Deeper Understanding About IT Helpdesk and Network Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk dan Network Helpdesk

The more here, indeed, the global flow increases wider job opportunities. Especially now that many universities are opening technology-related majors such as the IT department. This is a very common thing now because there is a job that is very profitable, namely an IT helpdesk.

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Make no mistake, this IT helpdesk has been improving year after year for companies or agencies that are looking for it. Do you know what an IT helpdesk is? Let’s dismantle more clearly about this work.

What is IT Helpdesk?

Help desks are individuals or groups that IT users call on to get help with a problem. Helpdesk can be said more simply is a physical table where support people to receive calls. The helpdesk can also be a global organization that accepts support requests submitted online or in person from around the world.

Helpdesk functions are often outsourced to support specialists within a company.

Helpdesk can also refer to centralized help provided to users within a company. A related term is a call center, where customers call to order, track shipments, get help with products and so on.

Features in IT Helpdesk

In working as an IT helpdesk, there are several features that need to exist and are indeed necessary for those who hire IT services on this one.

If you are still confused, here are some features in the IT helpdesk that you need to know about:

1.     Ticket Management

The first feature of the IT helpdesk is ticket management. Staff use helpdesk software to create helpdesk tickets that track customer support when the initial call cannot be resolved immediately, helpdesk staff use a ticketing system to ensure customer requests are completed on time.

2.     Assignment Arrangements and Changes

Task management can be a necessary task for an IT help desk feature. This is expected to provide a broader view of IT problems that may occur.

3.     Have a Good Knowledge Base

The helpdesk uses a knowledge base that is used to find out if a customer problem has been identified. If you have found a problem, what the resolution will be stated. Staff should be able to add and update content in the knowledge base as they discover new customer requests.

4.     Automation

Today’s helpdesk has automation with simpler processes, but futuristic helpdesk software will go further with impactful technologies such as machine learning and big data.

5.     Analytical

And last and not least the IT helpdesk features are analytical capabilities. This means that your IT helpdesk can review data and resolve quickly to customers who complain about a service. So, this one feature is able to increase the level and speed of service.

Skills Required by an IT Helpdesk

Helpdesk is a job that is directly related to the customer. This is certainly not an easy matter considering that every customer has different characteristics and attitudes. Therefore, there is a need for training and also good insight on the basis of the products being marketed.

IT helpdesk is required to have the following skills:

1.      Empathy

In most cases, customers only use the helpdesk when they are under stress of not being able to do their jobs; no matter how trivial the solution, an empathetic IT helpdesk is the most effective.

2.      Analysis

IT helpdesk staff who communicate with customers or end users must be able to perform best when they are good listeners, able to remain silent when the customer is talking and ask the right questions. Also analyze what is complaining about and provide the best solution.

3. Think Critically

Critical thinking is important, not just smart to analyze. This profession is very important to solve the solution said by the customer.

4.      Emotional Intelligence

This skill does sound similar to empathy. However, the difference is that emotional intelligence can make customers enjoy and respond to what an IT helpdesk says without even getting emotional if the customer is angry or annoying, they must remain friendly.

How Important is IT Helpdesk in Companies

Is IT helpdesk really that important in a company? Think again when you read the importance of the IT helpdesk below:

It is undeniable, with the helpdesk customer satisfaction will certainly go well.

1.     Getting Customer Satisfaction

When customer satisfaction appears, it will create customer loyalty or customer loyalty.

This customer satisfaction is not impossible to obtain because customers feel that the problem they have complained about the service or product they have purchased is experiencing a disturbance. If the IT helpdesk can work well and quickly, customer loyalty to the product will increase

2.     Quickly Developing Business

Satisfied customers will certainly encourage the business to grow quickly.

The reason is, if customers are not satisfied, it is possible that they will not be loyal to the company so that it has the potential to disrupt business development.

How Does the Help Desk Work?

The workings of the help desk may sound very familiar if you have read up to this article. However, it turns out that in an IT help desk job, there are several parts that you need to know.

In IT help desk jobs, there are front end, help desk, and also back end.

1.      Front End (Users)

The front end in the realm of help desk is a user. The user is a customer who asks a question regarding his/her lack of clarity or complaint about the product or service being used. The front end as a user really only knows what is being used, not understanding what is behind an application or service.

2.      Helpdesk

A help desk is a formal organization that provides support functions to users of a company’s products, services or technology. In essence, this help desk is a part of a department or company that responds to all technical questions from a front end.

3.      Back End (Specialist)

Next is the back end. This is the last tier and must be in the department or company. The back end is what to ask if a help end still can’t handle a technical question from a front end. Furthermore, the help end will forward to the front end.

Explanation of Network Helpdesk

What is the Network Helpdesk? The Network Helpdesk is a system designed to deal with problems related to computer and network technology. Which range from technical problems to problems about the system as a whole.

As for the Network Helpdesk, the system provides a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for employees. In the SPOC system there are services that can be useful as points of contact when problems occur in your company.

For example, employees need help such as the computer that is used is problematic. With the helpdesk system, these employees can apply for tickets, and agents can directly help their employees.

What Are the Benefits of a Network Help Desk?

The Network Helpdesk has many benefits, for example one of the most important is that this IT helpdesk can help reduce the cost of the business processes used.

In short, this Network Helpdesk helps solve IT and network problems more quickly and efficiently. By increasing the capacity of each employee’s performance, it can increase value for the company.

There are several Network Helpdesks that currently have features to help solve problems effectively and provide alerts for problems that can create problems in the company’s systems.

Any cost allocation that solves a problem within your team so it can be reduced. In other words, the company can use the allocation of resources more optimally. Indirectly will provide benefits for the company.

The following are some of the advantages provided by the Network Helpdesk:

1.     Customer Satisfaction

A professional Network Helpdesk becomes an important element in the daily business aspects. The Network Helpdesk cannot be separated from the overall part of the business process.

By only fulfilling the requirements above, the Network Helpdesk system can run more optimally. That way, your customer satisfaction value will increase with the system that you already use.

2.     Product Quality Improvement

Any problems, problems, and complaints from users must be recorded and collected as evaluation material. The Network Helpdesk will discuss the problem with the developer. The development team will provide improvements to existing problems so that the quality of the digital services provided can improve.

3.     Increased Productivity

The benefit of providing a Network Helpdesk is a better business development strategy. Customers will be satisfied with the increased quality of service that can lead to a bigger business. By reaping greater profits from the digital services used. The evaluation obtained by the Network Helpdesk team can help companies identify their shortcomings which will then try to improve performance so that their business becomes better.

4.     Cost Saving

The Network Helpdesk system has many advantages, one of which is that it can reduce the cost of the required business processes.

In short, the Network Helpdesk can help employees solve IT problems more quickly and efficiently. This will indirectly improve employee performance.

So, any cost allocation for solving problems in your team can be more efficient. In other words, the Network Helpdesk in your organization can use the allocation of resources to be more optimal. It will indirectly increase profits for the company.

How Important is the Network Helpdesk in the Company?

Talking about how important the Network Helpdesk is for a company, here are some things that make the Network Helpdesk work so important for a company.

1.      Get Customer Satisfaction with Network Helpdesk

With the Network Helpdesk, it will be able to better satisfy its customers. Why is that? Because customer satisfaction, will create customer trust and customer loyalty.

As reported by Zendesk, 60% of customers will buy something from a company that provides a quick solution to the problem they are experiencing.

2.      Network Helpdesk Growing Business Quickly

Customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why this Network Helpdesk is very important for your company. Why is that?

Network Helpdesk will help companies to be able to solve problems experienced by users. With this, users will have more trust in your company and of course with increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty it will impact business development quickly.

Find IT Helpdesk on NDS

That is how important the helpdesk is in an agency, company, or department. With this importance, there is no need to hesitate to seek helpdesk services for the advancement of your business or work.

Find an experienced IT helpdesk on NDS. All IT helpdesk at NDS are professionals who have been trained and also have a very long experience so that any problem can be solved easily in order to keep your business or work with users running smoothly.

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