Some Activities You Can Do When You Have a Smart Home

Smart Home

Getting here is indeed getting closer to the future, one of which is with the existence of a technology called smart home. Smart home is indeed a prima donna for now because it can help with various kinds of work or convenience at home without being complicated.

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Several activities can be done when you have a smart home. These various activities will certainly help a lot in various daily matters in your household.

What is Called a Smart Home

To define a smart home is simple: it is a house equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. But like most things in life, the concept of a smart home isn’t actually that simple.

For example, one of the main features of a smart home is being connected to the internet. Everything will be controlled by the internet. This is closely related to the development of the internet, namely the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT Smart Home, What Is It?

Using IoT is a smart home system where various things in the house are connected to each other using the internet network and can be controlled anywhere using devices such as smartphones.

This may include setting up complex heating and lighting systems in advance and setting up home security alarms and controls, all connected by a central hub and controlled remotely by a mobile app.

Smart Home Systems

For some people, creating a smart home system can save money in electricity usage, such as the cost of air conditioning, one of them. With a variety of things that are automatic, it will be able to save on electricity costs.

Indeed, if you think about it, the various hardware installed to make a smart home system sounds expensive, but it is a long-term investment.

A smart home system is a home management system that is integrated with high-level technology and with a home automation system that allows you to control many aspects of your home through a device. Aspects of housing that can be regulated through smart home technology can vary.

Starting from lighting settings, health facility settings, bathroom settings, room temperature settings, entertainment facility settings and various other residential furniture settings including managing security aspects such as an alarm setting system.

How Smart Home Systems Work

There may be some understandable examples of how this system works eg small nagging doubts can start to fill your mind. Have you turned off the coffee maker? Have you set a security alarm? Are the children doing homework or watching television?

With a smart home, all these worries are a glance at your smartphone or tablet. All smarthome hardware can be connected to each other simultaneously on a smartphone.


When creating a smart home, there are several advantages that can be obtained, including:

  • Light the way for nighttime bathroom trips.
  • Automatically unlocks the door when approaching.
  • Feed the pet on a schedule with a predetermined amount of food.
  • Create mood lighting instantly for any occasion.
  • Program television so children can watch only certain times.
  • Warm the bedroom before getting out of bed so it’s nice and warm when you wake up.
  • Turn on the coffee maker from bed.
  • Smart homes also provide energy efficiency savings.
  • Smart home technology promises tremendous benefits for older people who live alone.

However, in the advantages of course there are disadvantages. The following are some of the shortcomings that exist in smart home:

  • Significant installation costs.
  • A very good internet connection is essential.
  • Security issue.
  • Technology issues in the connected home.
  • You can lock yourself outside your own house.
  • Helplessness if technology fails.
  • Maintenance and repair issues.
  • Privacy issues.

How to Make a Smart Home

To be able to create a smart home, maybe it will not be easy. But it does require a variety of hardware and also adjustments to get used to various things that are automatic. If it’s not a matter of cost to build and indeed the house you own is indeed very reliable for a smart home system, then why not make it from now on?

What Is Needed To Create A Smart Home?

There are 2 things that are very important and indeed very crucial to make a smart system, including matters regarding assistants and also supporting hardware.


Virtual voice-controlled assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa make it easy to control this products by saying simple commands like “Hey Siri, turn on the TV.” All have advantages and disadvantages of each.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the three Voice Assistants:

Amazon Alexa

The advantages of Amazon Alexa are:

  • If you want to get started with a smart home right away, buying an Echo product is the best choice.
  • Amazon’s Echo products are easy to set up and install anywhere you need to summon Alexa.
  • Alexa has more than 10,000 Skills, or third-party capabilities, making it the most widely supported smart home hub.

Disadvantages of Amazon Alexa include:

  • Amazon’s Alexa app for iPhone and Android phones, which is required to set up som products, can be clunky.
  • Alexa sometimes has difficulty responding to what is requested.
  • The speakers on Echo products are generally mediocre.
  • Unable to trigger Alexa by speaking to smartphone; have to talk to the Voice Assistant itself.
Google Assistant

Pros of Google Assistant:

  • Google Home speakers and smartphones running newer versions of Android including Assistant.
  • In terms of artificial intelligence, it’s generally smarter than Alexa and Siri because it’s powered by Google’s search brain, meaning it can ask a wider range of questions and is more likely to get the right answer.

Disadvantages of Google Assistant include:

  • Having to summon Assistant by saying “O.K., Google,” which is annoying.
  • There are far more Alexa-enabled smart home products than Google Assistant.
  • Google Home audio quality is mediocre.
  • Even though Assistant is a bit smarter than other virtual assistants, it is still flawed and has trouble responding to some requests properly.
Apple Siri

Finally, there is an assistant from Apple Siri. The advantages are:

  • With privacy in mind, Apple works directly with home accessory makers to ensure that data transferred between Apple accessories and devices is secure and encrypted.
  • Apple’s HomeKit integration into its mobile devices makes it easier to set up Siri with home accessories.

Meanwhile, the drawbacks are:

  • Partly because of Apple’s stringent privacy requirements, Siri-enabled smart home accessories are taking longer to hit the market, meaning fewer are available.
  • Partly because of Apple’s stringent privacy requirements, Siri-enabled smart home accessories are taking longer to hit the market, meaning fewer are available.
  • Siri sometimes struggles to understand what’s being asked.


After you choose a virtual assistant, the next step is to choose the hardware that will be the main controller for the smart home.

  • Amazon’s Alexa: Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Show
  • Google Assistant: Google Home, the Latest Android Smartphone
  • Siri Apple: iPhone, iPad, dan Apple Watch

Why Should You Be Smart Home?

Is indeed the prima donna for many people, especially young people who want to own a home. There are several main reasons for creating a smart home, including:

Benefits of Smart Home in terms of household convenience

Has many advantages over the house by not implementing it. Household comfort can be guaranteed with this. Just imagine that one of the examples that makes it comfortable to be in a smart home system is a matter of cleanliness that cannot be doubted.

For example, using a robot vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner robot is an innovation that can work alone without needing to be directed and is equipped with several sophisticated features. In some designs, this robotic home cleaner has brushes on both sides that rotate to grab dust adhering to the sides and corners of a room.

If a vacuum cleaner can only suck dust, a robot vacuum cleaner has three functions at once, namely sweeping, sucking and mopping. In fact, now there are those that provide five functions at the same time, namely sweeping, sucking, brushing, mopping, and drying.

Activities That Can Be Done On Smart Home

Apart from one of the benefits above, there are lots of things that can be done on a smart home. Some of these activities are for convenience in terms of security and practicality.

Adjust Temperature

If you have a smart thermostat, when the room temperature is cold, the temperature will be adjusted to be slightly warm, and when the room temperature is slightly hot, it will be set to be cooler and cooler. Without setting it manually, it will adjust the surrounding environment and the body temperature of the people in the room along with the number.

Automatically Turns On and Off Lights

With this feature, turning on the lights becomes more automatic, for example, just clapping your hands can turn the lights off or on. Or when you want to walk towards the bathroom and through the hall, the lights in the hallway will turn on and off after someone passes by.

Opening and Closing the Window Curtains

Opening and closing window blinds can be done automatically, no need to bother opening and closing them anymore, just adjust them remotely even when you can’t even manage them with a smartphone or voice assistant.

Fast Home Internet Network

A fast home internet network is one of the advantages of a smart home. Does require a stable and fast internet network. So, with this fast internet network, various things that are done to access the internet become easier

Access Home Security from Smartphone

Access home security from a smartphone, automatic home lock anywhere and anytime using a smartphone. Security access such as doors can be monitored with CCTV remotely.

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