What is a Server Rack?

Rack Server

The development of a business in a company makes the amount of data produced more and more and therefore we need a Server Rack.

Especially in this digital era, company data will increase even more. That way a data storage area with a wider capacity is needed to accommodate the massive data, a server is created.

To place a storage area or the term storage is indeed not easy, moreover, we have to place various other network equipment such as switches, the server computer itself, and so on.

The right solution is to use a rack server to organize and at the same time the server room will be more organized so that it is easy to do maintenance.

Server Rack

What is a server rack? This rack is a rack specifically designed to place and place servers that are used to connect networks, be it switches, HUBs, and computers.

This rack is in English but basically the same as the rack mentioned in Indonesian.

As the name implies, this rack is shaped like a stacked stack of shelves at the top. The purpose of the rack itself is so that data cable connectivity can be organized and minimize messy cables on the floor so that the server room becomes more spacious.

In addition to organizing cables and arranging network devices to make them tidier, are also equipped with savers where this system can automatically lower the temperature so that the components inside can work more optimally.

Server Rack Size

In each type of server rack and whatever the design is, it must have a different size. 

The size of this rack server can be identified by the letter U. U which means the unit dimension (Weight x Height x Depth) which is marked on each type of rack along with the capacity that the rack server can accommodate.

Here are some server rack sizes on the market.

  • 1U dimensions 19 “x 1.75” x 17.7 “19” x 1.75 “x 19.7” 19 “x 1.75” x 21.5 “
  • 2U dimensions 19″ x 3.5 “x 17.7” H = 19 “x 3.5” x 20.9 “19” x 3.5 “X 24”
  • 3U dimensions 17.1 “x 5.1” x 25.5 “
  • 4U dimensions 19″ x 7 “x 17.8” 19 “x 7” x 26.4 “
  • 5U dimensions 19″ x 8.34 “x 19.67” x 19.1 “x 8.75” x 26.4 “
  • 6U dimensions 19″ x 10.5 “x 19.5”
  • 7U dimensions 17 “x 12.2” x 19.8 “

Rackmount system, server settings of more than two units or more can be arranged more neatly. 

Rack mounts are typically used by companies that use different server functionality on each rack. For example, web servers, database servers, and storage servers.

Server Rack Design

There are several rack server design options provided that can be tailored to your needs. However, the design on the rack server will certainly have a difference in price. Here are three rack server designs that are often found in the market.

  • Closed Rack

The closed rack design has a closed design. Equipped with a double roof ventilation fan or a fan that is equipped at the top of the shelf cover.

This design can withstand server weight up to 50 kilograms, for the price of this type of rack server ranges from 7 million to 9 million rupiah.

  • Open Rack

Open rack is the simplest rack design without a cover on the top.

  • Wall Mount Rack Wall Mount rack

design is a rack that is most often used to place networking components, such as switches, modems, HUBs, and various other server devices. There are two choices of this rack, namely door 1 and door 2.

Make Your Own Server Rack

number of rack servers that are sold in the market at varying prices, of course there are parties who really match the price offered with various considerations.

Therefore there is another option, namely by making your own rack server which you can also make with components and also the method that I will demonstrate below.

For a standard 19U or 19 inch rack size, 4 pieces of 3 meter angle iron are needed, which are then cut into pieces according to your needs.

For height, you can adjust it to the height of the room and the need for a server to be placed, for example, 1 meter which can accommodate several routers and modems.

Here are some components that need to be prepared:

  1. 4 x 3 meter square angled iron.
  2. 16 pieces x angle iron L.
  3. 48 pieces x 12 inch bolts for making.
  4. 12 pieces x 10 inch baud for router.

If our original plan was to make the server only 1 meter high, then we need to cut 4 pieces of 4 angles 1 meter high so that they are the same height.

Here are the complete sizes:

  • 4 x perforated angle iron cut to the size of 1 meter
  • 8 x 19 inch or 20 inch square angle iron so that it is not too narrow.
  • If it has been cut, you will get a remaining 4 x 1 meter which you can make a second shelf.

For the next step, you just need to assemble it by installing the bolts that have been prepared in accordance with the holes in the hollow elbows that have been cut. This process will take about 3 hours from measuring, cutting, to assembling.

Product Rental

the need for a rack server in a company that has a storage server is a must. 

There are several options for using this server, including buying it, making it yourself.

If you don’t want to buy because the price might be quite expensive, or don’t want to bother making it yourself with some flaws that are definitely not as good as factory-made rack servers.

NETDATA provides rack server rentals of various sizes and designs to suit your needs.

Managed Products

In addition to renting out your servers, you can also use managed rack server products from NETDATA.

What are managed products? NETDATA provides product management services for companies that need it so that it provides or accommodates the development of rack server products to achieve certain goals.

In addition, managed rack server products can maximize the business value of a product from your company so you can stay focused on growing your business.


Having a server room with a large number of server racks is not easy to do without expert maintenance.

In addition, the company will need special IT staff for server maintenance so that the network remains stable.

However, recruiting expert maintenance IT staff is not cheap, especially not everyone can do it.

NETDATA provides rack server maintenance solutions for you by providing maintenance services by presenting professional IT maintenance staff and providing various components needed in the event of a damaged component. 

Interested in a product from NETDATA? If you want to know more you can contact us.


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