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Sangfor NGAF For Your Company – Companies with branches certainly have a fairly high challenge in optimizing the internal network. Sangfor NGAF saw this opportunity by creating a network security system for the company, namely the latest generation firewall or Next Gen Applications Firewall.

What is Sangfor NGAF and what are the advantages of firewalls for corporate networks. We will discuss this question in the article below.

What are Firewalls?

Firewall is a security system to protect network and computer systems from various threats originating from outside or the internet.

This firewall is like a dividing wall for computers from the internet network. Firewall is what can manage data, access, and information through computers from the internet network and vice versa.

Firewalls are generally divided into two, namely hardware and software. Both have the same function, namely network security, but have different configurations.

Hardware-based firewall or hardware is a stand-alone piece of hardware to protect your internet network such as a router.

A software based firewall is a solution to protect the network using third party applications including antivirus.

Functions of Firewalls?

The main function of a firewall is to protect the network from the internet to the computer or vice versa. The use of a firewall is mandatory, especially for the company’s internal network, which incidentally has important data traffic between branches.

Protecting Data From Unauthorized Users

The function of the firewall is to protect data from the company from unauthorized access from outside. Firewalls can restrict hackers and foreign users from accessing important company data.

If you do not install a firewall then it is not impossible that important data can be stolen.

Blocking Unwanted Messages

Electronic messages can contain various dangerous threats such as viruses and various malicious programs that can attack company computers. Therefore a firewall can prevent this from happening.

Bandwidth Monitor

Firewalls have another function, namely monitoring or monitoring the bandwidth of the corporate network.

By monitoring and limiting the bandwidth used. For example, a firewall can restrict the use of entertainment content, music, and videos. And prioritize bandwidth for more business-critical content or access.

Making Online Games More Safe and Comfortable

Playing online games for entertainment to fill spare time is indeed fun. But did you know that playing online games can also be compromised by hackers by inserting malware or malicious programs into your computer.

Although currently online game servers already have sophisticated network security technology, you still need to use a firewall to protect your computer.

Block Unwanted Content

Sometimes there is some content on the internet that we don’t want to appear suddenly. There is also some content that contains viruses, malware, and spam messages that harm your computer.

With a firewall you can block such content better.

Accessing VPN Service

The firewall also provides a Virtual Private Network or VPN connection. By using this service users can access your internal network.

Sometimes internet service providers block various content that you actually need and cannot access. Therefore, this VPN will create a network tunnel in order to access blocked content to increase business productivity.

How Do Firewalls Work?

Firewall network security system by filtering data between networks via the internet. By filtering this data, the firewall will sort out which data can pass and which data cannot pass into the network or computer.

There are three ways the firewall works which will use one, two or all three methods combined to secure the following network:

  1. Packet filtering or stateless. Firewalls use certain rules to filter data that may or may not pass through the network. Each checked data packet will be isolated one by one first when the data is filtered it will not be allowed to enter the network and vice versa.
  2. Proxy service. An application that works as a liaison between network systems. A proxy application that is on the firewall and is tasked with checking data sent to each other on the network.

This system is more efficient because the proxy can sort data in a centralized manner so that the connection between networks will not be disrupted.

  1. Stateful inspection. Is a system that checks and traces data received through previous activities. Received data packets will be checked in the data database. If the data packet has a positive or safe connotation, it will be forwarded to the network system.

Sangfor NGAF For Enterprise Network Security

Sangfor NGAF firewall next gen is one of the mainstay products from Sangfor to meet the needs of your company’s data network security system.

NGAF stands for Next Gen Applications Firewall which is the answer to the challenges of corporate network security from various external attacks.

With an inexpensive price, NGAF offers complete firewall features so that it can be a company solution in minimizing time and energy expenditure in securing network systems within the company.

NGAF can be a solution in directing existing threats and preventing attacks on certain applications that are targeted both internally and externally.

Advantages of Sangfor Sangfor Next Gen Applications Firewall

The following are the advantages of Sangfor NGAF that you need to know:


The next generation application firewall from Sangfor is able to detect and protect against intrusion that is integrated and works based on analysis of data traffic and unusual activities.

This multifunctional feature can help in the process of checking and filtering more detailed content.

Using Infrastructure More Efficiently

Sangfor NGAF uses a complete and integrated infrastructure such as antivirus, IPS, web filter, application control in one device and spam filter. The advantage of Sangfor NGAF is that it reduces the complexity of the infrastructure.

Advanced Protection Against Threats

Sangfor NGAF also includes protection against viruses and malware which will always be improved with updates whenever new attacks are found.

Sangfor NGAF can also reduce the vulnerability of attacks by limiting the applications used.

For applications that are allowed are applications that are free from various threats such as the theft of important data from the company. This advantage is not owned by ordinary firewalls.

Network speed

In exchanging data between corporate networks, of course, it requires fast network bandwidth.

Therefore Sangfor NGAF offers network speed even though it handles many devices at once well without reducing device performance.

Want to Know More About Sangfor NGAF?

NetData offers Sangfor NGAF firewall solutions at very competitive prices. So as to make companies that use their services can invest to develop other business sectors.


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