Reyee’s Review of New Products Ruijie Switch, Access Point, Router

Review Reyee Produk Baru Ruijie Switch, Access Point, Router

Hello, we meet again with me, but now I’m not alone. I’m with Nabil, here we want to review a new Reyee branded network equipment product from Ruijie.

Reyee is actually the Chinese language of Ruijie itself which is called reyee or pronounced ri-yi.

Currently, I am bringing a product in the form of an RGR AP 2200 access point made of plastic, but for example, for an indoor access point, the changes have to be light because they are mounted on a high ceiling so they don’t fall easily.

Its feature is that there are 2 ports, where usually the AP has one port, one for wireless and one for PC or computer.

And there is one more product from Reyee that has this switch. Look at the material that looks like metal, there is airflow and exhaust, unlike a switch of this class. There are 4 ports but POE. Between the same uplink the bottom is different so that the true 4 ports do not interfere with others.

For housing it is very suitable especially if for home you don’t need a lot of ports which can be adjusted according to your needs.

There is another routerboard from Reyee which has 4 ports as well which is also made of metal which is sturdy enough for a small router class like this.

On port one for LAN and there is also another one for the WAN port, for speeds that can be carried up to a maximum of 1Gbps. 

And also this router has a reset button so you don’t need to be afraid if it’s a wrong configuration which can also be reset immediately to restore the original factory configuration.

And also the price which is fairly affordable compared to other brands is also quite impressive where the Reyee router is feature-rich and also very reliable.

For the difference between Ruijie and Reyee, it can be seen in terms of features and also their different uses. Ruijie is used for enterprises that have a myriad of features that require experts to configure, such as the Evi portal feature.

And also the Ruijie router has a console that does provide a very “advanced” configuration so if for example there is no one in this reyee. 

Reyee is different from Ruijie, which is made easy, just install it and use it.

And reyee also has a proud feature, namely the SON (Self Organizing Network) feature or self-organized Network.

The purpose of SON is where you can just connect a Reyee device such as a router to a switch directly connected to the internet, then the Reyee device will automatically broadcast or broadcast the SSID.

With the configuration of the RG-serial number, the last 4 digits, we can directly connect to the SSID, just enter the Ruijie cloud, add a new project, and all connected devices are automatically detected.

Reyee claims that in less than 3 minutes, all devices that have registered to this SSID can immediately be detected.

Now we will try the feature by connecting the access point to the switch and to a router which is not configured at all and we will have a timer for 3 minutes.

First, we go to wifi with the name @ Ruijie-m9003 and connect directly without a password. If you are already connected, we just have to open the Ruijie cloud.

Log in to the Ruijie cloud or register first, if you have entered we have to create a new project. Oia before that we have to turn on the GPS on our smartphone.

If so, select connect to wifi, it will detect the SSID @ Ruijie-m9003 then click Manage Network. We just have to wait for it to finish, if so, the topology of the device that we have connected will appear.

After that, we immediately config then enter a few fields that need to be filled in such as the project name, for example Reyee, the password = password123, the scenario is up to you but we are here to set Home.

on the next page use a single ISP DHCP link then next. If successful, a sign “Add Succeeded” will appear.

Then add wi-fi, SSID test, password testtest, country Indonesia then next. Automatically, the wifi will be disconnected, and log in to the wifi again with the testtest password.

With the following experiment Reyee was right that 3 minutes was right. 

That’s all Ruijie’s review this time, which we can find out a little about the features and advantages of Ruijie’s device products which are indeed very easy for novice users. That is all and thank you.

Reyee’s Review of New Products Ruijie Switch, Access Point, Router


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