Why Should SD-WAN for Retail Business ?

SD-WAN retail business

Why Should Retail Businesses Use SD-WAN?

Before knowing why, It is better if we first know some of the problems faced by the retail industry in this era for the SD-WAN retail business. as follows:

  • Network usage in back-office systems is growing rapidly with the presence of a lot of software that requires an internet network.
  • Companies that are growing and have many branches are starting to encounter many problems due to the congestion of bandwidth used by their branches simultaneously.
  • Some new requirements such as VoiP, eCommerce, CCTV, and point-of-sale systems can no longer be accommodated by the old system.

The retail industry is now starting to switch to SD-WAN, as a way to accommodate the flexibility, connectivity, efficiency and security needed, but is not well supported by their current system. This is where the real benefits of using SD-WAN begin to appear.

Here are 8 reasons why retail businesses should use SD-WAN:

  1. Flexibility. Rapid change requires retailers to remain flexible according to business needs. The existence of network virtualization allows companies to add and reduce services more quickly but still economically.  
  2. Increased Connectivity. Utilizing multiple broadband, MPLS, and LTE combined into one network so that companies can ensure optimal service and operating levels.
  3. Reducing (Cost) Maintenance. The SD-WAN implementation automatically eliminates the need for maintenance of legacy devices, which indirectly means reducing maintenance costs. On the other hand, upgrading to a newer version is actually made easier because it is only a software.
  4. Increase Bandwidth Efficiency. The number of bandwidth-hungry applications makes companies have to be smart in dividing bandwidth based on which applications are top priority, such as video conferencing, online training, use of VoIP, e-commerce sites, and video streaming.
  5. Enhanced Integration. More and more sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies are available each year, making companies need a simple and effective method to integrate these technologies to improve operations and services. SD-WAN addresses these problems by providing a suitable network, where cloud applications can be accessed in real-time using this SD-WAN network.
  6. Reducing Complexity. Previously, opening new branches meant building and configuring a network from scratch. However with SD-WAN, all software and hardware, bandwidth traffic, and other connections are managed through the controller. This significantly helps reduce network complexity.
  7. Increased Security. The large number of sensitive data, such as financial and personal information that is collected on a daily basis makes data security important. The use of SD-WAN means assurance for retailers that their business network is protected by a security feature, namely multi-layer encryption.
  8. Reducing Costs. Through a virtually centralized network, SD-WAN retail business can reduce costs associated with purchasing and installing hardware. Instead, they use virtualization of various aspects and components, and leave the use of hardware that requires routine maintenance, electrical power, and if it breaks, must be repaired.


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