Some IT Business Idea Opportunities That Can Generate Profits

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Business Idea – There are lots of business opportunities or ideas that can be found online. Yes, in the modern era like today, many people are active online, starting from doing business to buying the things they need.

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Not only individuals but companies also take advantage of this online technology to develop their business into a digital business. This digital business development requires a marketing strategy that is different from conventional marketing. The following is a discussion of IT business business opportunities to benefit by utilizing today’s modern information systems and technology.

Definition of Digital Business

Digital business idea are a number of examples of businesses that are carried out online through a platform such as a website or online store application. In addition, this business model generally does not require a large area.

Difference between Online and Conventional Business

Basically marketing or what is called marketing is a process whereby products are introduced to the community in various ways. With the aim that the products marketed become many devotees. Then what is the difference between digital marketing and conventional marketing? Let’s look at the following explanation.

In general, marketing or what is commonly called marketing is a series of processes to introduce products to the public in various ways. This marketing activity aims so that the product can have a lot of enthusiasts. Then, what is the difference between digital marketing and conventional marketing?

Differences in Target Consumers

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that uses online platforms, tools and channels to market specific products or services. All communication media are carried out online using the internet.

One of the advantages of digital marketing is reaching more specific consumers. By choosing target consumers who are in accordance with the product so that it can make the product more easily recognized.

Using Different Promotional Media

Social media can also be a promotional medium for digital marketing. Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. With social media, we can market products according to product targets, for example age, gender, to one’s interests.

Different Marketing Costs

This digital marketing does have a much cheaper cost and doesn’t even cost at all by utilizing social media or free websites.

There are also digital platforms that use paid advertising media or available ad features for better promotional media. The cost of placing an ad is also relatively cheap compared to the cost of advertising in conventional media such as television, print or radio.

Communication is an Important Point in Marketing

In digital marketing we have convenience in communicating with consumers. Because the media used tends to make it easier to interact to be more flexible.

In addition, you can also get feedback on the experience of consumers who have used the products offered so far.

Different from conventional marketing, where interactions with consumers tend to be ineffective, because the promotional media in this marketing strategy are not flexible to produce an interaction with consumers.

Examples of Digital Business Ideas

Some of the following examples of digital business ideas might be used as references for developing a business in today’s modern era:

Web Development

The website is an example of that product which has become one of the things that must be owned by a company.

Because in the current era of information systems it is very easy for companies to communicate with consumers.

There are many benefits of having a website for business such as increasing credibility, introducing company profiles, as a promotional medium, and as a medium of communication to consumers.

There are lots of business opportunities offered by web developer businesses because they cover the private class market, business class, to corporate class.

IT Product Startups

Startup is a term for someone who is just starting a business in the digital or technology field.

Examples of commonly used startups are programming, design, digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

Graphic Design Services

Many people who have skills in the field of graphic design choose to offer their services to people in need. The price of a design is quite large depending on the ability of the designer.


For people who have a hobby of writing, they usually also offer their services to earn money in cyberspace.

The work of writing this article can also be used as a promising business idea and is quite easy. Especially if he understands SEO which makes his articles more appreciated.

SEO Consultant

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique or way to increase the value of a website. So that an optimized website will easily rise to the first rank in search engines like Google so that many visitors will visit the website.

The science of SEO is indeed not many people who master it, so there are still wide open opportunities that can make a technology business or business. For the matter of SEO costs, this is quite expensive, especially for websites that have tough competition.

Mobile Application

Along with the development of smartphone technology along with the development of mobile applications from year to year experiencing significant growth. Especially now that smartphone users are increasing with smartphones at affordable prices.

By seeing this opportunity, mobile application developers are increasingly excited to produce various types of mobile applications such as games, educational applications, to applications for business.

Software Creation

Apart from smartphone applications, software for computer devices is no less in demand as there are many computer users for business.

Software is software whose contents are from a particular programming language that has a unit that has certain values ​​and goals.

So that the business opportunity for making this software can be used as a business opportunity that is often carried out by developers. Seeing the price of a software is quite expensive, this business is very promising for people who are really good at coding.


Earlier there was a person who likes to write to offer his services as an article writer. But you can also write to create a blog.

Preparation for creating a blog is quite cheap, just by buying a domain name and hosting. And also with SEO knowledge that can improve the website to be able to compete with other blogs on the internet.

With a mature blog, you can earn income by monetizing it, for example using PPC adsense from Google, affiliate programs, selling ad slots, product reviews, and many other monetization models.

Media Social Consulting

Social media aside from being used as a place for promotion, people who have knowledge in the field of social media often use it as a social media consultant.

People who have social media knowledge will offer services to optimize social media for business, promotional tools, and offer brands, to increase as many followers or places as possible.

IT Solutions

IT solution is one of the digital business idea engaged in services or selling IT products. For example, offering CCTV, security alarms, IT device service services, application sales, and more.

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