Fortinet Fortigate 61F Review

Fortigate 61F

Today, all businesses rely heavily on the internet, with the supporting hardware, all work for the company can run smoothly. One of the most important hardware for companies, especially companies that already have many branches is SD-WAN.

SD-WAN provides simplified Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritizes critical applications across the WAN. Rather than waiting for the moment to go up or down, SD-WAN provides real-time traffic monitoring to divert business-critical traffic around brownout events.

The best choice for those of you who are looking for a quality SD-WAN is the Fortigate 61F Review. Why is that? Here’s the full review.

Fortigate 61F

The FortiGate / FortiWiFi 61F series delivers a fast and secure SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for corporate branches and midsize businesses.

Protect from cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, affordable and lightweight solution to deploy. The Fortinet Security-Driven Networking approach provides tight integration of the network’s roots into a new generation of security.

What are the advantages of the Fortigate 61F? The following will be explained.

Product brief description

Fortigate 61F Review is one of the various SD-WAN series from Fortigate which is a new product from Fortinet Fortigate. With various advantages over the previous series, this series will add a lot of features which are certainly very beneficial for you.

What are the specifications? Is it the same as other SD-WAn products? Of course it’s different! And of course higher quality!


The following are the specifications:


Specifications 61 F

Product brief description

fortinet 61f vs 60f

Fortinet 61f specifications

Why Should Choose This Product?

There is a very interesting feature of all the Fortigate series 60, including the 61F series, is the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Security Fabric is the industry’s highest performing cybersecurity platform, backed by FortiOS, with a rich ecosystem designed to span an extended digital attack surface, providing fully automated and self-healing network security.

Actually, what is FortiOS?

FortiOS is Fortinet’s leading operating system enabling network convergence and high-performance security on the Fortinet Security Fabric to add a sustainable security posture and understand context across network endpoints, and the cloud.

The best breed capabilities that are built in an organic and integrated approach allow organizations to run your business without sacrificing performance or protection, support unlimited scalability, and simplify the consumption of innovation.

Fortigate 61F is also supported by a custom-made SOC4 Secure SD-WAN ASIC with the following advantages:

  • Combines a RISC-based CPU with Fortinet’s proprietary Security Processing Unit (SPU) content and network processors for unmatched performance.
  • Provides the industry’s fastest application identification and briefing for efficient business operations.
  • Speed ​​up IPsec VPN performance for the best user experience on direct internet access.
  • Enabling the best of high performance NGFW Security and Deep SSL Inspection types.
  • Extends security to the access layer to enable SD Branch transformation with accelerated and integrated switches and access point connectivity.

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