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The business world continues to experience developments that have a major impact on the economic growth of the community due to the ever-growing IT solution. This is directly proportional in terms of digital technology which is also increasingly sophisticated which contributes to increasing the growth of the business itself.

Talking about digital technology, there are many people who may not know what IT solutions are for business.

If you observe that today’s digital businesses are already using IT software solutions. Which also includes using IT solutions.

IT solutions come in many different forms and functions whose goals remain the same, namely to simplify and develop the company’s business.

What Is IT Solution

Then what exactly is IT Solution? is a term where technology is placed to help humans to solve various problems related to data processing, disseminate information, communication, and others quickly and accurately.

Currently, many companies in Indonesia are using it to develop their business. Because the IT solution is considered the right solution for companies that want to advance in today’s digital era.

IT Solution Jobs

In the business sector, which is engaged in the service or sales of IT equipment. 

Examples of business include IT services, sales of network equipment, server provision, managed service, maintenance, and many more.

For more details, you can listen to some of the following IT solutions:


The first IT solution is a network, where there are several things to consider in building a computer network, namely what the computer network is for and what are its benefits. 

Resource Sharing

Computer networks are able to provide resource sharing services that can be done remotely.

  • Data Sharing, computer networks provide data sharing services such as documents, pictures, videos, and others remotely. 
  • Hardware Sharing, a computer network makes it easy for you to use a computer device such as a printer with more than one computer easily.
  • Internet Access Sharing, a small computer network that can share an internet connection with more than one computer with the ability to easily allocate bandwidth for the user’s computer who needs it.

Connectivity and Communication

A connected computer network means communication between users can occur, for example by using email, fax, Voip, and many more.

Performance Enhancement andBalancing

Network Can be used to improve performance, for example under certain conditions network-connected applications can distribute computing tasks on several computers on the network.


Internet-connected computer networks can be used for entertainment and games. Such as online games that can be played by many users at the same time or just watching movies.


With cloud computing, it can be used to simplify infrastructure. A company information and data system requires good IT infrastructure management or management.

The second benefit of the cloud is that it reduces risk. Companies are required to be more selective in choosing cloud services that can be trusted.

Because using a trusted cloud facility will help you reduce the risk of data loss, and the risk of server maintenance.

The third benefit of the cloud is cutting IT costs. Because with the cloud you can save on data storage costs that require large amounts of data storage devices such as large-capacity HDDs.

Besides that, you can also save time and company infrastructure which may be quite complicated to build.


With the development of communication technology, various innovations in the field of communication are increasingly needed.

The need for a network that is efficient, reliable, and adaptable is increasing in every company.

IT networks are the most important thing in modern communication, be it sending data, voice, video or images.

Therefore, connectivity between computer devices is needed to connect and communicate using an optimal cabling infrastructure.

Data Center

Data center is the most important IT infrastructure for every company, not as an external facility for information storage and business operation models.

Any data center disruption can take the business down if you don’t have an efficient backup strategy.

As the name suggests, this data center is a facility consisting of networks and storage used by companies to manage, process, store and distribute large amounts of data.

Companies usually depend on the services, applications, and data contained in the data center which make it the focal point of an important asset in day-to-day operations.

Data centers can also function as principal repositories for various IT devices such as servers, switches, routers, storage, and firewalls. And also the installation of cables and server racks that are used to connect these various IT devices.

Managed Service

Managed service is a third party service in providing external IT services to manage a company network environment based on a service agreement. 

These services can also include enterprise network management, monitoring, management, performance planning, capacity and ongoing technical support and others. 

IT Solution

Services IT solution services are not only used by large business actors or large companies. However, the MSME sector has also started using digital systems through IT solution products.

Maybe some of the common people think that this IT solution service is only used by large companies but the MSME sector as well.

Because in the current digital era, almost all business sectors have begun to switch to online businesses, where IT solution services are urgently needed. This proves that IT solutions are needed for various sectors.

NETDATA as an IT solution company provides IT solution provision services covering a variety of information and digital technologies.

The company’s need for technology products has reached its highest point and continues to rise as the development of businesses and businesses in Indonesia are already using digital devices using superior IT devices.

For maximum results NETDATA offers IT solution services to provide support for IT implementation in your company with the help of our professional IT staff.


besides implementing IT solution services, NETDATA also provides maintenance services for your IT equipment including:


Server is a very important IT infrastructure where there are problems with the server that will interfere with company operations.

So we NETDATA focus on providing maintenance services for your server equipment, while providing optimization for your server such as server migration, server security, server design, and others.

IT Network Systems IT

networks require regular maintenance, moreover, IT network connectivity is needed continuously and stably.

NETDATA offers IT solution maintenance services for your IT network, as well as overcoming any problems that arise in network systems related to data transfer performance, both internet data and local internet.

That is our discussion of IT solutions that might be useful knowledge for you.

If you are interested in further problems in the IT field, you can contact us for any other questions. Thank you, hope it helps.


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