Extranet: Understanding, Benefits For Networks


Many people already know the term internet, but what about an extranet? Yes, for those of you who don’t know, you are not alone, because the term extranet is still known only by a few people who know network knowledge. So what is this extranet and what is it used for? Let’s look at the explanation in the following article.

Extranet Explanation

Extranet is a network of private users who usually use the Internet protocol which also uses public telecommunications systems to be able to share some business information or secure operations with customers, sellers, vendors, and so on.

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An extranet is also known as an intranet within a company which can be extended to users outside the company. Companies that have implemented extranets to exchange large volumes of data using only Electronic Data Interchage (EDI).

This extranet usually refers to a corporate network that previously implemented an intranet but can be used by users outside the corporate network who can connect to a controlled organizational network.

History of Extranets

Such meaning means that this extranet is derived from an extended intranet network, which is a private network that uses Internet protocols and public telecommunication systems to share part of the business or secure operating information of suppliers, customers, partners, and so on.

An extranet is a network that connects business partners to each other via the Internet by providing access to various specific areas, either company intranets or one another.

Extranet Function

Its use in companies or other business activities is that it can exchange large volumes of data and can also be used for collaborative networks. Guaranteed data security because it can only be accessed by certain users. In addition there are several other functions:

Ease of Information Exchange

An extranet can provide convenience for the exchange of data and information from a company’s intranet to a branch company’s intranet or a public network which has a geographical location that is far apart, public lines with high security.

As File Servers

Extranets can make it easier for us to do a centralized company file server, especially for branch companies. The central company can implement a file server containing confidential, sensitive information, company proprietary applications, and legal documents to be shared for use by branch companies safely via protocol.

Remote Remote

The extranet can also create a VPN connection network which can make it easier for interested staff from a company to troubleshoot software or hardware in a company, install, install, and company applications without having to be in the office, because it uses a remote control application, for example TeamViewer to pass. remote remote on company computers.

Corporate Information Media

Extranets can be used to save company expenses in making a company’s company profile. Implementation of a web server from a company’s intranet without the need to hire a web hosting service to store website files.

Complete Security Features

Extranets can be supported with strict security features. Where access levels and access limits for each user can be managed and regulated through the available interface.

More efficient time

Time to run a business can be more efficient, this is because it promises ease and speed of information exchange between companies with good partners.

Ease in Maintenance

Extranets can provide convenience in managing the infrastructure, including limitations on hardware development, number of links, node-to-node, and others.

Building an industrial Extranet

With this network, it can connect from several intranets to facilitate communication.

Building Digital Business Partnerships

By building an extranet, it can make it easier to create network infrastructure that connects digital communications with the company’s business partners and customers.

Increase the effectiveness of doing business

Using this network infrastructure will certainly provide more effective business convenience.

Access Information anywhere (portability).

Can access information from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on through this network.

Expansion of the company’s local network

Companies that previously only had an intranet will be able to expand with this network.

Sharing product catalogs with trade partners

This network infrastructure allows companies and trading partners to share product catalogs with each other. The catalog is always updated and confidential where the information provided is confidential and secure regardless of the media used to reach the information.

Extranet Components

The following are some extranet components that we need to know about:

TCP/IP Protocol

The first extranet component is the TCP/IP protocol which functions for data communication, which is software that is responsible for transferring data from one network to another.


This e-mail is a digital mail message which is an essential service for business and the exchange of data quickly and securely.


A web browser is an application that can explore, retrieve information on the Internet, namely the WWW.

External Business Partners

The next component is external business partners. Where its use is certain the company has business partners outside the company who can work together.

Tele-commuting employees place orders, check status & send E-mails

The last component is telecommuting. Where telecommuting is a work agreement in which the employee can order a place, check and send existing e-mails.

Extranet Benefits

Extranet benefits for employees, dealers, business partners, and customers include:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information
  • Used as a file server.
  • For remote remote.
  • As a company information media.
  • Has complete security features.
  • Make time more efficient.
  • Make it easy for staff to do maintenance
  • Build an extranet industry.
  • Building digital business partnerships.
  • Can increase the effectiveness of doing business.
  • Can access information anywhere.
  • Can expand the company’s local network.
  • Sharing product catalogs with trade partners.
  • Able to carry out business operations and long-term relationships with customers.
  • Customers are easy to get information.

Extranet Advantages

The following are the advantages of using an extranet network:

  • Reducing the use of paper in communications and filing.
  • Increase effectiveness in doing business.
  • Can view archived data for business needs.
  • Can speed up the process and flow of information.
  • Reducing communication, transportation, and administration costs.
  • Able to access several drafts of documentation and get multimedia presentations to respond to customer comments and approvals.


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