Peplink Balance BPL 210: Specifications and Advantages                    

Peplink Balance BPL 210

Peplink Balance BPL 210 is one of Peplink’s products intended for companies to develop new company branches in various regions more easily and can also improve network security systems and be more reliable in several ways.

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Peplink is a company that plays in network products and often creates network devices that can make it easier for companies to develop their internal networks, one of which is the Peplink Balance BPL 210.

Peplink BPL 210 is able to provide additional network data speeds, is more powerful and flexible. Not only that, BPL 210 is also able to cut connectivity costs with Peplink SD-WAN technology which is designed to be able to balance multi-WAN loads.

For complex SD-WAN networks, you need a reliable router such as the Peplink Balance BPL 210 which has load balancing features, SpeedFusion which can be used for VoIP, Streaming Video, and faster data flows.

What are the features of Peplink Balance BPL 210? And what are the advantages? Let’s look at the following explanation.

A Little Discussion About Routers

Before continuing to discuss the Peplink Balance BPL 210 router, we need to know the usefulness of the router device itself. In a network, you definitely need a router, especially on an SD-WAN system. What is a router? let’s look at the following explanation.

What are Routers

Router is a type of network device that has the function of managing and transmitting data packets from the internet network to other computer devices which is called the routing process.

Router is a device that can connect between two network devices or more sub-networks.

These routers can manage traffic between networks by forwarding data packets to the intended IP address. So the router can allow multiple devices to be connected to the same internet network.

How the Router Works

The way the router works in general is to direct the data network using the routing table to determine which paths can be passed by data packets to reach the destination.

This data packet contains a data section consisting of information, data type, and also the destination IP address. The router will read this data packet and then route the best path that can be used for each data transmission process.

Peplink Balance BPL 210

This device can actually be said to be a router, but more precisely, it is a load balancing router. The load balancing router itself has the main function in the process of distributing data traffic or data traffic so that it is more efficient into server groups.

The main use of Peplink Balance BPL 210 load balancing is so that one server on the network does not carry too much load and distributes it to other servers that do not have too much load.

So that significantly access to data packets on the network will be more controlled, fast and efficient which is the impact of minimal server response effectively.

Some of the Advantages of Peplink Balance BPL 210

The Peplink Balance BPL 210 device has several advantages compared to load balancing products from other brands. Among others are:

Has 7 Solid LAN Ethernet Ports

Peplink Balance BPL 210 has 7 LAN ports that can connect up to 7 computers at once to be connected to one network. Of course with these 7 ports you can save on the use of switches or hubs which incidentally will add additional costs.

Has 2 Ethernet WAN Ports

There are 2 ethernet WAN ports on the Peplink Balance BPL 210, which means you can connect 2 internet or SD-WAN network connections at the same time.

Can Include Up To 150 Users

Peplink Balance BPL 210 has a reliable processor which can handle up to 150 users in one router with the help of switches and hubs.

Has a Throughput Speed of 350 Mbps

The ability of Peplink Balance BPL 210 in a very fast transmission speed of up to 350 Mbps.

Speedfusion Technology From Peplink

The last advantage of Peplink Balance BPL 210 is the Speedfusion technology. This technology is patented by Peplink which claims to be able to deliver the power of enterprise VPN technology that leverages the bandwidth of multiple low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links that connect anywhere in your corporate or institutional WAN.

When you transfer multiple documents or control real time POS data, video feedback, and VoIP chat, Speedfusion’s I technologists are able to pump all your data into one data path.

With this technology, you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost. Cheap guarantee, very fast, and easy to configure that is able to be set according to the environment according to needs.

Some of the technologies from Speefusion that you can get are as follows:

Bandwidth Bonding

With bandwidth bonding, you are able to combine data which makes it possible to combine the speeds of several connections. This is useful for situations where bandwidth is constrained, such as in remote locations, or in moving vehicles. This technology also allows branch offices to connect to the head office with higher connection speeds.

WAN Smoothing

There is WAN smoothing which is an intelligent algorithm to fill connectivity gaps, using bandwidth for greater connection robustness.

WAN Smoothing minimizes latency and reduces the impact of packet loss. Later, this WAN Smoothing sends more packets than usual through multiple network channels simultaneously, instantly filling data gaps and eliminating the effects of packet loss.

Forward Error Correction

This forward error is the anticipation of packet loss while minimizing bandwidth consumption. So, when WAN Smoothing duplicates the original packet, Forward Error Correction (FEC) sends out additional backup packets that can be used to reduce the effects of packet loss through interpolation.

SpeedFusion Traffic Steering

Currently, the network has been used for a variety of heavy work. Peplink understands that and provides Sppedfusion with this traffic steering technology. So when you want to prioritize certain types of traffic while limiting or even blocking others, SpeedFusion gives you control over how different types of traffic travel within your network.

Bandwidth on Demand

This technology is able to give you the freedom to use improvised mobile WAN connections anytime, anywhere. No more predicting your next location and being tied to huge data fees or long contract periods.

SpeedFusion will provide you with the best solution, the perfect partner for you and your business.

Bandwidth Overflow

And finally, there is a bandwidth overflow that can monitor network bandwidth usage and switch to the most suitable connection when this bandwidth usage changes. This allows network users to access a high bandwidth connection when needed or switch to a less expensive connection when bandwidth usage is low.

Peplink Balance BPL 210 Has Maximum Performance

Lastly, it is certain that Peplink Balance BPL 210 has very good performance and is also very reliable. With the various advantages mentioned above, of course high performance is the most appropriate word to express how good you can use the Peplink Balance BPL 210 for professional router needs.

Complete Specifications for Peplink Balance BPL 210

For complete specifications, Peplink Balance BPL 210 has some very common specifications. Although for some series there are additional features, here are the specifications in general:


  1. Peplink Balance Firmware


1. Support for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP

2. WAN Link Health Check

  • PING
  • DNS Lookup
  • HTTP

3. Bandwidth Allowance Monitor

4. IPv6 Support

5. USB 4G/3G Modem Support


  1. NAT and IP Forwarding
  2. Static Routes
  3. Port Forwarding
  4. Many to One, One to One NAT
  5. NAT Pool
  6. SIP ALG, H.323 ALG
  7. UPnP, NAT-PMP
  8. WINS Server
  9. OSPF and RIPv2 support


1. DHCP Server for LAN Clients

2. Extended DHCP Option

3. DHCP Reservation

4. Support for Dynamic DNS services

  • com
  • org
  • com
  • DNS-O-Matic

5. DNS Proxy for LAN Clients

6. VLAN on LAN support

Load Balancing

1. Intelligent Failover

2. Session Persistence

3. Per-Service Load Distribution

4. Multiple Algorithms

  • Weighted
  • Enforced
  • Persistence
  • Priority
  • Overflow

Power Requirements

  1. Universal Input ◦100V – 240V AC

Advanced QoS

1. User Groups

  • Bandwidth Reservation
  • Individual Bandwidth Limit

2. Application Prioritization

  • By User Groups
  • Custom Application QoS


How? With specifications like that, of course choosing a router from Peplink, namely Balance BPL 210, is the most appropriate choice for the router you want to get high speeds and a variety of better advantages than other brands.

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