Sangfor SD-WAN : New Product from Sangfor

Sangfor SD-WAN New Product from Sangfor

Sangfor SD-WAN – The need for an internal network in a large company is a very vital requirement.

Usually large companies will need an internal network to connect the network from several branch offices to the head office to become one big network.

Therefore we need a network infrastructure that is able to cover this large network by utilizing SD-WAN.

Sangfor is one of the technology companies that provides SD-WAN solutions to companies that want to build and upgrade a more reliable and secure internal network infrastructure.

So what is SD-WAN, what are the advantages of using SD-WAN, and how do you implement SD-WAN from Sangfor? Let’s look at the following reviews:

History of Sangfor

First we need to know what sangfor is through its history so that we know in more detail about it.

Sangfor Technologies is an IT infrastructure company based in APAC, which in its global service, Sangfor focuses more on Network Security and Cloud Computing.

Sangfor presents Sangfor HCI and SCP cloud services which aim to make it easier for you to apply the technology to date.

Using Sangfor for IT

One of the uses of Sangfor for IT is the implementation of SD-WAN which is based on leading VPN technology, integrated security, WAN optimization, and the best Virtualization technology.

SD-Wan sangfor is designed to be able to build various enterprise branch access network infrastructures, making IT architecture faster, simpler, secure, and intelligent.

And can help companies increase business, productivity, reduce costs, and accelerate digital transformation.

Hybrid WAN

Internet can replace MPLS, reduce WAN investment and can increase bandwidth.

As well as multi-WAN which can reduce the risk of a single failure thereby increasing service availability.

WAN Acceleration

WAN acceleration capable of solving various problems against poor user applications so as to increase productivity.

Usually there are some problems related to data congestion on the network, this WAN will directly solve the problem of data congestion, increase link throughput, and reduce the cost of increasing bandwidth.

Large-Scale Small-Footprint Locations

SD-WAN can rapidly deploy enabling rapid business expansion while reducing engineer costs and business start-up cycles.

Centralized management and visualization operations simplify day-to-day tasks and provide network-wide control capabilities.

Global Network

Some things to consider about a global network that uses a global cloud private network system capable of remote handling and reducing international bandwidth costs.

Integrated management that can reduce dependence on existing IT staff.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN or Software-defined Wide Area Network where SD-WAN supports Internet WAN management to get the best performance but at the lowest possible cost.

SD-WAN You will get benefits like internet WAN with applications that are filled with 2 link internet links and also replace private WAN or like cheap MPLS.

History of SD-WAN

WAN was originally a development of network technology which was applied as a corporate and military network.

WAN has long distance data communication is one of the driving factors in the development of data communication technology, so that it can overcome distance limitations, shorten the time in exchanging information between users.

Older WAN technologies used the communication method through connected circuits between two or more endpoints.

Point-to-point communication technology over slow-speed circuits, usually between two fixed locations. This is where WAN circuit technology is becoming faster and more flexible.

However, due to several weaknesses such as strict regulations from national regulations, security and poor service quality, WANs are increasingly being ignored by companies.

Due to the uncontrolled nature of the internet it is not considered adequate or safe for private enterprise use. With this security problem, the WAN can cause various fatal data leakage problems.

Therefore, SD-WAN was created which combines several technologies to create a complete private network with dynamic capabilities in sharing network bandwidth across connection points.

SD-WAN enhances several critical sectors of the WAN such as central control, zero touch, integrated analytics and cloud-based network intelligence enabling centralized policy and security management.

Since 2014 the term SD-WAN has become a new network trend.

Features of SD-WAN

SD-WAN features are numerous, from robustness, security, quality of service, to flexible deployment options, simplified administration and troubleshooting, and online traffic engineering.


In terms of resilience SD-WAN is very strong in reducing network downtime. SD-WAN is capable of real-time outage detection and automatic failover switching to a working link.

Service quality

SD-WAN technology already supports quality of service with bandwidth priority for the most critical applications.

With the quality of service SD-WAN you can dynamically choose paths by sending applications on the faster link or even splitting applications between the two lanes to improve performance by sending faster transfers.


SD-WAN communication is equipped with Ipsec security system which is the core of WAN security.

App optimization

SD-WAN has improved application delivery by utilizing caching, storing newly accessed information into memory to speed up future access.

Deployment options

Most SD-WAN products provide pre-configured devices that can be deployed in data center networks, branch offices, and other locations.

There are also virtual devices that are able to work on existing network devices or these devices are used as virtual devices in the cloud in the environment.

Administration and troubleshooting

Like other networking tools GUI may be of more interest than the CLI which is a command line configuration and control interface.

It provides useful administrative features such as automatic path selection, centralized device configuration capabilities, and a software approach that allows all virtual equipment and appliances to be centrally configured based on application requirements rather than software.

Online traffic engineering

In terms of management, SD-WAN can perform adaptive and intelligent traffic engineering which determines data transfer requests according to the current appropriate resources.

For example, the centralized calculation of the transmission rate at the controller and the path limit at the sending endpoint according to the request.

Advantages of Using SD-WAN

Then what are the advantages of SD-WAN? here is the review:

  • SD-WAN can be able to run on existing network connections so it is cost effective.
  • SD-WAN offers delivering network applications by choosing the delivery of critical data on a priority basis over the best network.
  • SD-WAN offers VPN and encryption to secure end-to-end network connections.

How can SD-WAN help?

Applications are not only needed by companies such as data centers or private clouds. However, branch users also need staff who need existing applications via the internet such as public cloud, for example Office 365, Google Drive, and Dropbox to support business needs.

The SD-WAN that can help branch offices are:

  • Perform traffic classification. SD-WAN can choose network traffic for business priorities such as critical traffic and non-critical traffic.
  • Able to find the best path for a particular application. SD-WAN can choose a link that matches the application with the criteria of the internet link having the best delay, jitter and loss.
  • Can switch over to existing links. If the main link fails (down), then the SD-WAN can switch-over to the backup link or so that the company’s business applications are not hampered.

All new products from Sangfor are complete on NDS

From several reviews of Sangfor SD-WAN, we can conclude that SD-WAN is very important for the enterprise network ecosystem, especially for companies that have branch offices to facilitate communication between branches.

Therefore, Sangfor provides the best and cheapest SD-WAN solution for companies who want to create new WAN network infrastructure or improve the efficiency of existing networks.

You can get Sangfor SD-WAN Indonesia services at NETDATA, NETDATA is an IT company that provides the best network solutions for your company.

For more details, you can contact NETDATA here.


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