Secure Data With Ruijie Cloud Computing

Ruijie Cloud

Ruijie Cloud – Cloud computing, is currently one of the most popular systems and is very widely applied in various organizations including offices that are very concerned about the development of the times by facilitating their offices with cloud computing. However, do you know that now maybe you are already using cloud computing technology?

In case you are not sure what Cloud Computing is about, you are probably among the 95% of people who have implemented cloud services, such as online banking and social networking, but are not aware of them.

“Cloud” is a collection of hardware and software that work collectively to provide many aspects of computing to end users as online services.

Cloud Computing is the application of hardware and software to provide services across a network (generally the Internet). With cloud computing, users can access files and apply applications from any device that can access the Internet.

One company that offers cloud computing is Ruijie Network. With Ruijie cloud, you can use quality cloud computing technology, it’s easy to use, and also at a low subscription fee. Many have entrusted it, including various companies and also other organizations such as government offices.

Difference between Ruijie Cloud Computing and Computing from PC Hard Drive

Unlike traditional computing where data is stored on your PC’s local hard drive, data in the cloud is stored on multiple virtual servers hosted by third-party service providers. An example of a cloud computing file storage provider is Ruijie Cloud. Ruijie Cloud files can be accessed from any device via the internet.

With this cloud storage, files become more secure. Because indeed if the hard drive is damaged, the files will still be there. This is because the files are already stored in the cloud, file access can be done anywhere and with any device connected to the internet.

In the world of cloud computing, there are also 2 types, namely private cloud and public cloud. What’s the difference?

The public cloud is based on a standard cloud computing framework which consists of files, applications, storage, and services available to the public via the internet. Gmail is an example of a Public Cloud.

A private cloud consists of files, applications, storage and services implemented and protected within a corporate firewall, under the control of a company’s IT department. An example of a private cloud is a company that uses Ruijie Cloud because it can only be accessed by authorized users through a secure VPN connection.

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