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Mimin has this info for those of you who don’t know what OEM Support and Third Party Maintenance are. By the way, maintenance of IT equipment in your office uses OEM or TPM? Or maybe you manage it yourself.

For those of you who are still confused about the difference between Original Equipment Manufacturer Support and Third Party Maintenance … Let’s see Mimin’s explanation! OEM Support is a maintenance service that is provided directly by the principal to maintain your IT equipment. For example: Cisco, Juniper, & Fortinet. Meanwhile, TPM is a maintenance service provided by a third party, or indirectly by the principal.

The striking difference between the two is in the coverage of the devices they provide, OEMs only provide devices from their own brands, meanwhile. TPM is able to provide tools from a variety of different brands. This difference also makes the skills of the engineers different. Engineers from TPM are able to master a variety of devices from different brands, while Original Equipment Manufacturer engineers only master devices from their own brands.

In terms of cost, TPM is also relatively cheaper than OEM. The conclusion. If you are using a multi-brand device, you should use the services of TPM. Because, TPM is more flexible and has a wider scope than OEM.

How do you do reporting?

OEM: Every month, your OEM will most likely provide you with a general business and SLA review. What is often not covered is the failure ratio or inefficiencies in your equipment because Original Equipment Manufacturers are more focused on saving costs than yours.

TPM: At NDS, we provide detailed reports so our clients can see what is working and what needs more attention. In fact, we have assigned failure ratings to specific machines, and we provide performance metrics and data to determine equipment effectiveness.

This allows the company to find and remedy problems that are causing a 400% greater than normal failure rate. This not only encourages transparency, but also gives us more opportunities to find and address problems on the data center floor.

TPM vendors offer extended warranties and significant cost savings over Original Equipment Manufacturers, but not all vendors are willing to be transparent about their processes.


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