Potential Problems in the Manufacturing Industry

Potential Problems in the Manufacturing Industry

Potential Problems that Often Appear in Manufacturing Industry Related to IT

Technological innovation can transform manufacturing industries. IT is key to any critical manufacturing process – from product design and manufacture, to customer service and after sales service. Given the important role of the IT division, companies cannot avoid the problems that may occur in the IT field. The following include:

  • Unconnected Production Processes and Back Office

In the manufacturing industry, factories and back offices are usually separate, this is a problem if there is no network connecting the two, so the production process is not monitored.

  • Device Durability

durability and service life of devices in the manufacturing industry is usually short considering the factory environment that is not friendly to the device, such as high room temperatures that decrease the life of the device.

  • Lack of Device Maintenance

Lack of device maintenance is often encountered in the manufacturing industry, such as devices that have not been upgraded to the OS, configurations that are not backed up, and physical devices that are not maintained.

  • Unmonitored Devices

point has something to do with the previous point, where devices that are not monitored are one of the results of the company’s lack of concern for device maintenance, the impact is that device availability and usage are not monitored.

But take it easy, there are no problems that have no solution. For the problem in point number 1, Netdata has a solution SD-WAN to connect the factory and back office. Its scalable nature makes SD-WAN not only able to connect back offices to factories, but also warehouses, branches, etc.

For problem number 2 Netdata can provide specialized equipment for industrial environments, such as Cisco catalyst rugged series switches and Cisco industrial access point series, specifically designed for industrial infrastructure.

Finally, for points 3 and 4, Netdata offers NetCare for service maintenance of network equipment, including 24/7 customer service, Advance Hardware Replacement, monitoring, analysis, onsite troubleshooting, etc. NetCare can be a one stop solution for maintenance of manufacturing industrial network devices.

So, those are some of the problems that are often encountered in the manufacturing industry and how Netdata solves these problems, hopefully this will be useful.


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