Challenges of Technology Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Technology Transformation

Starting from the emergence of the Covid-19 virus until it finally spread throughout the world, the health industry has become one of the vital Technology Transformation sectors and has become the main foundation in stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Currently there are at least 2 digital transformation challenges faced by the health industry (especially health services), namely as follows:

  •     IT Budget Limitations

During Covid, the demand for health services became unusual (compared to previous conditions). The number continues to increase forcing health industry players to adapt to these conditions. So it is necessary to add health facilities by building new infrastructure. With the addition of the new infrastructure, of course, additional IT infrastructure needs to be added and this is a major concern for management so that operations are not disrupted.

Facts on the ground show that there are many health industries (health services to be precise) that are struggling to achieve a lot with limited budgets. But no matter what happens to the budget from year to year, healthcare providers are required to continue to offer the highest quality service while continuing to meet regulatory requirements.

Not to mention that the process of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining IT staff is costly. This does not include the training and continuing education necessary to keep IT staff up to date with the technologies and regulations affecting health care.

  •     TheCybersecurity threat

Covid-19 Pandemicalso opens security vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure. Cyber ​​criminals are using this moment of the pandemic to their advantage. Critical data such as patient data is one of the data that is prone to leakage and exposure to the public. For hospitals and healthcare providers, cybersecurity should be paramount given patient data and lives are really at stake.

Both of these challenges can actually be solved at once with Managed Service. Managed IT Service is specifically aimed at helping healthcare providers deal with many IT issues. However, if only the MSP (Manage Service Provider) that meets the requirements can have a positive impact on the hospital budget or health service provider.

By utilizing a Managed Service, budgeting for IT will be easier because you will know in advance how much you will spend and can plan accordingly.

Collaborating with MSP can be a solution in managing IT infrastructure and Technology Transformation in today’s times, by leaving all IT operational management to MSP management, it can focus more on patient care in order to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. MSP can also guarantee the hospital’s critical data security, with qualified human resources in the cyber security field who are always up to date with the trend of cyber attacks during a pandemic can guarantee the hospital’s critical data security. Interested in the Technology Transformation service from NetData? You can contact us here.


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