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In the world of computers, especially hardware and software, you’ve probably heard a word, namely server. This is very commonly heard, such as database servers, file servers, email servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers. In all “clients”, of course, there is a “client server” which manages all servers. And one server can serve many clients, and one client can use many servers that can be obtained alone or using a server leased service.

Server is a

server if interpreted in a more general language is a server. So, the server is a computer system that has specific services for data storage. The data that is stored on the server is all complex data. This server is intended for clients who have special needs in providing information to users and visitors.

If you imagine in its physical form, a server is a very large component that stores various instructions, information, and data needed by the client. A server in the form of a computer network that has a very large size with various components, of course, has very high performance.

Maybe, if you work at a company or organization that does have its own server room, surely you will be amazed and think “how much money was spent to make like this”. Because indeed the components that build the server and server room facilities are not cheap.

Or you could say that a server is a computer system that provides a certain type of service in a computer network. Do you want to manage your own server? you can read in more detail here.

Types of Server Indonesia

Servers have several types when viewed from their function and purpose. Below will explain what the types of servers are:

Web server Indonesia

This server is very commonly known as hosting. The web server itself is a computer network software installed on a server specifically to serve HTTP or HTTPS requests that can be accessed using a browser. 

The way this web server works is simple, namely from the web server it receives code from the browser, then the web server will respond and send a document in HTML or CSS format which will later appear on a web page in the form of images, text, video, or any content. that is loaded on a website with that server.

Judging from the way it works, the main function of a web server is to send the file that the web page user requests first through a web browser with a special protocol.

Fax server Indonesia

Fax, this tool is very rarely found in the general public, but for some companies that have branch offices, faxing is very important. Fax server is useful for fax needs for fax clients. This server will then make all fax traffic activities such as sending and receiving faxes it will receive. 

Fax servers are also usually equipped with a modem to support the performance of this fax server.

Mail server

Judging from the name alone, you know what the function of one type of server is. Yes, this server has an important role to serve clients in sending letters. Mail servers are divided into two categories, namely for outgoing mail servers and internal mail servers.

In short, this mail server works the same way as sending regular mail to other people. The difference is that this is electronic. The point of this mail server is to send email as well as receive, the server also keeps a copy of the sent mail. Supported file protocols are text, images, video, and others according to the web client used.

FTP server

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is a set of internet commands that give access rights to a network. Later, the client can request file exchange access rights only through the server. The process of this command still uses ASCII code, so it is not too secure because it is not encrypted. There is actually a safer option, namely by using SFTP which provides data security to the client.

In broad terms, the FTP client functions as a protocol for data transfer.

File server

File server, maybe this is one server that is easy to understand. This file server provides access to the client in the form of a local disk. These files usually contain images, videos, databases, music, documents, and many other file types. File server can be interpreted as a computer that has a function to accommodate various kinds of data, allowing users to store and retrieve data on calculations via the workstation.

If asked about its function, it is clear that it functions to accommodate the data owned by the client in question. The capacity for this file server depends on the HDD and RAM on the server to determine the size of the files that can be accommodated and the speed of data transfer to be uploaded to the server or downloaded from the server.

Game servers

These are servers specially made for gamers. Maybe you already understand that nowadays many games are played simultaneously or online multiplayer. The game server will make playing between players with different devices easy. The better the game server, the better the quality of playing online between players, so there is no lag or the like.

This game server consists of two types, namely external game servers and internal game servers. The difference is clearly significant:

  • External game server: Server provided directly by the game provider itself.
  • Internal game server: Server that is directly used for game storage via the user’s computer directly.

For gamers, one type of game server that is very popular is Steam.

DNS server

DNS (Domain Name System) servers are servers that are used to translate information from host names into the form of IP addresses or web URLs. So, a web page basically consists of an IP address, thanks to a DNS server, the IP address can be translated into a readable URL that is easy to type in. Without DNS, you can still visit the web page, but you have to type in the IP address.

There are 3 DNS functions, including:

  1. Requesting IP Address for a website based on a domain name.
  2. Requesting a web URL info based on the IP address entered.
  3. Looking for the right server to send email.

Proxy server

Proxy server is a server that is very easy to find when browsing the internet. Maybe you have when you want to enter a web page, the browser cannot open it for security reasons. That is one of the functions of a proxy server.

A proxy server is a computer network that plays a positive role in securing its users from malware and virus attacks while browsing the internet. So, the system works is that every user who accesses the internet will automatically go through the proxy server before proceeding to the web server.

Database server

Database server is a computer network that provides database management and receives user or client access rights to access data on the server. There are four types of database servers, namely flat file databases, relation databases, object databases, and relational-object databases.

The database server function is actually very important for big data services to manage database management that is useful for being able to easily search for data in the database. The database server service can provide access rights to many clients at the same time.

Print server

In the world of computer networks, a print server is a type of server that connects printers to client computers via a network. The print server is useful for receiving print jobs from the computer and sending the jobs to the appropriate printers, queuing jobs locally to accommodate the fact that jobs may arrive sooner than the printer can actually handle.

This print server is very easy to find in a print shop that has many computers. With many computers and not as many printers as computers, a print server is needed to manage the print activity of each computer to the printer.

Application server Application

server is a server whose task is to run certain applications in order to provide application resources so that it can run properly and can be processed on other computers in the network. This server is usually used for software such as accounting software, sales, and many more.

Streaming Media Server

Streaming media server is a server that stores various data in the form of media which can later be played or enjoyed by the client without downloading the media. So, with this streaming, it can save the storage capacity of the device used by the client.


applications Server applications are applications on computers that have a function as a server for user requests for access rights originating from client computers. This server is supported by resources that are large enough in capacity and equipped with a special operating system.

Audio and video servers This

server has the same meaning as streaming media servers. With this server, audio and video are already on a server that has a large capacity to accommodate a lot of video and audio. The key to a good server is if the video and audio quality enjoyed by the client is good and with good streaming speed.

News server Indonesia

News server is a collection of software used to handle Usenet articles. It can also refer to the computer itself which is primarily or only used to handle Usenet. Access to Usenet is only available through news server providers.

Each news article contains a complete set of header lines, but in common usage the term “header” is also used when referring to the news overview database.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network extending a private network across a public network and allowing users to send and receive data over a shared or public network as if their computing devices were directly connected to a private network.

Usually, VPN is used to access various inaccessible web pages that have been set by the ISP.


Of the many servers, there is one server that still exists, namely the DHCP server. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is a network that runs services and IP address information to clients. This server is used by large operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, using this server service.

Server Indonesia Functions

After understanding the various types of servers, we can conclude the various functions of servers. Among them are:

  1. Responsible for serving client network computer requests.
  2. Providing resources to be used jointly, both in hardware and in the form of software / applications, so that they can function on all client network computers on one network.
  3. Can store files and various information to be accessed together to enable file sharing.
  4. Protects client PCs by installing a firewall or anti-malware on the PC server.  

How Servers Work

In a very simple sense, how does it work The server is a repository whose access rights can be set. Later, the request will come out in the form desired by the client. 

The following is a brief explanation of how a server works:

  1. The web browser requests a specific web page – finding the correct IP address associated with that domain.
  2. The web browser requests the full URL for the site you want to display – sends this information to the server.
  3. The web server finds and collects all the information necessary to display the site – including things like advertisements, dynamic elements, content, and more. The server then sends this complete packet of information back to the web browser in response.
  4. The web browser receives this complete page and displays it for the user.

Server Indonesia Benefits

Judging from server function, the benefits of using servers are very important for both small and large businesses. The server gives you more processing power. Servers can optimize your network of computers, store large amounts of data, free up memory, and allow individual PCs to perform better. The server indonesia allows you to set up a new computer ie create backups of the old computer, add users, and deploy new applications more quickly and easily.

Services Served

In the world of IT, there is a service that you can trust in various matters related to servers. The job or service is a managed server. Owners of the server should have the responsibility for maintaining regular operating system updates, additional software updates, and other server level configuration and management tasks. Managed server services help is the solution.

If you want to find the best managed server services, then the only right answer is Netdata.


Netdata managed server is Jakarta’s best managed server service. There are already many companies, small and large, who have entrusted Netdata to maintain their servers. This large company is also a company that already has a big name, and entrusts its server business to be handled by Netdata.

Managed Server Indonesia

Netdatacan also solve various problems related to servers of any type wherever you are. Netdata’s managed server services cover all of Indonesia. This is proof that Netdata is a managed server that is very competent with its services.

Areas Reached

For companies, creating a good and responsive server is a very appropriate way to ensure that employees work well. Just imagine, if the server you have has a slow response, of course, a lot of work is hampered because of slow data transmission.

Therefore, server self-service is a very profitable thing. However, many still don’t know that there are parties that offer server leases that can really help companies in their operations so they can have a good server.

Rent Server Indonesia is one of the server storage facilities that have overall access. You can manage your own server for your needs. Rent a server in Indonesia can make it easier for you to manage all your activities, this is because one server belongs to you which can be tailored to your needs.

Server leasing services provide a high level of flexibility because you have complete control over your server, including your choice of operating processes and computer hardware. A dedicated server indonesia is included making sure your site can perform optimally without further restrictions on traffic (bandwidth). 

Make sure to find a server leasing company that can ensure that your dedicated server is very safe and easy to manage with the help of their technicians who have experience in this field. 

The services provided by Netdata cover all of Indonesia. Apart from maintaining server maintenance, Netdata also provides you with server rental matters. Regardless of the type of server indonesia, Netdata will provide a very high quality server rental solution at a very affordable cost.


AnyServer leases can be leased by Netdata. This is a very profitable thing. With any type of server available by Netdata, it makes you have no doubt if you need another server type. You can trust Netdata again.

Rental Server Indonesia

scope of Netdata’s server indonesia rental business is all over Indonesia and will be increasingly ambitious towards the rest of the world. Netdata will always provide the benefits of a quality server with fast response, quality hardware and software, and also with a more affordable rental fee than you rent a server elsewhere.

Why You Should Rent a Server Indonesia

Most company leaders simply do not have good IT skills. Yes, it is no secret that company leaders do not have much IT expertise. Even though the company owned requires it to work by relying on a good server indonesia for the sake of creating a smooth job.

That’s why many companies rely on it rent server Indonesia to get a stable and responsive server.

Interested in Services Server Lease from NetData? You can contact us here .


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