Tutorial on Various Licenses on Mikrotik

In this article we will discuss the various licenses on Mikrotik. The first is that we know that the proxy is actually an OS router, which we can then install on the machines.

Then the Mikrotik OS Router is divided into two classifications, the first is X86 Hardware / Routerboard and the second is Cloud Hosted Router Virtualization or CHR.

Routerboard License

If we see above that there are license levels from 0 to 6. At the demo level we can take advantage of the license service for only 24 hours after 24 hours it can’t be used anymore.

Then, both of which have a free license, we can get this free license at mikrotik.com. the easy way is you just visit Mikrotik.com then log in using the account you already have, if not then you can register first.

If already signed in, you can create a free level 1 license by selecting the “menuMake a demo key“. After that you can enter the software ID which you can get on the routerboard application, menu System> License.

However, this level 1 license is rarely found because the average routerboard already has level 3 4 5 or 6. For example, you have a PC that is installed with routerOS, it will usually use level 0.

If so, the software ID is pasted to Mikrotik.com then Generate, the result of the software Key that can paste the key back into the Routerboard license.

At level 3 licenses are usually used outdoor wireless.So, for example, if you buy outdoor wireless, you will usually get a level 3 license.At

level 3 this is also quite limited, for example, only one active hotspot, so if you want to log inan active portal such, you can only have 1 user only.

Then at level 4, 5, 6, you can use all the features of this Routerboard. For example, at level 4 there is a limit of 200 users, at level 5 at 500 users, and at level 6 is not limited.

At level 4, 5, 6, this is a full configuration that you can set at will on the router. But please note that software updates are also limited to level 4 and 5 only up to version 6.0, while at level 6 you can use versions up to version 7.

There are several things you need to know in choosing this Mikrotik license, where not every hardware can accommodate users who many, it is necessary to know in advance your hardware capacity.

For how to install licenses 4,5 and 6, this is almost the same as the free license, but you need to choose a Ruijie distributor in Indonesia.

The method is on the Mikrotik.com website, select the Buy menu, then select the Indonesian region, select a distributor that you trust.

After you send the software ID to the distributor in Indonesia, the distributor will send you the software key again, which you can paste the key on the Routerboard.

That is our discussion about the Mikrotik license that you can find out about, thank you and hope it is useful.

Tutorial on Various Licenses on Mikrotik (Part 1) Switch, Access Point Not Ubiquity – NetData


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