SD WAN Service in Indonesia For Companies

SD WAN Service

SD WAN Service in Indonesia For Companies – Most people probably don’t know that a company that is big and has, say many branches and subsidiaries, must have a special connection line that connects one branch to another and all of them are connected to each other. central company. This is what is called SD WAN service in Indonesia that you should know.

Maybe if the company is still in the small term or other organizations that are also still small, there is still no need to install an SD WAN. However, for most companies that want to develop their company, of course there is still the possibility of how to develop their company in the future. Let’s discuss things about SD WAN.

What is SD WAN?

The first thing to know is what an SD WAN is. Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that enables enterprises to leverage a combination of transport services, including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services – to securely connect users to applications.

SD WAN uses centralized control functions to safely and intelligently route traffic across the WAN. This improves application performance and provides a high-quality user experience, resulting in increased business productivity, agility, and reduced costs for IT.

Why Companies Need SD WAN Security

Times have changed, and companies are using the cloud and subscribing to software-as-a-service (SaaS). While users typically reconnect to enterprise data centers to access business applications, they are now accessing the same applications in the cloud.

As a result, traditional WANs are no longer suitable mainly because backhauling all traffic, including those destined to the cloud from branch offices to headquarters creates latency and disrupts application performance. SD WAN provides WAN simplification, lower costs, bandwidth efficiency, and seamless access to the cloud with significant application performance especially for critical applications without compromising data security and privacy.

Two Keys to SD-WAN Capabilities

In addition to the reason why companies use SD WAN because traditional WANs are no longer compatible, there are two key capabilities of SD WAN which can be the main reason why implementing SD WAN in companies, including:

Centralized Configuration

The main reason is centralized configuration. Because the centralized configuration will greatly affect the application performance and security policies of the company.

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

With this ZTP, all policies and configurations will only be programmed once and pushed to all branch locations without having to program one by one using the CLI. This will affect the workforce in doing their jobs and being able to focus on other jobs.

Enterprise Benefits of SD WAN Technology

Companies that use SD WAN technology have various advantages. These advantages certainly greatly affect the performance of the company and also about how the security of the company’s network is also guaranteed by using SD WAN.

The benefits for enterprises of SD WAN technology include the following:

You Can Reduce Cost

Because ISPs require less specific hardware to offer their customers just what they need, it allows companies to build their WANs to scale, pay for the services the company really needs.

Boost Your App Performance

Manage bandwidth better, tailoring it to your company’s needs and priorities in a fully personalized way. It has control and management from one centralized platform which allows to execute almost any changes immediately.

The Speed ​​It Offers Almost Instant

Managed by software, everything is controlled from one place. So you will have less worries than before.


For today’s WAN systems, which require cloud utilities, with the possibilities this system offers by being able to configure and distribute bandwidth within the network, all data can be filtered through different VPNs when using SD-WAN. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the data is end-to-end encrypted, the communication is supervised by a fully manageable firewall, which will make your connection a secure one.

Have Dynamic Routing

In dealing with application traffic to adjust the required bandwidth for each application, helping you know when more bandwidth is needed and where it is needed.

SD WAN Security Addresses Network and Security Challenges

The more you come here, it is certain that network security must always be updated. As long as you are still using a traditional WAN in the company you manage, it will be very risky where your data transfer will very likely have data leaks that can even harm your company.

SD WAN security can even overcome today’s network and security challenges.

Cost reduction

As mentioned above the problem of cost reduction, the fact is that it is. With this cost reduction, companies can be more focused on their business. This cost reduction can even reach up to 90%.

Reduce Complexity

When security and networks are managed via a single interface, organizations avoid the complexities often associated with WAN management, configuration, and orchestration. A more user friendly interface would be possible to increase control as well as visibility.

Centralized Management

With zero touch, things can be done centrally. With this, it is certain that various things related to work can be done easily and also with a guarantee that a problem in one job can be easily resolved.

Performance Improvement

A survey found that enterprise organizations that use SD-WAN use 50% more bandwidth than those that rely on traditional WAN connections. This bandwidth provides more targeted application accessibility, stronger workflow support, and increased productivity, creating a distinct competitive advantage for these organizations.

Top Security

An integrated security portfolio featuring advanced network functionality and a single pane of glass display allows organizations to have full visibility across their enterprise locations. By leveraging enterprise-grade security with consolidated network functionality, comprehensive SSL inspection, and dynamic VPN tunneling at branch locations, customers will be able to achieve their digital transformation goals without compromising security.


By using SD WAN, work can become easier and companies can be more profitable in doing work from various branches by using cloud technology which certainly makes traditional WANs no longer a powerful way for companies that already have many branches in various places.

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