Factors That Cause Why The Network Bad

Why The Network Bad

Internet speed in modern times has indeed increased drastically. With fast internet access speed, data download or data upload becomes faster. However, there are some cases why the network bad which makes the internet speed decrease until it is unstable.

With an unstable network and reduced speed, this will cause various problems such as disrupting business events such as video meeting streaming interruptions, late sending business emails, and giving an unprofessional impression to clients.

Therefore, we will discuss more deeply about the causes of a bad network to discuss how to overcome the following correct network.

Understanding the Internet

Understanding the internet is a collection of computers connected to a world network.

The internet can be analogized as a large library that has various kinds of information that people need.

In the KBBI dictionary, the internet is an electronic communication network that can connect computer networks with computer facilities around the world.

This network can be created and arranged in a telephone or satellite connection. Meanwhile, according to an expert in the field of information technology, Onno W. Purbo, the internet is a medium that allows the communication process to run efficiently by connecting devices to various applications.

A simple definition is that the internet is a network consisting of millions of computers around the world that are connected to one network via the TCP/IP protocol.

This internet can provide available information from the form of writing, images, and multimedia formats.

The Beginning of the Creation of the Internet Network

In its history, the internet was introduced by the ARPA research agency from the United States around 1969. Which was named the ARPANET.

The ARPANET network was developed until the 1980s, this network can connect well-known universities in the United States with limited access.

The development of the internet is growing with the launch of the United States TCP / IP protocol, changing the name ARPANET to the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) in 1986.

So that in 1993 a computer system could be connected directly to the internet network with an IP address and a domain in the form of a numeric symbol as a computer identifier.

Currently the internet can also be used as a means of communication in various devices with sophisticated technology.

Internet Benefits

The internet is an electronic computer network that has benefits and uses for modern human life. Below are some of the benefits of the internet that can be used as an internet network:


The first benefit of the internet is that it provides a variety of information that is used as a source of information by various devices in the world that support data exchange. Everyone who accesses the internet then he needs to enter keywords in a search engine to get the information he is looking for.


The internet can also be used as a means of entertainment. Where this network can support various forms of data ranging from writing, photos, videos, and audio that can be uploaded and shared.

Economic Activities Supporting Facilities

Current economic activities can also be carried out in cyberspace. Which with the presence of the internet has opened up opportunities for anyone to carry out economic activities through e-commerce which can make it easier for users to find and buy the goods they want. Then the seller can profit from the goods or services he sells with e-commerce platforms or social media.

Education and Culture

The internet provides a means to obtain information with a fairly high educational value. On the internet you can find various literacy either books, journals or research results in electronic form.

Kinds of Internet Network Devices

Before discussing the causes of why our network needs to discuss about what computer network devices affect the smooth running of a network, the following:


Modulator demodulator or Modem is a computer network device that is quite important for connecting network devices that have the function of changing from analog signals to digital or vice versa. This modem has a variety of shapes, usually shaped like a usb stick.


Router is a network device that acts as a liaison between computer networks to share the internet network with the TCP / IP protocol on the client computer. Which each client gets with a different IP address.

Access Point

Access point is a function to transmit wireless signals from routers or network cables so that the signal received by the client computer becomes more stable.


Bridge is a network device that functions to combine local networks into a larger local network.


Switch is a network device that has the function to divide the network from one server to several clients via a local network.

Switches have multiple ports that correspond to multiples of 4,8,16,32 and so on. The function of a switch that distinguishes it from a hub is that it has intelligence that is able to limit and manage the amount of data packets transmitted to each connected client.

Internet Access Speed

Turning to the discussion of internet access speed where it is very important to understand why the network is bad on your smartphone or computer device.

There are two internet access speeds, namely upstream and downstream. Upstream access speed is the transfer speed from computer to server. And downstream speed is the speed in retrieving data from the server to the computer.

When you search for information on the internet using a search engine, this activity will be included in the downstream speed of the internet. The unit for internet access speed, either upstream or downstream, is Bit per second or bps.

So that internet speed can be measured by every second the data can be transferred from the server to the computer or vice versa.

Internet Speed ​​Measure

Talking about the size of the internet speed, it differs according to the provider or channel you use to access the internet. For the size of the internet speed is the amount of bandwidth or bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a measure of the data transfer path of the size of the data capacity. The access speed will be even greater if the bandwidth you have is also large.

Internet access speed is also the same if the amount of data that passes through the media within one second. Usually the average dial up speed in Indonesia is around 56 kbps. With the transfer speed can be done wireless communication pad with a frequency of 2.4 GHz equal to 2 Mbps.

Access Speed with Wifi

The speed of access to WiFi technology is usually used by companies and offices to make it easier for employees to connect to the internal network. Because WiFi has the ability to access up to 11 Mbps with the IEEE 802 11 standard with four variations.

Access Speed with Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband has a higher efficiency level than regular WiFi which has become the internet standard of wireless. This wireless broadband can be accessed up to a distance of 1 Km from the transmitter.

Not only that, wireless broadband is able to connect devices in the vehicle at a speed of 60 km per hour. With advanced technology, wireless broadband speeds can transmit data up to 50 Mbps. As for the speed of HSDPA can only be able to transmit data at a speed of 14 Mbps.

Measuring Internet Speed

To find out why the network is bad, we usually need to measure the internet speed on our device first. As for how to measure internet speed using the following methods:

  • Check your computer or laptop

A computer or laptop that can be used to measure the speed of internet access must be in a clean state from viruses, malware, and other harmful applications.

  • Avoid downloading or uploading

If your computer is connected to another computer via the internet, first you need to make sure you are not uploading or downloading data first.

  • Internet connection on the server

You can disable the local network to prevent other computers from connecting to the internet. So that the server computer is only connected to the router, this can also be the reason why the network is bad on your device.

  • Open the Speedtest Net web

If the computer is clean and ready, then you can go to the Speedtest.net website. This website is dedicated to internet users who can measure users’ internet speed. Speedtest can be accessed using a modem, ADSL, astinet and so on.

  • Measurement with Speedtest Net

Measurements using Speedtest.net are indeed very accurate. This speedtest uses an internal network so that it is able to provide results that the modem used is suitable and good to use or not which might be able to find out the cause of why the network is bad on your device.

Causes Why Bad Network ?

From some of the explanations about internet speed above, we will now discuss the factors that cause a bad network.

Factors Affecting Internet Network Speed !

Here are some factors that can affect the speed of the internet network so why the network is bad on your device.

  • Computer or Laptop

The first factor why the network is bad is the computer or laptop that you use to access the internet. Because every computer has different specifications, if your RAM memory and HDD data storage have a low speed, your internet access speed will also be low.

  • Modem

Modem is the main factor why a bad network that can affect the internet speed you use. The speed of this modem has various variations depending on the modem technology. If the modem used is only capable of using a speed of 56 kbps, it is certain that your modem speed is very slow

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the area of ​​frequency that can be used by signals in the transmission medium so that it greatly affects the cause of why the network is bad.

The greater the bandwidth provided by your internet service, the faster your internet speed will be.

  • Communication network

As for the communication network in accessing the internet, there are several services available such as satellite, GPRS, CDMA and telephone cable.

  • Number of Users

Another factor that can influence why the network is bad is the number of users accessing the internet at the same time. Usually, cellular network users get a decrease in internet speed at certain hours, for example, between 8 am and 3 pm which is network rush hour.


From some of the reviews about the reasons why the network is bad above, we can conclude that there are many factors that can affect the quality of the internet network on your device.

Netdata recommends using a modem that has a high speed and choosing a trusted internet service provider.


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