Monitor Electricity Usage in “Real Time”

Monitor Electricity Usage

Monitor Electricity Usage – Using electricity is a daily necessity at home or in any type of building that requires electrical power. In buildings that are electrified, there is an electricity meter that calculates the consumption of electrical power used in the building. However, sometimes the problem is how to monitor electricity usage in real time.

Therefore, utilizing the internet with the Internet of Things that can monitor electricity usage is very important at this time. It could be, your electricity usage for a few days has consumed a lot of power, of course this needs to be checked where the fault lies and recaping the electricity usage at home is important in order to save electricity too. Therefore, nowadays electrical monitors are very important.

Electrical Monitor

Reducing electricity bills every month is not impossible. However, you can’t just wait for a miracle or wish that billions of rupiah worth of technology can save your electricity usage instantly. There is an effort that you need to do yourself.

Most of the electricity supply companies in Indonesia have provided a Power and Energy Monitoring System that can monitor the use of electrical power in your home easily and at an affordable cost.

Apa yang Dimaksud Monitor Listrik?

Apakah AC membutuhkan banyak uang? Bagaimana dengan kompor listrik atau mesin cuci atau mesin pencuci piring? Dan bagaimana Anda bisa mengetahuinya? Maju ke depan monitor listrik! cukup di dekat kabel daya yang berasal dari alat dan Anda akan mendapatkan pengukuran instan tentang berapa banyak Anda membayar listrik per jam.

Sungguh ide yang brilian untuk menghemat kantong Anda!

Example of Monitoring Electrical Power Quality in Industry

According to a recent study published by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), large industrial facilities lose US more than $100 million annually due to power problems, including power supply variations and voltage disturbances. When the lights flash in the house, it’s annoying. But when power is interrupted in a factory, it can lead to malfunctions and premature damage to expensive equipment.

Refined power quality often passes through traditional protection networks undetected and results in equipment degradation over time.

In addition, the source of many quality disturbances are loads connected to the same network, which causes the interference to propagate through adjacent facilities and buildings. To overcome power quality problems, monitoring and disturbances caused by the load are necessary. Power quality monitoring can provide appropriate protection for equipment and can help identify suitable mitigation techniques to improve power quality.

Power Quality Analyzer Is Used For Remote Monitoring On The Power Supply Intake

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) can provide solutions to detect power quality problems such as voltage drop, flicker, harmonics, and other related electrical problems.

So, for now, many industry players in the Southeast Asia region are starting to embrace the concept of remote monitoring because this concept automates and controls the data collection process and also increases productivity without having to visit the power switch room, everything is so much easier.

Benefits of Having a Home Electricity Usage Monitor

With the presence of a monitor for electricity usage at home, of course there are several benefits that you can get. What is clear is that it is easy to regulate the use of electrical power in your home so that you can know whether or not you are wasteful in using electricity at home.

Apart from that, there are other benefits included in having a home electricity usage monitor, including:

1. Awareness To Save Energy

Thanks to the fact that this electrical monitor shows you (in kW and real time) exactly how much energy your home is using, it helps you become more aware of your energy use.

2. Knowing the use of electricity in each tool

By placing your electricity usage monitor in a visible place (like your kitchen, hallway, or living room), you won’t be able to stop glaring at it every time you walk by which can help give you a better picture of your day’s current energy usage. .

3. Knowing Which Equipment Is On

Another useful feature of electric monitors is that they can help alert you of household appliances that you accidentally left on.

4. Makes You Think Twice When Using High Power Tools

Now, there’s no saying that you shouldn’t run your dryer anymore, it’s just that you need to pay more attention to how you use it. So instead of doing ten full blows, try doing five full weights.

Monitor Home Electricity Usage in “Real Time”

Because your energy monitor helps you see how much energy you expend, it can encourage you to take positive steps no matter how small it seems to reduce your energy use.

Monitoring electricity in your home in real time is indeed very useful. In real time and wherever you are, you can do this. Isn’t it interesting that today’s electricity usage monitor technology is?

Remote Monitoring Function Setting

With remote electricity monitoring settings, there are several benefits that you can get, including:

1. Avoiding the Risk of Electric Theft

The theft of electricity will cause or cause adverse effects both individuals and groups. With remote monitoring of your home’s electricity, when you are out of the house and the house is quiet but there is electrical activity in your home, there is an indication of theft of electricity into your home.

2. More Efficient Electricity Consumption Costs

More attention should be paid to the use of electricity so that electricity costs do not increase. The cost of electricity consumption becomes more efficient with remote monitoring of electricity consumption in your home.

3. Mitigation When Power Backup Has Problems Is More Responsive

When there is a problem with the power supply in your home, with the remote monitoring of your electricity, you will be more responsive. So, in real time will always be reminded to you.

How to Save Electricity Usage

The best way for you to be able to pay for electricity for your home cheaply is to save on electricity usage in your home.

How to save electricity? the following are some very effective ways:

Replace Ordinary Lights with LED Lights

Why should you replace the lights you use in your home with LED bulbs? LEDs are more energy efficient than ordinary lamps because their light intensity is greater per 1 watt than ordinary lamps.

Regulate the use of electronic devices that require large electrical power

Regulating the use of electronic devices with very large power is very important. For example, using a computer, use it wisely so that your home electricity costs do not swell every month.

Don’t Leave Electronic Devices On When Not In Use

Standby power can account for up to 10% of the average household’s annual electricity use. Unplug unused electronic equipment and save electricity in your home.

Adjust Air Vents for Better Air Circulation

Instead of using the air conditioner, adjust your air ventilation to be better. With good air ventilation, you don’t need to use air conditioning.

Start the habit of saving electricity together

Start to save electricity in your home together. All family members or residents of the house must be concerned about saving electricity.

Use Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid electricity becomes more efficient because it seems that you can use electricity after paying for it. When you have paid for electricity, of course you will think that to save more.

Turn on the light as necessary

Don’t overuse the lights. Turn off the lights during the day and open the windows and the sunlight will enter your room.

Unplug the cable from the socket when not in use

When you are not using electronic devices, unplug them from the wall outlet. Because, there is still power coming out and of course it will be counted on your electricity meter even if it is not used.

Electricity Usage Monitoring Solution

Monitoring electricity usage in your home will be even easier. Electrical energy monitoring system is applied to detect the application of electrical energy applied by the load. In this monitoring method, an assessment of the amount of electric current is carried out using a current sensor. The data from the assessment carried out by the current sensor will be processed by the microcontroller.

Using Smart Home Monitoring Kwh Meter

You can get various conveniences by using a smart home monitoring Kwh meter. With this technology, of course you can be more concerned about your electricity usage.

Smart Home Monitoring Kwh Meter Installation

For now, utilizing the Internet of Thing (IoT) in your home, one of which is a smart Kwh meter, is very beneficial. You can control your home’s electrical power anywhere and anytime.

NetData can help you when you want to install a smart home monitoring Kwh meter in real time and also online!

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