What is an Open Network ?

Apa Itu Open Network

In this discussion, various things related to the Open Network will be discussed. But before that, you have to know what is called an Open Network.

Open Network is a hardware device now known as the Whit Box which can be filled with various kinds such as the Operating System and functions that can be used as needed.

Open Networking is currently a trend. Just like Linux which is open source, which can be modified at will according to your needs and desires. Open networking is the same as Linux OS. Open networking is needed by large companies. An example is a large company like Facebook.

A company as big as Facebook has a very big need. Whereas on the market, the networking services or software on the market are not qualified with their needs. Therefore, they need various custom things that they can adjust according to their needs. It’s the same with open networking.

BitBox as an Open Networking Solution

BitBox itself is a new company that focuses on open networking. Initially, this company was formed because of a business need of its founder who considered various hardware brands to suit their needs. However, they did not find the right hardware due to several factors, one of which was cost.

Finally, they source their own hardware and they finally make multipurpose Bitbox hardware.

Bitbox can be installed on various servers, because Bitbox simplification is a server that is optimized to be specialized as a network appliance for more ports, selecting devices that support virtualization. So it can be said that Bitbox uses the concept of open network.

Bitbox Using Virtualization Technology

Why does Bitbox use virtualization technology? Because this is used to anticipate OS collisions. So, Bitbox separates starting from Kernel using a Virtual Machine. Then the network is separated using Virtual LAN, and there is a Virtual Switch. So it can be flexible to manage the logic flow and can be multifunctional.

Open Network can be planted with many OS, SD WAN, then there is network automation. Bitbox itself is more focused on hardware. So, if you want to fill in anything, Bitbox is very possible because of the open partnership. So far, Bitbox needs are still around routers, virtual routers, firewalls, virtual firewalls, and medium-scale virtualization.

There is also a possibility that after being made virtual it can be filled with anything. So it can be filled with SD WAN software, Bandwidth manager and others depending on what software is entered according to customer wishes.

Bitbox as a Quality Hardware Solution

Bitbox is a blank hardware solution. So it can be adjusted according to customer desires. If you are interested, you can consult with Bitbox for the hardware that you will need, so it can be according to your needs without any useless or not used functions.

The industries that are best suited for using Bitbox are diverse. Starting from middle class ISPs, campuses, schools, hospitals, and many more. Various applications can be made according to the needs and are not limited to what the customer wants. It depends on Bitbox creativity.

Why You Should Choose Bitbox

Although nowadays there are a lot of various branded goods, you cannot underestimate Bitbox in terms of quality and service. Even though it’s still relatively new, the innovations released by Bitbox are very reliable.

Just imagine, with a cheap price you can get hardware from Bitbox according to your needs instead of buying branded goods that are not open source which may not suit your needs. You even pay dearly for hardware that Bitbox can customize your needs.

What is an Open Network? Solutions to Overcome Budget & Resource Network Device Limited

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