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The current modern era of the internet is a natural thing that we find wherever we are be it in our homes, in public places, or at work or companies. Yes, the company really needs this internet, because the name is used for the company’s operations. This internet certainly needs supporting devices for the internet such as a router.

A router is a computer network equipment that can be used in connecting to local networks or different networks or the internet. This router can distribute data via cable to wireless or we usually call wifi. Without the internet network router that we normally enjoy in the office, it cannot be channeled. Routers have many brands on the market, one of which is Cisco.

The importance of the internet network, both the local network and the internet network in the company, this router becomes the hardware that must be in the company. If the company does not want to buy this router because the price is quite expensive not to mention the maintenance is quite complicated, usually the company will use the services of Indonesian router rental to save expenses.

Indonesia Trusted Router Rental

The importance of the router we at least know the main functions of this router in general. The general function of the router itself is to share or distribute IP addresses either statically or DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol to all company computers that are connected to the router. With the unique IP address shared by the router, the computers will be connected locally LAN or the internet.

By using an Indonesian router rental service at NetData Provides intent-based networks for WAN, LAN and cloud-based Cisco as well as various other router brands.

Benefits of Indonesian router rental on NetData:

  • Stronger security across all of your WAN connections

Highly secure authentication, strong encryption, and segmentation help protect your users, data and applications, from the edge of the WAN to the cloud.

  • Increase efficiency with network services on demand

Respond to business needs faster and improve IT efficiency by using integrated network services on demand, wherever you need them.

  • Improve your user experience

Increase productivity by using real-time analysis, visibility and control to optimize the performance of cloud applications.

  • Feel the benefits of intention-based networking

Centralized management for easier SD-WAN deployment and security and maintaining policies on thousands of sites.



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