Recommended Products Fortigate 30e, 50e, 60e

Recommended Products Fortigate

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet. Be it in terms of education, work, and communication. Therefore, equipping your office, agency, or even your home with adequate internet equipment is very important. Are you looking for SD-WAN with very good quality and reliable? Why don’t you choose Fortigate Recommended Products instead?

Fortigate Recommended Products introduce their new products for quality SD-WAN, namely Fortigate 30e, 50e, and 60e. what are the advantages? And what are the specifications? We will discuss them one by one here.

Fortigate 30e

The FortiGate / FortiWiFi 30E series provides a scalable, secure, application-centric SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for corporate branches and midsize businesses.

Protect against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a solution that is simple, affordable, and easy to implement. The Fortinet Security-Driven Networking approach provides tight integration of the network into a new generation of security.

Fortigate 30e

Fortigate 30e specifications

The specifications of the Fortigate 30e are as follows:

Fortigate 30e specifications

Product Advantage Features Recommended Fortigate 30e

Then for features which are Fortigate 30e Recommended Products are as follows:


  • Identify thousands of applications within network traffic for in-depth inspection and detailed policy enforcement.
  • Protects against malware, exploits and malicious websites in both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic.
  • Prevents and detects known and unknown attacks using continuous threat intelligence from the AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security service.


  • Provides industry-leading threat protection performance and ultra-low latency using custom-made security processor (SPU) technology.
  • Provides industry-leading performance and protection for SSL encrypted traffic.


  • Independently tested and validated for best-in-class safety effectiveness and performance.
  • Received unmatched third party certification from NSS Labs.


  • Delivers advanced networking capabilities that integrate seamlessly with layer 7 security and advanced virtual domains (VDOM) to offer broad deployment flexibility, multi-tenancy, and effective resource utilization.
  • Provides a high density and flexible combination of multiple high-speed interfaces to enable the best possible TCO for customers for data center and WAN deployments.


  • Includes a management console that is effective, easy to use, and provides comprehensive network visibility and automation. Provides Zero Touch Integration with Single Pane of Glass Management from Fortinet’s Security Fabric.
  • The standards compliance checklist analyzes implementation and highlights best practices for improving overall security posture.

Security Fabric

  • Enables Fortinet products and Fabric-ready partners to provide greater visibility, integrated end-to-end detection, sharing of threat intelligence, and automatic remediation.

Security Fabric

Fortigate 50e

The FortiGate / FortiWiFi 50E series provides a scalable, secure, application-centric SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for corporate branches and midsize businesses.

Fortigate 50e is the best choice for SD-WAN with the best security quality in its class.

Fortigate 50e

Fortigate 50e specifications

The specifications of the Fortigate 50e are as follows:

Fortigate 50e specifications

Key Features Recommended Products Fortigate 50e

For the advantages of this Fortigate 50e, it may still be the same as the Fortigate 30e, but what distinguishes it is the Firewall, IPS, NGFW, Thread Protection, and appearance. The differences are as follows:

Fortigate 50e Key Features

Fortigate 60e Recommended Products

The FortiGate / FortiWiFi 60E Series provides a scalable, secure, application-centric SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for corporate branches and midsize businesses.

This is the SD-WAN which is very suitable for your company both on the MSME scale and those that already have many branches.

Fortigate 60e specifications

Same as Fortigate 30e and 60e, various features are still the same, it’s just that something is different in each series. For Fortigate 60e the specifications are as follows:

Fortigate 60e specifications

Fortigate 60e Key Features

Fortigate 60e Key Features

All the Fortagate 30e, 50e, and 60e series have excellent security with the support of the Fortinet Security Fabric. What is Fortinet Security Fabric?

Fortinet Security Fabric

The industry’s highest performing cybersecurity platform, powered by FortiOS, with a rich ecosystem designed to span an extended digital attack surface, providing fully automated and self-healing network security.

Fortinet Security Fabric

  1. Broad: Coordinated detection and enforcement across digital attack surfaces and lifecycles with converged networking and security across edges, clouds, endpoints, and users
  2. Integrated: Integrated and integrated security, operations and performance across the richest variety of technologies, locations, deployment options and Ecosystems
  3. Automated: Context sensitive, self-healing & security posture network that leverages cloud scale and advanced AI to automatically provide near real-time user-to-application coordinated protection across the Fabric

Fabric empowers organizations of all sizes to secure and simplify their hybrid infrastructure on the journey to digital innovation.

Are you interested in using this Fortinet 30e, 50e, or 60e? choose according to your needs at PT. NETWORK DATA SYSTEM! Get a variety of offers that are very profitable!


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