What is Network Monitoring?

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Network Monitoring

monitor is an admin activity in monitoring, maintaining and maintaining the network so that it is forever in maximum condition. All network conditions and activities need to be known and controlled by a network admin.

This network monitor is done so that admins can find out network activity. That is a general view of network monitors. Then? How specifically?

Network monitors is a system of collecting and analyzing data available in a network traffic with the object of maximizing all sources of power available to the computer network.

Network Monitoring Issues Can Be Solved

So, what can network monitoring solve? The following is a list of problems that the network monitor can resolve:

Device Performance Network

monitoring can resolve device performance. The purpose of the device here, for example, is a router. You can predict the performance of the device whether it crashes or runs normally. So, with regular monitoring, problems can be avoided before any harmful damage occurs.


Furthermore, network monitors can solve problems that exist on the server. Server problems are often very annoying because they affect server performance, be it when sending data or other things that are detrimental to a centralized server network.

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Disk Capacity

Monitoring networks can also solve disk capacity issues. Minimal or low disk space on a device can reduce performance and can cause the operating system to freeze or lock up. This can happen to the user’s PC or network server. If this happens, all users will experience difficulty opening data or experiencing slow application speeds.

Hard Drive

A network monitors application that can alert system admins to possible device failures. This is due to the reason for the failure, the administrator can receive a warning before when the end user experiences a total damage to the device.

In this case, the IT team was able to schedule a convenient time with the user to take the hard drive backup and replace it with little or no available end user downtime. This also applies to hard drive failures that can hurt IT.  

High CPU

CPU is also an issue network monitoring can solve. CPU is a device that is responsible for sending and allocating data. So, if there are too many commands, the CPU will experience high usage. This has a huge impact on a network which causes data transmission to be slow and even the server freezes.

Managed Service Network Monitoring Solutions

If you have a server or complex network and want to keep your network running smoothly and you are not very knowledgeable about networks, then you can hire a managed service monitoring network.

So, by using this service, your network can run smoothly from people who are experienced in network admin.

Netdata Service For Companies

If you are confused about finding a quality and experienced managed service network monitoring, then you can entrust it to Netdata. Netdata provides the managed service monitoring network that you have with various advantages that you cannot get in other managed service monitoring network services.

You can get affordable service prices with very satisfying workmanship quality. This is proven because many partners from Netdata have entrusted Netdata for various IT-related matters, including managed service monitoring networks. 

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