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This time Mimin wants to introduce you to Ruiji network, have many people known yet? Wow, there are still many who don’t know, right? Just relax .. Mimin will introduce you to Ruiji Network.

So Ruiji Network is a Networking vendor that was founded in 2000. Ruji already has a lot of experience in the world of Networking.


Some of the products from Ruiji Network include Routers, Gateways, Switches, Next Generation Firewalls, Wireless. Etc.

In the segment of network equipment for commercial and class enterprise, Ruijie Networks is a fairly popular name. This Chinese manufacturer has a product line that varies from switches to wireless networks to network security devices.


Ruijie Networks RG-AP740-I is an access point that is present for business environments and enterprises that have medium to large sized rooms. This access point has a fairly large physical form with a complete internal antenna configuration. Ruijie Networks claims that this 802.11ac compatible device has three radios in it. One radio operates in the 2.4 GHz band, one radio operates at 5 GHz, and the other radio operates in both. This third radio can change the operating band so that it can be used as needed.

The body of the Ruijie RG-AP740-I uses quality materials. This body is also claimed to have received IP41 certification which can make it use outdoors, but it is not resistant to dust or heavy rain. Therefore, when used outdoors, this device should be used in a place that remains protected from dust and rain.

The Ruijie RG-AP740-I has three LAN ports. All ports LANare on the back. Two ports are ports LANthat support PoE (power over ethernet). Meanwhile, another LANis porta console port. Located next to the port for the adapter power. Unfortunately, this device is not equipped with an adapter powered PoE injector in the package. You will need to purchase adapters for both the power and PoE injector separately.

Netdata is an official Partner of Ruji Network in Indonesia. So if you are interested in trying products from Ruiji, you can contact me. Later we can chat further.


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