Sharp! How to Speed up Laptop Performance

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How to speed up laptop performance is a keyword that is quite busy being searched by many people on Google from the past until now.

Either because of whether the laptop suddenly slows down when used or if the laptop specifications are low.

Yes, it is true that a slow laptop is not always due to low specifications, there may be some components that are damaged, so that the laptop is already old. Then what can be done so that the laptop is not slow?

What is a Laptop?

Before discussing how to speed up laptop performance, we need to know the definition of the laptop itself.

Laptop is a computer device that has high mobility. Where the laptop itself is based on the word lap which means lap, while top means top. Basically this laptop can be used while sitting and placed on your lap wherever and whenever.

So simply, this laptop is a computer that is designed to be as compact as possible, flexible, and can be carried anywhere.

Laptop Functions

How to speed up laptop performance is related to laptop functions that make work easier. Here are the functions of the laptop which are actually also the functions of the following computer:

Typing and making presentations

Typing is the most common thing done by computer users. In addition to typing, computers are also usually used as presentation media, using a software called Microsoft Power Point.

Entertainment Media

Apart from being used for work, computers can be used as entertainment media such as watching movies, listening to music, social media, and playing games. There are some games that are more fun when played using a laptop.

Design, Photo and Video Editing

Design and editing both photos and videos of course using a computer using an editing application. Examples of editing applications are After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Corel Draw.

With a laptop, the editing process becomes more flexible and can be done anywhere, especially with lower electrical power.

What is the difference between a laptop and a PC?

Are laptops and PCs different? If it’s different, what are the differences between a laptop and a PC in the article discussion how to speed up laptop performance, of course you have to know these things, including:


PCs or Personal Computers have advantages such as higher specifications which are designed to do heavy work such as editing, rendering, to playing heavy games.

And this PC has advantages in its ease of upgrading every component in it such as the Processor, Ram, VGA card, Motherboard, and other components.

With the ease of replacing these components, this PC is much easier to repair if there is damage.


Laptops are computers that are specially designed with a compact size, light weight, and practical, of course, to be carried everywhere.

Laptops can also do heavy-duty tasks with qualified specifications.

Causes of a Slow Laptop

There are several things that can make a laptop slow, such as:

  1. Hard Disk Is Old
  2. Hard Drive Full
  3. Too Many Temporary Files
  4. Too Many Startup Programs
  5. Browser Too Heavy
  6. Rarely Doing OS Updates
  7. Malware Infection

How to Accelerate Laptop Performance       

From some of the causes of a slow laptop above, there are ways to speed up the following laptop performance:

      1. Quit unused background and programs

Background screens and unused programs usually keep running without prompting. This of course will eat up resources from the laptop’s processor and memory so that it becomes slow. Therefore, close the windows of programs that you do not want to run in order to save memory space and processor resources.

      2. Close unnecessary browser tabs

Working using a browser with the internet, we unconsciously open a large number of tabs. Remember that each tab that is opened will certainly take up quite a lot of ram memory. Close tabs in your browser when you are not using them anymore.

3. Restart the laptop

Restart the laptop as often as possible because this method can be used to clear temporary cache memory.

4. Keep an eye on startup apps

Startup applications will silently accumulate so that it affects the boot time on the laptop and feels very slow.

To disable startup applications you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager and click the startup tab then uncheck the application column.

5. Uninstall unnecessary programs

As for the programs that are stored on your hard drive but you don’t use them often, it would be better if you uninstall the program.

In addition to making your hard drive more spacious, you can also make your laptop faster.


That’s how to speed up laptop performance that you can practice on your own laptop. If you want to have a fast laptop without being slow, then you can check the contents of your laptop yourself. Hopefully the method that has been delivered from Netdata is easy to understand and good luck.


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