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Citrix Alternative is an IT company that focuses on creating solutions for workers who do Work Frome Home activities with their remote desktop products.

The latest mobility solution offered by Citrix combines various solutions used by companies to open applications, desktops, data and services from different devices to be able to connect to various networks.

Working with Cisco, this solution combines more than one solution that is already owned by citrix such as XenMobile, XenApp, XenDesktop etc.

Citrix Indonesia

Citrix Indonesia offers the Citrix Mobile Workspace Suite solution which is claimed to help employees work anywhere more easily and safely.

This solution is the latest end-to-end-user solution announced by citrix systems on display by Citrix Synergy at the Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles, (6/5/2014) local time.

Citrix provides a variety of helper features for project managers and freelancers to make work faster but also generate better results.

If you want to give Citrix a try and don’t feel the features you need and want to find a Citrix alternative. Below are some Citrix alternatives that you can choose from.

TSPlus Alternative

TSPlus Alternative is an alternative to Citrix which is an application where you can create a server client system where the application you create is on the server.

Tsplus has a way of working as a remote desktop which has complete features such as defining users, selecting printers, and you can also make executable files using the TSPlus App Generator.

TSPlus you can also choose the resolution of the application you are using if the available bandwidth on the client is very small.

The price of TSPlus is also fairly affordable, and you can also try a demo application that you can use for 15 days with full features.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS)

For Citrix Alternatives, which is RAS or Parallels Remote Application Server, is a remote desktop application that is quite unique in providing its features which provide a fairly accurate service.

These applications provide full computing that can meet the needs of customers, clients, businesses and service providers in perpetuity.

General categories with Citrix and Desktop Virtual Applications:

  • Remote Desktop
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Offers broad interactivity.
  • When someone is not connected to the online system, you can have remote access.


  • In the early stages of use, it seems a little confused in its functionality but as you use the app for a while it starts to get more comfortable.


  • Parallels Desktop – $ 78.99 / year
  • Business Edition – $ 99.99 / year
  • Pro Edition – $ 99.99 / year

Amazon Workspaces

Amazon Workspaces is another great addition to the Citrix Alternatives list.

Amazon workspaces allow clear permission of cloud-based virtual desktop users to have access to their documents, history, Chromebooks, resources, and system support without hesitation.

In addition, users have access to their important data through operating systems, such as Windows, Mac computers, and various portable devices. Of course, the Amazon workspace Tablet Fire, and the Android tablet.


  • Convenient for its users due to its broad spectrum applications.
  • Interactive and user friendly.
  • The security features bundled with flawless connectivity are a big plus.


  • There are no such cons. The only noticeable drawback is that the app doesn’t let you transfer data from one virtual machine to another.


  • 80 GB starting at # 7.25 / month
  • 175 GB starting at $ 19 / month


VirtualBox is very useful for remote users who are employed offsite, or they are unable to work in the office regularly. App ratings soared during the recent COVID-19 pandemic issues.

Overall, we feel this one is a great addition to our list of Citrix Alternatives for desktop and mobile users.

On a side note, VirtualBox is an open-source x86 and AMD64 / Intel64 VDI solution for enterprises. This is especially useful if you want to work in remote areas.


  • This is a very useful and useful simulation software.
  • Considered the best when it comes to free operating system virtualization.
  • Constantly updated to offer an error-free user experience to veteran project managers.


  • This program might stop some glitches and performance hiccups when you want to use MaxOSC via virtual OS setup.

We would not recommend using VirtualBox as a Citrix virtual application and desktop alternative if you are actually going to be working in a virtual Mac OSX environment.


  • Perpetual Socket – $ 1000 per socket & $ 220 for software update license and technical support.

Workstation Pro

This app is another Citrix Alternative that is useful for those of you who want to stick with a mix of remote and on-site work. Workstation Pro is specially designed for technical developers and also has testing and debugging features.

In addition, several other features are deployed and software execution is made easy by running more than one 86 based operating system simultaneously on the same computer.


  • It’s a great tool for adding, editing, running, sharing and installing virtual machines.
  • You can easily make the desired changes and installations of operating systems such as Linux and windows.


  • Compared to other applications, Workstation Pro is a bit expensive and not at all cost effective.

This causes some problems and difficulties whenever you intend to export the virtual machine. At the same time, this program is not ideal for new users. They may experience a steep learning curve.


  • The Workstation Pro is priced at $ 249.99.

VNC Connect

No matter which part of the world you are in, VNC connect offers remote access and control of your device. It has a wide user base.

The general user of VNC may be your average project manager, whereas enterprise level users can range from completely different multinationals.


  • It’s very easy and reliable, you can connect multiple home computers and work computers even though they have different operating systems.
  • System support is excellent and it feels like you are working in an office.
  • Fast connectivity.


  • The biggest disadvantage of VNC Connect is that it doesn’t support audio between two computers.


  • A free version is available
  • The Pro version is priced at $ 40 per year / user

Horizon 7

Next on the Citrix Alternatives list is Horizon 7. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s fine.

Horizon 7 is a very expensive pro and enterprise level solution for enterprises. They break through the high price tag by offering complete, unique and beautiful features.

It is virtual desktop based software that delivers applications safely to users on the system or device of their choice. It is cost effective and transfers data very securely.


  • It can install any kind of desktop OS (operating system).
  • There are no restrictions whatsoever for companies when it comes to developing an extensive hosting program.


  • Since new to the market, we don’t have a lot of details about the Horizon throwback. Overall, the user experience is reportedly good.


  • Horizon 7 is priced at $ 3,120


Teamviewer is very easy to use as it provides great support and access via remote connection setup. You can view your connection monitor, cell screen, and desired screen area.

The program supports screen control functions as well for people who want to perform tasks on the main PC from a remote location.


  • This program does a really good job as far as user experience is concerned.
  • Teamviewer has a wide range of flexibility across multiple platforms which makes work comfortable and time efficient.


  • Teamviewer relies heavily on the availability of a strong internet connection. If the connection is strong, the app works fine. A slow connection is always a hindrance.


  • TeamViewer’s starting price is $ 49 / month (or $ 588 per year)


Anydesk is fast and powerful software that comes with fast remote access.

AnyDesk is a very good alternative to Teamviewer in terms of installation file size, overall performance and connectivity. Compared to Teamviewer, AnyDesk’s performance doesn’t drop much due to slow internet connection.


  • The file size is relatively very small.
  • Uses minimum OS resources, and doesn’t put too much pressure on RAM.


  • AnyDesk developers can add more security features to the program.


  • $ 10.99 per month; Free versions and free trials are also available.

ConnectWise Control

Connectwise manages and administers cloud-based universal remote access software by providing a unique and viable solution for remote access, system support and remote meeting users.


  • To connect is very easy.
  • Strong customer support offers insight into ConnectWise Control issues.


  • As a handy virtual Citrix alternative, ConnectWise Control doesn’t have any major drawbacks or anything.


  • $ 23.70 per month per user; free trials are also available.


This Citrix alternative provides a virtualization solution for running programs in a Windows or Mac OSX environment. Fusion may not be the perfect solution for program developers and project managers, but it seems to be holding up pretty well.


  • Easy document drag and drop functionality.
  • Overall easy to use in terms of user experience.


  • Problems come with power and processing. Large programs cannot be run as easily as small programs.


  • $ 21.00 per month / per user.

How have you made your choice about other Citrix Alternatives? If you are confused about choosing then you can contact NETDATA who is ready to help you.

NETDATA provides the best Citrix Alternative for you, and also you get an original Citrix license so you get full features to meet your remote desktop needs.

Competitive Analysis

If you’re looking for an easy, plug-and-play solution to Web-enable or publish your applications, then the logical choice is TSplus. TSplus is a one-time cost lisence.

By eliminating the complexities of

Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), TSplus provides a fast, simple and affordable solution.

TSplus technology can improve the performance of your MYOB Premier and Accounting and Retail Manager, QuickBooks and many other applications by up to 10 times faster.

Ts plus RDS citrix


REMOTE DESKTOP: Publish the user Remote Desktop over Internet.
APPLICATION PUBLISHING: Publish applications over Internet, Application Control ‘per user’ or ‘per group of users.
WEB PORTAL: Web Access from Internet Explorer, Connect from tablets, IPAD, Smartphones without having to download any mobile application, Does not require Internet Explorer, Does not need ActiveX or plug-ins to be downloaded and installed on the user device, Remote printing even from Tablets or IPAD, Starting multiple applications from one single Web Access session and Install, configure and deploy Web Access architecture in less than a day.
SIMPLIFIED LICENSING MODEL: Unrestricted concurrent licenses, Enable Multiple sessions with the same login on all Windows versions including W7, W8 or W10, Does not require RDS CALs and Run as server on XP, W7, W8 or W10.
PROTOCOL: HTTP, HTTPS and RDP protocols compliance and Compatible with any existing network.

Are you interested in ordering TSplus? If you are interested, you can contact us for further ordering and you can immediately check Citrix Indonesia’s products on the official website to get low prices that are guaranteed to be original.


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