What is carding, understanding and following tips to prevent it


If you’ve ever heard of stealing money from a credit card, that’s what’s called carding. Lately, maybe the last few years have been very lively with issues from carding. This is a crime which is indeed a criminal act because it includes theft. Carding is indeed dangerous for anyone who has a credit card.

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However, what exactly is carding? And do you who have a credit card have to be aware of irresponsible people doing carding? The following are some tips to prevent carding from happening to you.

What is Carding?

Before discussing tips to prevent carding from happening to you, let’s first discuss the meaning of carding.

E-commerce is booming. But the convenience of online shopping isn’t just good news for shoppers. This is also an advantage for a special type of fraud called carding.

Carding is when criminals steal your credit card and use it to buy prepaid gift cards. This is a rather simple scam with serious consequences.

Card Types

When doing carding, usually people will carry out various types of actions. Carding can be divided into several types, including:

Misuse of Card Data

This first type of carding is misuse of credit cards that are not presented, which is an incident where a credit card user does not know that his card has been used by another party until he receives the bill.


The second type of card is wiretapping. This is the interception of the contents of communications via a covert connection to the telephone line of a person whose conversations are to be monitored usually for the purposes of criminal investigations by law enforcement officials. This type of carding will intercept communications and transactions from the credit card used.


This type of carding is credit card fraud. Usually they use fake cards that are made in the same way as the original cards. This type is mostly done by individuals to credit card counterfeiting syndicates who have certain expertise.


And the last one is phishing. This is one crime that very many get caught up in. Usually the perpetrators carry out their actions via the website or email to obtain the victim’s private data. For the way they will send a virus that can threaten the PC system then send a fake web link that appears like a trusted web.

How Cards Work

For how it works, it’s actually how they find out the loopholes or carelessness of credit card owners. Carding is a type of credit card fraud in which criminals steal or fraudulently use credit card details to purchase prepaid gift cards.

Once they get your details, crooks test the validity of your card by trying small purchases across the web. If successful, scammers use your details to buy gift cards from places like Amazon or Walmart.

The whole process can take only a few minutes, which means scammers can walk away with stolen funds before you even realize what’s going on.

Unlike other forms of credit card fraud, gift cards and prepaid cards are untraceable. So, once the scammer completes the purchase, they are free to use the gift card to purchase items or sell them for cash.

How Credit Cards Can Be Conceded?

Preventing carding from happening to you is often something you need to pay close attention to. Having a credit card is not that easy because there are lots of card players out there who are still looking for loopholes on how to use your credit card illegally.

They can do this in several ways, namely:


Of the many ways carding occurs, most large-scale e-skimming attacks harm e-commerce websites, some malware threats “banking trojans” infect PCs, Macs, and consumer smartphones. This type of malware takes over web browsers to steal passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information that is typed into one of the targeted websites.


If you’ve ever gotten a strange text or email claiming to be from your bank, you’re most likely the victim of a phishing attack.

A phishing attack is when carders or perpetrators try to trick you online by sending messages under false pretenses to try and get your information. Carders will use almost all media for phishing, such as email, telephone, SMS, WA, and many more ways.

Carding Forum

It is undeniable that there are indeed a lot of carding forums that will share information from credit cards that have been successful in breaking into their security. This forum will share the card information and it can be shared with other carding forum members who are interested.

Credit Card Skimming

And the last is skimming. Skimming is a method of obtaining personal data from ATMs, debit cards or credit cards when used at ATM machines or merchant locations. People can change equipment at an authorized ATM in an attempt to steal the magnetic stripe data from the card used and the PIN assigned to the card.

Tips to Prevent Carding

If you look at it again, it’s really scary how carding is so easy to happen. However, is that a compelling reason why you shouldn’t use a credit card? Take it easy, there are some tips for preventing carding that are guaranteed to work.

Ways to prevent carding include:

Pay attention to how to swipe the card during transactions

The EDC machine or machine used for cash or non-cash transactions is the most important. If you request a transaction and use it automatically, you swipe the card during the transaction. Don’t get swiped twice, let alone swiped from a different machine.

Choose a Trusted Online Shopping Site

Usually users of credit cards really like to shop online. Choose an online shopping site that has been verified and is already well-known. Don’t be fooled into making transactions on obscure online shopping sites because it could be one of the carder’s tricks to steal the data on your credit card.

Keep Personal Data or Credit Cards Confidential

Very clearly the third is keeping personal or credit card data confidential. Personal data is of personal interest only and you should not disclose your personal data. On a credit card, don’t let other people know the data, even other family members.

Use Private Internet

The last one, of course, is to use a private internet. The general internet network could be how the carder steals various data from devices connected to the public internet such as Wi-Fi.

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