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Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network – In the field of IT network technology, there are several types of networks that are often used, namely LAN, MAN, WAN, and the internet. What is meant by a computer network, maybe this is a question for some of us who want to understand about network technology itself. well, in this article we will discuss deeper into a network called MAN. What is MAN, what is the purpose of using a MAN network in the following articles.

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MAN explanation

A MAN network or metropolitan area network is a type of computer network that has a wider area coverage than a LAN computer network. As the name suggests, this network covers metropolitan areas, aka connecting computer networks between cities.

MAN network users are usually network operators who will connect computer networks together with other computer networks. For example, the Ministry of National Education’s network between regions or cities and even a network of malls so that they can interact with each other between existing cities.

The network will reach other cities with very high data transfer speeds. It can be said that the MAN network is a combination of several LAN networks.

The range for the MAN network itself ranges up to 10-50 km. The MAN network only carries one or two cables but is not equipped with a switching element which can be used to make the design simpler. This cable is also useful for managing the power pack along with the output cable.

However there is a main reason why MAN is separated as a special category. This is because the standard has been determined for the MAN network. In fact, the standard is currently being implemented. The standard in question is DQDB (Distributed Queue Dual Bus) or what is known as 802.6 compatible with the IEEE standard. DQDB consists of 2 cables, namely unidirectional where all computers are connected.

History of MAN

The beginning of this MAN network started in the 1940s with research in the United States that used many computers together.

In the 1950s when there were already super computers which incidentally had very expensive prices to serve multiple terminals.

Then introduced the concept of time-based process distribution known as TSS or Time Sharing System, which was the first form of computer network used. In the TSS system there are several terminals connected in series to the host computer.

MAN function

The function of the Metropolitan Area Network is to build a network infrastructure that combines servers with the aim of being able to meet all the existing internal needs of companies and governments in order to take advantage of various communication services with local bandwidth.

MAN Usage Examples

In using the MAN network, it is actually easy to understand because there are not too many cables to make it. So it is suitable for connecting network connections between cities at once. There are many examples of the use of MAN in Indonesia, namely:

  • Banks network

The bank network is a simple example of a MAN in big cities in Indonesia. There are several branches in the City that are connected to one another. For example, the BCA bank that is connected is connected to the MAN network connection in the Jakarta, Semarang, Medan areas, and so on.

  • Internet network between buildings on campus

The MAN network can also connect many campus buildings that we encounter in big cities. For example the UNDIP Semarang campus connects various other buildings even though they are very far away with very fast data transfer speeds to support academic activities.

  • Office

For people who work and live in big cities, especially Jakarta, they must be very familiar with various office buildings that have several branches in the city.

This branch office building network is connected to MAN. Some of the advantages of this MAN network are exchanges that can be carried out quickly and accurately.

Not only that because MAN can also encourage knowledge and information within colleges or schools.

Backing up data is also easy to do.

The Metropolitan Area Network has an easier discussion process between universities. As for some of the shortcomings of the MAN network. For example operational costs are much more expensive than a LAN network.

The data backup process is also easier to do.

With the MAN network, the discussion process between universities is also easier to do. However, there are also some drawbacks to MAN networks.

For example, operational costs are more expensive than LAN. Not only that, the cost for maintaining the network also tends to be expensive.

If there is damage to the MAN network, it is easy to be hacked for personal gain.

If damage occurs, the repair process will take a long time because of the relatively complicated infrastructure.

Technology Used by MAN

The following are some of the technologies used by MAN, including:

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM )

ATM is an international standard in cell relay which has multiple types of services, namely voice, video, and data delivered up to fixed length (53-byte) cells. Fixed-length cells allow cell systems to run in hardware, thereby reducing delays ATMs are designed for transmission of high-speed media such as E3, SONET, and T3. ATM differs in some ways from other, more common data link technologies such as Ethernet.

Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)

FDDI Is a protocol that enables a double optical fiber loop topology called the primary loop and the secondary loop. The two circles can then be enabled for data transmission but only the primary circle which is usually used as the main network. The new secondary circle is useful unless the primary circle is damaged.

Switched Multi-megabit Data Service ( SMDS )

SMDS Is a connectionless facility used to connect LAN, MAN and WAN for data exchange. In the early 1990s, in Europe this facility was known as the Broadband Connectionless Broadband Data Service (CBDS). The point of connectionless is that there is no need to adjust the connection via the network before sending data.

MAN characteristics

The characteristics of the MAN or the features of this MAN network are:

MAN covers networks up to 5 and 50 km range. there are many MANs covering urban areas.

A MAN (like a WAN) is usually not owned by a single organization. The MAN, its communication links and equipment, is usually owned by either a consortium of users or by a network service provider that offers services to users.

This MAN acts as a high-speed network that allows various regional resources which are used to provide shared connections to other networks and use links to the WAN.

This MAN has a large size which uses the same technology as a LAN.

It only has one or two cables that do not have a switch that functions to regulate data traffic through the cable output. However, the switching elements make the network structure simpler.

MAN Network Devices

In using the MAN network, you will need the network devices needed, including:

  • Router which is a network device to connect between networks and MAN interface ports.
  • Switch, it can provide connections based on WAN bandwidth and data, voice, and video communications.
  • This modem can provide voice interface services.
  • A communication system that uses the OSI layer model.

Advantages of MAN Network

The advantages of a MAN network are that it covers a very wide area compared to a LAN. This MAN network is often used at airports, a combination of several schools in an area.

By using operations that have large connections, information is disseminated more widely, quickly and accurately. Has a public library and the usual government agencies that utilize a MAN network.

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