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So, Ruiji Network has a cool experience about Wifi 6. In 2018, China National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai overhauled wireless networks and replaced them with WIfi 6.

Currently WiFi with standardization 802.11ac or WiFi 5 is just starting to expand its use – at least in Indonesia -, and WiFi 4 or 802.11n is still widely used as a standard.

However, now the new WiFi standardization is ready to be finalized, namely 802.11ax aka WiFi 6, which is referred to as ‘high-efficiency wireless’. So, what are the advantages of WiFi 6 compared to the previous generation WiFi?

Technically, WiFi 6 will have a data rate for a single user that is 37% faster than WiFi 5.But the main advantage is not in that aspect, but the ability to provide a connection that is four times more stable for users in congested areas.

This can be achieved because WiFi 6 implements a number of ‘new’ technologies that support multiple users. The technology borrowed from the cellular industry is called MU-MIMO and OFDMA, which can significantly increase network capacity and performance, with better spectrum usage.

This technology will be useful for home users who have multiple devices connected to WiFi. Analysts predict that by 2022, every home will have at least 50 devices connected to WiFi.

We all know that this building is known as the world’s largest single building and exhibition complex. So building a wireless network in this building is of course a challenge in itself.

With the various challenges that exist, Ruiji Network has succeeded in building a wireless network with very large coverage and of course still reliable by using the Wifi-6 product from Ruiji, namely the AP RG-AP850-I.

How are you guys? This product from Ruiji is interesting, they have a really cool experience, guys. How? Do you want to use wireless from Ruiji too? Come on, DM us to chat further.

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.

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