Ruijie’s New Product (Reyee)

Produk Baru Ruijie

Reyee (Redefine Your Easy Network) is an SME sub-brand launched by Ruijie in 2014, including 4 main product lines: switches, routers, wireless, and home products. The goal of this brand is to simplify networking and make it easier for small system integrators / installers to do business.

Ruijie Cloud for Reyee products provides full life cycle service to contractors. For the pre-sale process, it can be used for solution design, view detailed success cases and product specifications.

During the deployment process, self-regulating network technology saves a lot of deployment time, and automatic configuration and deployment also solves the problem of the installer’s insufficient technical capabilities. For the after-sales process, it offers remote operation and maintenance, smart alarm and one-click network monitoring.

Reyee’s Features

Not different from Ruijie, Reyee’s flagship product is a cloud product because it’s still one family. However, there are several features that differentiate Ruijie from Reyee’s various cloud products. Among them are:

  • Self Optimization Network (SON)

Unlike Ruijie who when registering devices by scanning one by one entering the serial number, Reyee who has the SON feature is useful for registering devices only by detection by IP. So, for example when registering a new device, maybe you have to do “Add Network” and then follow the steps to enter the serial number on the hardware.

The SON process is less than 3 minutes, so don’t take too long. Compared to various Ruijie products, it’s better to use Reyee which has a fast detection time.

  • Topology Camera The

The camera that is meant here is an IP cam. Reyee has detection on the camera too, so it looks up to the IP and hostname. So, when the camera is off, it shows. If you want to reboot, it’s also just one click away, even though remotely, there’s no need to bother getting on site.

  • Anti Looping

If a routerboard activates the switching feature, the device works by sending and forwarding visible data packets to their destination, if the device has no clear target data, the switch will send data packets to all ports. 

If the data packet is “returned” received by the same switch on a different port, it will run which is called looping. To deal with this, you can take advantage of a new feature, namely the Anti Looping feature.

  • Remote Reboot Helper

Reboot can be done remotely. Even though it is a cheap price, this one feature already exists on various Ruijie products. This is why the highlight of Reyee is the easy network.

  • Generate Report

Generate report is a computer program that aims to take data from sources such as databases, XML streams or spreadsheets, and use it to produce documents in a format that satisfies certain human readers. It can also be said that generating reports is part of the purpose of the spreadsheet.

Why Reyee

It is certain that choosing Reyee is used for the lower middle class. Unlike Ruijie, who already has an enterprise and also NMD, Ruijie issued this SOHO, namely Reyee. so, it is more affordable for those of you who want to have quality cloud technology at a low price.

Reyee is indeed easier to pair at home, school, and also small offices. Because it is only with plug and play, there is no need to bother adjusting the topology or various other things in the upper class like Ruijie.

  1. Reyee is a quality home Wifi solution, its various advantages are:
  2. Supports Reyee Mesh, network without configuration for many devices
  3. Supports next generation chips, provides stable connection and better performance
  4. Supports Seamless Roaming, dead zone killer, signal booster that offers strong signal
  5. Support Ruijie Cloud Management, remote operation and maintenance with mobile app
  6. Support scenario oriented features with Parental Control, Xpress Acceleration Mode, etc.

Reyee’s Success Story

In Indonesia, Reyee has covered several locations by Reyee. Among them are schools that are still small, then there are several hotels in Bandung, housing complexes that have outdoor Wi-Fi installed.

Various Products of Reyee


One of the products from Reyee is Wireless. The wireless from Reyee consists of 2 types, which are distinguished by their intended use, namely indoor and outdoor.

Reyee Indoor Access PointBuilt

  1. 802.11ac Wave2 MU-MIMO Technology-in
  2. Dual-LAN Port
  3. Supports Seamless Layer 3 Roaming
  4. Supports self-managed networks
  5. Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud Management

Reyee Wall AP

  1. Universal standard built-in installation 86
  2. Enclosed by high-conductivity materials, cool device in 10 from before
  3. Support Seamless Layer 3 Roaming
  4. Ruijie Cloud management free lifetime

Reyee Outdoor Access Point

  1. IP68, 6000V, V0, durable in harsh conditions
  2. Dual-radio supports up to 1167Mbps, 802.11ac Wave 2
  3. Excellent 5GHz wireless range up to 300m, max klein capacity 164
  4. Industrial design with Dual-Lan, dual power supply (802.3af / at PoE or DC 12V)
  5. Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud Management

Reyee Wireless Bridge

  1. Dual power supply (802.3af / at PoE or DC 12V)
  2. Flexibility to assemble, mast or mounting options
  3. Solid and reliable, IP65, V0, resistant to a wide range of temperatures, built to last the outdoors
  4. Ruijie Cloud Management free for life


Switch Reyee which is a new competitor and proven quality in the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) class has various advantages, including:

  1. Supports Ruijie Cloud management, remote maintenance with mobile applications
  2. Support remote POE reboot, solve camera failure problems with just 1 click
  3. Supports a variety of real-time alarms, newbies can also do troubleshooting
  4. Supports independent network organization and automatic topology, easy to provide


Cloud technology from Reyee is not much different from Ruijie, which is equally superior to its cloud technology. The advantages that can be obtained are:

  1. Curved surface metal design, sheet metal stretch mold integrated
  2. Full Gigabit power port to meet the access needs of ADSL 200M fiber
  3. Compatible with AC function, can manage EAP series AP, save user costs
  4. Support Ruijie Cloud APP integrated management, can achieve 1-click online, 1-click optimization, remote fault alarm, 1-click operation and maintenance and other functions

Choose Reyee or Ruijie

The obvious reason is budget concern. Actually, from sizing and collecting requirements, you already understand what to use. This is especially the case with the IP cam installation. Maybe for use in cafes or schools, you certainly don’t need expensive ones because you only need the POI, so the price is not too expensive and in accordance with your needs.

The use is simple, plug and play is very suitable for using Reyee. However, for more advanced uses it is suitable to use products from Ruijie.

Ruijie’s New Product (Reyee) Beat All Competitors in the SOHO Class


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