Network Learning? Check Out the Following Information!

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Did you know that network learning is actually easy to do as long as you know the basics of the network itself.

Networks in today’s modern world are very important for advancing information systems and digital business.

In learning the network can indeed make it easy to build

What’s that network?

A computer network is a communication network created to connect computers to exchange data.

The purpose of the network is to send data to be able to reach the destination on the part of each computer network that can provide and request services.

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Definition of Computer Network According to Experts

You can see computer networks according to experts and other media below:


A computer network is a collection of other supporting equipment connected in a single connection.

English wikipedia

A computer network is a collection of several computers that can be connected electronically.


A computer network according to the encyclopedia is a system consisting of several computers that are designed to be able to share data sources, communicate, and access information together.

The definition of a computer network is a system consisting of computers that are designed to be able to share resources, communicate, and be able to access information together.

Tech Wire House

The definition of a computer network is a collection of two or more connected computers.

Benefits of Computer Networks

You can see the benefits of computer networks in general below:

  • Computer networks that can share resources include data, programs, computer peripherals.
  • Computer network for communication media and multimedia.
  • Computer Networks can enable resource management to be more efficient.
  • Computer Networks can enable integrated delivery.
  • Computer Networks make the work of communication groups more efficient.
  • Computer networks can maintain data security and are more secure including access rights.
  • Computer Networks can save on development and maintenance costs.
  • Computer networks can keep information reliable and up to date.

Types of Computer Networks

There are several types of networks based on their grouping, among others.

Based on Operation Pattern

Client-server network

Client server is a network relationship that uses the principle of service and being served.

Peer to Peer Network

Peer to peer is a number of computers that connect to a small network to share resources with other computers as if they were their own computers.

By Reach

LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN is a computer network that covers a small area such as campus networks, buildings, offices and homes.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

The MAN network is a combination of several LANs whose range from MAN is between 10 and 50 km, this network is usually found in branch offices with head offices, factories and other agencies in one network.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Wide Area Network is a computer network that covers a large area, for example, a computer network between areas, cities, or even countries.

What is learned in the network

In what can we learn from the network? Yes, this is probably the most frequently asked question by people who want to learn networking.

The following are some of the lessons we can get when studying networks, especially in the field of information technology:

  • Database Basics and Concepts
  • Basic HTML
  • Graphic Design Basics and Concepts
  • Domain and Hosting Configuration
  • Application Installation
  • Operating System Installation
  • Network Configuration and Concept

The use of the network is as a medium of digital communication and interaction

As for the use of networks for digital communication and interaction media, among others, you can get data or information services that can be stored safely. If the computer network is not well done, then the risk of your network being attacked by hackers will be even greater.

Network user policy is one of the deficiencies that is no less important where this technology allows users to be able to access content or information on the internet.

Where can we learn networking

There are several places that can be used to study networking, especially in universities that offer networking majors.

Choosing a Network Major in School

You can choose the network major at school, especially in vocational high schools that have network majors or information engineering.

Take a Networking Major At University

Meanwhile, for network majors at university, you need to choose a university that has network majors such as:

  • Gadjah Mada University
  • Brawijaya University
  • Yogyakarta State University
  • Udayana University
  • University of Northern Sumatra
  • Walisongo State Islamic University
  • November 10th Institute of Technology

Join Training

Apart from attending a formal school for network learning, you can also attend network learning training at several network training service providers. Usually this training is 70 percent doing practice and 30 percent getting theory so it really emphasizes better abilities.

Join Seminars

Usually, several IT companies or companies that do manufacture IT devices hold a knowledge seminar about network learning according to the topic being discussed.

Those are some things that we can know about learning networks. So for those of you who really want to learn about networking, it’s never too late to learn about networking through many institutions or online learning service providers such as campuses, schools, seminars, and training.


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