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Hi Netters, do you remember the time Mimin used to share info about Wifi 6?

So, Ruiji Network has a cool experience about Wifi 6. In 2018, China National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai overhauled wireless networks and replaced them with WIfi 6.

We all know that this building is known as the world’s largest single building and exhibition complex. So building a wireless network in this building is of course a challenge in itself.

With the various challenges that exist, Ruiji Network has succeeded in building a wireless network with very large coverage and of course still reliable by using the Wifi-6 product from Ruiji, namely the AP RG-AP850-I.

How are you guys? This product from Ruiji is interesting, they have a really cool experience, guys. How? Do you want to use wireless from Ruiji too? Come on, DM Mimin to chat further.

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