The Importance of Digital Presence For Business

Digital Presence

The need for the internet in the modern era Digital Presence is currently widely used as a media for the promotion of a product, both goods and services.

Before the internet era, people had to do manual methods to promote their products in the market such as using billboards, posters, pamphlets, and other analog promotional media.

But thanks to the internet era, people can easily do promotions anywhere and anytime.

Of course the new technology will create new challenges such as the number of websites and social media that can be used as promotional media.

Therefore, the importance of Digital Presence makes business people compete to apply it to their business.

What are the benefits of Indonesia Digital Presence? Let’s look at the following explanation.

What is an Online Presence or Indonesia Digital Presence?

What is Online Presence? The Indonesian language is an online presence.

This online presence means that your website has its own intentions for visitors with more traffic than other websites.

If we see today, there are many retail shops that are forced to go out of business. Most likely the reason is that Indonesia Digital Presence’s online stores are more popular than offline stores.

Seen from here, we can see that Indonesia Digital Presence is very important to be applied in every field of business, especially online business.

How to Start Online Presence?

For the first time getting into the world of online business, Indonesia Digital Presence must have experienced confusion in getting started.

First, the most important component is the strong Indonesia Digital Presence website. Where a strong and optimal website has a fast response time and content that is both interesting and informative.

To get this, you need to learn which SEO techniques or search engine optimization play an important role.

With SEO, your Digital Presence website will boost the Digital Presence which is very important which must be active on your platform.

Also, make sure that you as a website owner are easy for visitors to visit to establish interactions with your website visitors. Apart from SEO, you can also learn CTO or conversion rate optimization for your website.

Why is Indonesia Digital Presence Important in Indonesia ??

First, imagine if your brand appears on Google searches through the articles you write on your website, then when they open social media your brand appears again and also when they open another website your brand appears again.

Of course, Digital Presence is fun, right? This is what makes these visitors curious about your brand, then if they need it, the buying process will occur. That is the importance of implementing a maximum internet presence on your website.

Here are the benefits of increasing Indonesia Digital Presence: It

  • can make your brand famous.
  • Get new customers.
  • Can oversee and control reputation.
  • It is easier to maintain relationships with customers.

Indonesia’s Digital Economy is expected to grow to $ 100 billion by 2025.

If you look at the economic growth of Indonesia, Digital Presence in Indonesia is currently increasing. This is a sign that smartphone users have reached 133% and internet users are 56% of Indonesia’s total population of 268.2 million people.

The value of online transactions at Digital Presence has reached up to IDR 47.19 trillion in 2018, or an increase of 281.39% from the previous year’s realization of IDR 12.37 trillion.

With this increase, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Darmin Nasution, projects that the market value of the Indonesian Digital Presence economy can reach US $ 100 billion in 2025. The

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy said that in the financial industry, the adoption of Digital Presence technology is very large. Technology has created a new way for people to get access to financial services which in turn accelerate the achievement of financial inclusion and improve people’s welfare.

According to Darmin, the development of technology, technology development of Indonesia Digital Presence in the financial industry can change the way financial transactions work in the country. Starting from the greater value of benefits, lower operating costs, there is a selection of facilities from new financial service players and customers, it becomes easier to switch with other financial facilities.

Although currently there are many global economic turmoil such as trade wars, falling commodity prices, currency wars, and monetary policy easing, it still makes the world’s digital economy and Indonesia Digital Presence grow rapidly.

We can see this in 2016 when the Indonesian economy Digital Presence contributed 22% to the global economy and Southeast Asia. It is estimated that the growth will be from 2.8% of GDP to 8% in 2025.

In addition, Darmin also said that digitalization will increase national economic growth and productivity.

First, the openness of internet access will make data users more efficient, thereby increasing business productivity by 5% -10%.

Second, digitization will open up new job vacancies and skills that do not currently exist. It is estimated that 65% of today’s youth will do this work. Then it is estimated that as many as 14 billion internet network devices will be connected by 2022.

Under these conditions the Indonesian people will increasingly believe in digital-based finance where 90% of Indonesia Digital Presence users use online banking and 80% shop online.

Digital shapes future actions

Indonesian people become aware of Indonesia Digital Presence so that in buying something they will search for goods and also where to buy them.

62% of Indonesian consumers use search in their purchases. Also more and more people are looking for product reviews, product demos, the best or the closest product among other keywords.

What we see today is that search engines provide better search results to make it easier for visitors to make the buying process easier.

With search engine marketing together with optimal SEO, making your website can help brands achieve their goals.

Digital is breaking stereotypes

Baby care shopping is a mother’s job. Where women are more likely to buy beauty products than men. Men are much more tech-savvy and transact more without cash. This is WRONG !.

One of the best ways to realize this fantastic and surprising fact is with digital analytics and advertising. By leveraging analytics, brands can tap into the character and insights of their audience, organize their communications and say they are individually benefiting from digital advertising.

Cellular should be a priority

Cellular users nowadays dominate internet access compared to the use of computers or laptops. We can see that the percentage of smartphone users reaches 94% of internet users.

Up to 53% of people will leave a website that loads more than 3 seconds. People who depend on using smartphones for communication and looking for this information will feel impatient when experiencing this.

Brands should have a website that is more optimized in the mobile version for better download speed and user experience, especially for the first generation of mobile.

Those are some information about Indonesia Digital Presence that I can convey. This shows that the brand is very important in the world of digital business. May be useful. Interested in NetData’s Services? You can contact us here.


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