TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Software VS TSPlus

Modern computing systems are currently developing very rapidly, many innovations in Remote Desktop Software VS TSPlus have been developed.

The term remote desktop refers to a software feature or operating system that makes it easy to use a personal computer to run remotely on a single system.

There are many applications or remote desktop software on the market. But which is the best? Therefore, in this article, we will review more about Remote Desktop Software VS TSPlus.

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Which TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software is better is indeed a complex one to explain.

First, we know what remote desktop software is. This application allows you to control your computer remotely.

By using a remote control that can control the mouse and keyboard and use a computer connected to your computer.

Remote desktop software is indeed very useful for those of you who are doing WFH or work from home to control office computers, manage computers remotely even from outside the country though.

In general, we can access a computer remotely requires the software installed on the computer you want to control, which is called the host side or main computer.

When it’s finished, another device with credentials that must be installed on the target computer or we can call it the client side or client computer to be able to connect to the host and control it.

What is TSPlus?

TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software, from the TSPlus side, is an application where you can create a client server system where the application you create is on the server.

Actually TSPlus has a way of working similar to Windows remote desktop, but with TSPlus you can define in more detail about the user, Printer Selection, you can also make executable files using the TSPlus App Generator. 

TSPlus you can also choose the resolution of the application you are using if the available bandwidth is small on the client.

To use TSPlus, it is paid, but you will get various important features in it that you don’t get with ordinary remote desktop software.

This is the New Definition of WORK

COVID-19 forces companies around the world to send their employees home to work virtually. Remote work is trending. But to work remotely, you need to stay connected to your team and your customers. With collaboration solutions, security, network, and computing the right, you can keep the business remains efficient productive and secure .

NetdataXTSplus provides One-Stop solutions from small business to global Working From Home ( WFH organization . TSplus has more than 𝟭𝟮 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 experience in Remote Access development. More than 500,000 servers are supported by TSPLUS Remote Access. More than 𝟮 𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗼𝗻 users enjoy easy remote access.

Featured at a glance

feature at glance

  • Enable one of your Windows system alerts to act as a Citrix or Terminal Server. All RDP compatible clients can also be used to connect to Tsplus System. 
  • With TSplus, you can immediately launch any desktop application on the Web and run the application within a web browser, without having to change or rewrite it.
  • TSplus provides remote access to your windows applications from any device. TSplus mobile application is available for all OS.
  • The Tsplus Gateway and Load balancing portal allows you to manage your users, regardless of the number.

Competitive Analysis

Ts plus RDS citrix

Features and Benefits

REMOTE DESKTOP: Publish the user Remote Desktop over Internet.
APPLICATION PUBLISHING: Publish applications over the Internet, Application Control ‘per user’ or ‘per group of users.
WEB PORTAL: Web Access from Internet Explorer, Connect from tablets, IPAD, Smartphones without having to download any mobile application, Does not require Internet Explorer, Does not need ActiveX or plug-ins to be downloaded and installed on the user device, Remote printing even from Tablets or IPAD, Starting multiple applications from one single Web Access session and Install, configure and deploy Web Access architecture in less than a day.
SIMPLIFIED LICENSING MODEL: Unrestricted concurrent licenses, Enable Multiple sessions with the same login on all Windows versions including W7, W8 or W10, Does not require RDS CALs and Run as server on XP, W7, W8 or W10.
PROTOCOL: HTTP, HTTPS and RDP protocols compliance and Compatible with any existing network.


How can TSplus help you? 

  • TSplus turns Windows applications into web-enabled for multi-prong access or working from home.
  • When traveling, you can access ERP with smartphones and tablets.
  • TSplus is equipped with application control features. Can only be accessed by users who have been granted access permission. TSplus separates the path between the server and the user. Https with secure web SSL certificate. 
  • The universal printer feature allows remote users to print to a local printer without printer driver compatibility issues.
  • Fast connection feature. All data is processed on the server, so it only requires 50 Kbps of bandwidth. 

TSplus is the best citrix / rds alternative. 82% of remote desktop users turn to TSplus for better features at an affordable price .

TSplus offers 5 Editions which are gradually filled with features:

TSplus offers 5 Editions

How to Turn ERP Into the Web in 30 Minutes

This turns your server into a private cloud server. Important data will remain on your server, so it’s not hosted on a third-party server. 

Here are 2 easy steps to create a private cloud server:

  1. Create TSplus remote access to ERP workstations.
  2. Remote users are ready to access ERP with a web browser without the need for client software setup.

TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software

Now we will review a few differences between Remote Desktop Software VS TSPlus, although both function as a remote desktop but there are slight differences that you may not know.

TSplus Strong And Safe VS Citrixrds vs Citrix

If you want to keep your office even more secure, there are add-ons we can offer. Tsplus Security is published in two blocks – Tsplus Security and Tsplus Security Ultimate Protection. 

Regardless of your budget and needs, Tsplus Advanced Security can be customized to fit your needs, whether you are just starting a business or a large, long-term business. 

TSplus protection in alliance with Tsplus Security makes a combination of absolute protection. This state-of-the-art program is a state-of-the-art protection implementation to keep your remote links fully protected.

Enjoy unbeatable TSplus price offers from an excellent add-on and secure your RDS Server in just 5 minutes!

Enjoy Simple Access With TSplus VS Thinstuffcitrix vs remote desktop

The success of this smart and adaptable solution has allowed TSplus licensees to expand its field of action to Web Remote access using the latest HTML5 Technology. 

Remote users can access the applications they need from wherever they are at any given moment, using their chosen device. 

Customers don’t need to install anything. TSplus’ independent cloud solution securely holds all data in one place, making it easy to maintain via TSplus vs Thinstuff.

Effective and efficient

If you are the admin responsible for cybersecurity, you should react to this increased risk with efficient customization. 

It only takes one weak point, an impatient or exhausted worker, to make your company vulnerable to provocation. 

Often people have protection tools attached to computers if they use the same password for multiple applications, or write complex passcodes in post-it. 

By implementing progressive passkeys and multi-factor authentication, these additional tools for identity and access give you what you need to safeguard your shared network and private files when working on TSplus vs Citrix or vice versa. 

TSplus 2FA is your way to a safe world. Efficiently and securely access your TSplus vs Thinstuff with TSplus 2 Factor Authentication on your smartphone or other accessory suitable for entering your office email or corporate applications.

TSPlus is better than Remote Desktop Software

A little review of the TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software above, we know that TSPLus is superior in many ways.

Besides that, you can also use TSPlus very safely because it is equipped with Dual validation to add security to your remote connection.

Given the importance of company credentials that you access remotely, you certainly don’t want other people to have access to company data that can explicitly endanger companies or individuals.

In addition, Tsplus can also help your server by adding a new security system.

Because if you use a remote system default Windows OS is usually open publicly on the internet.

This can be an opportunity for hackers to break into login pages on your server brute force or by force.

The possibility of these hackers getting in is indeed very small, but the alias CPU resources and server bandwidth will be drained to serve these hackers to log in.

TSPlus for your needs

After the TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software earlier, we can conclude that TSplus is the best remote desktop alternative for you where there are lots of features you need as well as being cost-effective and easy to use.

TSplus core system, Universal Printer and our suite of web access tools are ready to be installed on your Windows system. 

For those of you who want to try Tsplus for 15 days with 5 users so you can try whatever features are available that can help you.

TSPlus License

To use Tsplus fully, you need to buy a Tsplus License separately which you will feel the benefits and all the features of this TSPlus application.

In addition to knowing TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software, you also don’t have to bother looking for places to sell TSPlus licenses, because NETDATA provides tsplus licenses at quite affordable prices.

NETDATA provides a trusted tsplus license in Indonesia which is an official partner of Tsplus so that the license offered is guaranteed to be original.

Buy TSPlus on NDS

If you already know the difference between Remote Desktop Software VS TSPlus, then it’s time for you to buy Tsplus on NETDATA complete with the license.

By entrusting NETDATA as a shop that provides your various IT needs including remote software at a lower price compared to buying elsewhere.

Configuring TSPlus on NDS

If you choose TSPlus after seeing the TSPlus VS Remote Desktop Software review above, then you are absolutely right to buy a TSPlus license on NETDATA.

Why on NETDATA? Because NETDATA is the best IT company in the archipelago that provides various license needs including Tsplus licenses with official guarantees. So that the software sold by NETDATA is the original Tsplus software.

Apart from selling the original Tsplus license, you can also ask NETDATA for assistance who are ready to assist you in configuring Tsplus to your server system.

Why Should You Choose NETDATA?

NET DATA is TSplus Official Partner in Indonesia . We help you identify problems, provide suggestions and implement solutions. This is the standardization framework we use to provide solutions:

  • PLAN
    TSplus offers various types of solutions (Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Edition, Mobile Web Edition, Printer Edition and System Edition). We help you from the planning process. We carry out an assessment and requirements of the solution and suggest the type that suits you.
    These are the things that make up design & solutions and deployment strategies. We help you determine the size of the resources you need to adopt the technology.
    We help you implement and integrate the system and optimize it too. If there is a technical problem, we will contact TSplus on your behalf and work with them to solve it so you don’t have to waste your valuable time on it.
    We review and agree to our solutions. We make sure the solution can be delivered according to schedule & budget.

If you are looking for an easy plug-and-play solution to enable the Web or publish your application, then the logical choice is TSplus TSplus is a one-time fee license. 

By taking the hassle out of  Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), TSplus provides a fast, simple and affordable solution .

TSplus Technology Can improve the performance of MYOB Premier and Accounting and Retail Manager, QuickBooks and many other applications up to 10 times faster .

Are you interested in buying TSplus products? If you are interested in TSplus products, you can contact us and you can also see TSplus products in NETDATA and immediately order the Tsplus license at nds.id at low prices and guaranteed original.


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