maker Official along with copies and quotations
  • Securities with the name and in what form even
  • Securities transaction documents, including futures contract transaction documents, with the name and in whatever form
  • Auction documents in the form of quotes from auction minutes, minutes of auction minutes, copies of auction minutes, and grosse minutes of auction
  • Documents that state the amount of money with a nominal score of more than IDR 50 million that tells the recipient of the money or contains an acknowledgment that the debt has been fully or partially paid off or calculated.
  • Other documents determined by the Government Order

Electronic Stamp Forms and Features

Law on Information and Electronic Transactions or ITE No. 8 of 2011 in Article 5 paragraph 1 states that electronic documents are legal evidence. This means that electronic documents have the same position as paper documents, so they need the same handling as paper documents, including the use of Electronic Stamp Duty.

The following are the forms and characteristics of electronic seals that you need to know so that later you are not mistaken or confused as to why they are slightly different from the seals affixed to physical documents.

Supplier and Distributor of E Stamp

Buying a digital seal is indeed very mandatory when you are going to do books or documents related to finances at your company. Of course, with this seal, the letter is legally valid before the law and can be sued if there is something between the two parties that is not in line with the contents of the document.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for an e-stamp supplier or distributor, NetData is one that you can really rely on to buy e-stamps at the cheapest and most reliable prices.

The use of e-stamp certainly requires its own technological support, this e-stamp is practically shaped like a pulse. This electronic seal has a unique code and certain information specified in the Ministerial Regulation.

Send your file to NetData as the distributor of e-stamp and also the best and most trusted supplier of e-stamp in Indonesia to get a valid and official e-stamp affixing.

Where to Sell E Stamp Online?

NetData is the answer where you can find those who sell e stamps online. Every time you buy an e-stamp from NetData, you can choose for yourself whether you need the e-stamp and affix it yourself in the document or you ask NetData to affix it. Click here for more complete information.

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