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Developments in the world of technology, especially cloud service computing technology, provide many good solutions for businesses in developing their business. 

Not only companies in the IT world that take advantage of this technology, but almost all lines of business have implemented cloud computing technology.

We can see that there are many Indonesian cloud providers that have sprung up in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia.

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a technology that can make the internet a central server that functions to manage user data and applications.

Cloud computing has become a new trend in the business world. 

However, currently there is a lot of software that can support cloud computing activities more easily and practically, provided by Indonesian cloud providers.

Then how do we choose good cloud computing? Here are tips for choosing cloud computing from several Indonesian cloud providers.

Tips for Choosing a Good

Cloud Computing Cloud computing has become a trend for business people to advance their business. But there are still many who are still unfamiliar with cloud computing, let alone to implement it in the system.

If you want to implement cloud computing, it would be nice to get some references from several Indonesian cloud providers.

According to some experts, Indonesian cloud service providers have their respective advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose according to your needs.

If you want to implement cloud computing, below are some tips for choosing an Indonesian cloud service provider.

Service Performance Service

performance by Indonesian cloud providers is the first thing that should be considered.

But you also have to make sure every service you have has the ability to work well with cloud computing technology.

Usually Indonesian cloud service providers give you a trial or trial. So you can use the trial to see if this cloud is suitable for you to apply.

Costs The

question of the cost of Indonesia’s cloud service providers is something you need to consider. Because we all know that cost is very crucial for the progress of your business.

However, we also need to think rationally when choosing a service with a low price is certainly not as good as a service that has a price above it.

In other words, you should also consider the service based on the quality level with the budget you can afford.

Data Security Data

security is something that cannot be contested. There are so many mechanisms that you have to examine first whether this Indonesian cloud service provider has a good level of security or not.

This security must be guaranteed in all layers, from the virtual layer, the physical layer, to the individuals who manage it.

Choose an Indonesian cloud service provider that has complete security features such as IPS / IDS, anti-DdoS to professional IT staff who are ready to help secure your company’s data.

Location Data

You can set this data location according to the policies of your company. For example, if your company is engaged in finance then you can choose an Indonesian cloud service provider.

Usually you will be offered a service called a private cloud. The Indonesian cloud service provider that is right for you is NetData.

Transferring Data

Transferring data is an essential thing which we will certainly do. We recommend that you choose an Indonesian cloud service provider that is one provider to your own data center.

Usually Indonesian cloud service providers will provide their own standard format for transferring data to different platforms such as the Open Virtualization Format or OVF.

Data Backup

You need to know that every Indonesian cloud service provider is not perfect even though it is a global cloud.

Sometimes there is something called a disaster so that the service has a disruption that causes data loss.

Before you choose an Indonesian cloud provider that has a data backup or data recovery system.

Understanding Your Own Needs

To get maximum results in cloud selection, you should choose the one that suits your needs.

For example, if you have company data that is not too much and there are no files that are too important, you can use the public cloud, which is much cheaper than the private cloud.

Tips for Choosing a Cloud Storage Application

If you are interested in using services from an Indonesian cloud provider but are still confused about what to use according to our needs. Here are some tips for choosing a cloud storage application.

Check the Music Synchronization Feature to All Your Devices

Music is a song that can make the listener’s heart. Music also turns out to be synchronized into cloud computing.

We can add this music file in the form of a service that can be synchronized using SugarSync cloud storage. In a fairly easy way, by dragging and dropping music files from anywhere using a browser.

Do you need a music and video file streaming feature?

Do you need a feature to stream music and video files? If so, then you should choose the recommended Indonesian cloud storage service provider application, Microsoft OneDrive.

Because Microsoft OneDrive can be integrated with an online music player that can play music stored on Microsoft OneDrive.

Make Sure There is a Scheduled File Upload Feature Are

you someone who often forgets? Relax because there is also a feature that can upload files on a scheduled basis. 

This scheduled file upload can help us if suddenly the computer is corrupted or damaged files can get our files back. 

The highly recommended application is Google Drive, which can schedule file uploads periodically.

For security, also check whether the encryption feature is available.

The encryption feature is not really vital, but you should add this feature to your cloud storage service.

Encryption is used to avoid a practice known as hotlinking or files that can be accessed by anyone via a search engine such as Google.

The cloud storage that has an encryption feature is Mega. Mega can encrypt end-to-end. So to access this file you have to hold the key to open it.

Prevent Unwanted Things, Ensure the Restore Data Restore Feature

is very important in choosing an Indonesian cloud service provider. This is because from time to time, there may be unwanted things such as an application error that makes all data in the cloud disappear and the settings that have been changed return to default. Of course this is very disturbing. Therefore, make sure there is data backup.

What is very important maybe is when the file is deleted, the file is still not permanently deleted. However, it can still be restored.

For those of you who are forgetful, it would be great if Cloud Storage could remember the folder structure.

The drag and drop feature has become standard in many cloud storage services. This service can remember the folder structure for those of you who are forgetful. So, you don’t have to remember two different folder structures in PC and cloud.

Comparison of Price and Storage Capacity

In choosing cloud storage, make sure to choose a very reasonable price. For example like this, there are 2 cloud providers, one with a price of 100 thousand gets 50 GB of storage, but one with a price of 100 thousand gets 100 GB of storage.

How to Choose Cloud Hosting

By now you may know that cloud hosting is increasingly popular and many cloud providers provide very helpful features. However, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of cloud computing, here is an event to choose an Indonesian cloud service provider.

Understand your own needs

Before choosing cloud hosting, make sure you already know what you are doing in hiring an Indonesian cloud service provider. Because, of course you don’t want to waste money on something that you may not understand what the benefits are. Therefore, think again about what you will do with a cloud hosting tenant.

Pay attention to additional features

This may not be important for some people, but in choosing cloud hosting make sure you choose additional features that are very useful. Because by choosing a very good feature, surely you will find it helpful for your work related to cloud computing. With abundant, useful features, and low subscription fees, why not?

Customer Care

Choosing a good Indonesian cloud service provider is customer care who is ready to help if there is a problem with the cloud hosting you rent. Good customer care is a full 24 hour service and fast response. And also with a very helpful solution.

Take advantage of the evaluation period

Program evaluation is useful for determining the provision and policy of connection derived from the implemented program. Stopping the program, because it is considered that the following programs are of no use, or are unable to be implemented as expected.

Full service

We recommend that you choose a cloud hosting provider company that offers full support to its users. So that if there is a case with the server, then you can immediately ask the operator for help. Make sure that these facility providers provide 24-hour assistance.

Paying attention to load balance.

Please note that load balance is one of the most urgent factors of this cloud hosting service. So you need to make sure that the cloud hosting service provider you choose provides a server backup if one server has a problem. The function of the load balancer is to support directing users to an active server.

Measuring the scale

Indonesian cloud service providers allow users to measure server capacity whenever needed. So that if you have more traffic, then you can easily and quickly carry out a server upgrade so that you are able to handle more and more traffic.

Guaranteed security issues

Data security is a priority. Unsafe data will certainly be very dangerous if it is used by unauthorized parties. Therefore, make sure you choose a cloud provider that ensures the security of your data.

Conduct an evaluation period

If you are going to choose cloud hosting, try to choose a trial first. Why is this important? Of course because this will help you in determining whether the cloud hosting provider you decide is worthy of choosing or not.

Find out the weaknesses and strengths of each provider.

You can find out and dig up as much information as possible about this first, then you can compare. To get excessive and deficient info from each provider, you can go to the cloud hosting facility provider site. Then understand carefully what facilities and features they offer, most of them at a glance advantages

you will know what the and disadvantages are offered. In addition, you can also look for various testimonials from these facility providers through several sites or discussion forums. Please compare, then decide which one is the best.

Interested in cloud services from NetData? You can contact us here.


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