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Aruba Network is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise based in Santa Clara, California. Aruba Network is well known for providing networking solutions for startup companies and large companies.

By introducing innovative wireless solutions in the Indonesian market, Aruba hopes to help meet the needs of Indonesian businesses more efficiently.

What is the Aruba Network

In 2015, Aruba Network was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and is now able to position itself as a leader in the Gartner report which introduced innovative wireless solutions.

The wireless solution offers assistance to businesses of all sizes, from small to medium enterprises, national to international business networks, which use service management services for wired and wireless networks to be more efficient. 

NETDATA as a partner of the HPE Aruba Network offers Aruba solutions that can be implemented into your business environment, be it Wireless Network (AP and IAP), Wired Network (Switching) and ClearPass (Network Access Control).

Wireless Network (AP and IAP)

Aruba offers a wireless solution that can be implemented in 3 ways, namely:

  1. Controller-based , this solution provides all centralized access point management services in one wireless controller, so that all wireless networks can be integrated and facilitate monitoring.
  2. Controllerless (Instant Access Point)  service that can make the access point into a semi controller which can manage multiple APs and clustering in a smaller space.
  3. Aruba Central, is designed to facilitate the deployment, management and optimization of wireless, LAN, VPN, and SD WANs on a large scale which are integrated in one Aruba cloud environment.

Aruba access points are equipped with “Client Match Technology” technology , which functions so that users can experience a better connection to the wireless network.

Move from one access point to another without experiencing signal constraints and you can also connect to an AP with high signal quality and wide coverage. 

Only the Aruba AP provides you with a limited lifetime warranty for the WLAN device or access point. 

So you don’t need to worry if your Aruba AP has entered the end of sale period which Aruba has been supporting since five years since the end of sale.

Wired Network (Switching)

Aruba Network’s wired Network switching solution is one of the Aruba Network solutions that are very complete, be it data centers, campuses, branch switching for small and large companies.

Aruba provides a large selection of switch devices from both Managed Switch and Unmanaged Switch, to the needs of layer 2 to layer switches. 

If you purchase an Aruba switch, you no longer need to purchase additional licenses for each Aruba switch you purchase.

You can enjoy a lifetime after sales service or a lifetime warranty from Aruba for every Aruba product you buy.

If your Aruba product is damaged your switch will be replaced with a new unit by Aruba. 

Not only that, if your Aruba switch product has passed the end of sales period, Aruba will still help you to replace the switch with the latest switch series that are still sold in the market.

ClearPass (Network Access Control)

ClearPass Aruba Network is a Network access control solution that functions to manage, limit which devices and users can access your company’s LAN or WLAN network, be it employees or visiting guests.

Every access that enters your corporate network has its own risks, where there are so many devices connected to the company network such as computers, smartphones, and personal tablets.

So that ClearPass is very much needed to maintain the security of your corporate network. Which greatly affects the level of protection against attacks that might affect your office network both from inside and outside the network.

By using this ClearPass feature you can change your network login access page and add several more secure security systems, such as data verification, managing access to each visitor, duration of connected connections, and managing logins to social media accounts.

ClearPass itself is available in the form of an application as well as a separate device to make it easier for you to implement Clearpass as needed.

For those of you who are already using LAN / WLAN devices other than the Aruba brand, you don’t need to worry.

Because Aruba provides the Multi-Vendor Wired And Wireless Security Solution Integration feature for all products other than Aruba such as CISCO, Fortinet, Microsoft, and others that can be managed by ClearPass.

From the explanation of the Aruba Network solution above, you already know what benefits you can get from implementing Aruba products for your business development.

NETDATA will be ready to assist you in purchasing Aruba Network products in various series ranging from switches, routers, firewalls, and many more, So contact us to purchase Aruba Network products.


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