Latest Router from Cisco ISR 4221

Cisco ISR 4221

Finding a router is indeed a must for you in making complex computer networks. This router is very often you find on various computer networks or even in your home, even if you install home internet, there will be a router in your home. However, for more complex uses, the router has a higher specification than the router in your home. One of them is the latest Cisco ISR 4221 router.

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Cisco ISR 4221 is the latest router from Cisco which is an Integrated Service Router. let’s dive deeper into the Cisco ISR 4221 for more details about its advantages and full specifications.

Router Explanation

For you to get online on the internet, you need to be able to connect to a broadband network. And when it comes to home, office, college broadband, you need a router to do it.

The router contains a modem that can communicate with the broadband network. It also includes a home network feature for sharing connections and communicating between devices in your home.

Almost all broadband deals include a router (or hub, as some ISPs call it) as part of the deal, often for free, so there’s no need to buy anything before signing up for a new internet plan.

Router Function

Routers have 3 different core functions, including:

Network Connector

For you to be able to connect between gadgets, the IP address must be distributed by the router to each gadget. The function of the router is to send the IP address. the function of the router is to connect the network to several gadgets at the same time.

Information Transmission

The next function of the router is to transmit information. This information transmission works much like a bridge on a network or a bridge, where a communication can be carried out on every device connected within a network scope.

Connection Between Network and DSL

Finally, the router functions as a liaison between the network and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). Because this router also functions as a firewall when you connect to the internet. DSL is what has a function as a firewall so that the network becomes more secure from cyber crime or cyber attacks.

Router Types

Routers are of two types. So far, these are the only two types on the market. Both have their advantages and their respective uses. So just adjust it to what you need on your network.

There are two types of routers that you should know about, namely wireless routers and wired routers.

Wireless Router

A wireless or wireless router is connected directly by cable to the modem. This allows it to collect data from the internet and send information to it. Then the router uses the built-in antenna to establish and connect with your home Wi-Fi network. As a result, there is internet connectivity for all the computers on your home network.

Wired Router

A wired router or wired router links directly to the device via a wired link. Usually, they have a port connected to the internet to communicate with the modem. Wired routers will connect to computers and other devices to transmit information through other ports or ports.

Cisco ISR 4221 routers

Now you already know about routers, both their meaning, their functions, and also what types of routers they are. Now is the time to discuss the Cisco ISR 4221 router. This router is still relatively new from Cisco even though it has been around since 2016 but until now it is still getting software updates that continue to grow to make its performance even better.

Cisco ISR 4221 is a router with ISR technology. ISR stands for Integrated Service Router. What is meant by ISR? How is it different from a regular router?

ISR 4221

The Cisco ISR 4221 is one of the Cisco 4000 series router products. The Cisco ISR 4221 provides routing, hosting, security, switching, and application visibility. All in one trustworthy platform. Build your digital branch to be secure, fast and scalable.

The ISR 4221 is capable of rapidly adopting advanced technologies such as SD-WAN, enhanced application visibility, and edge computing while meeting the demanding network performance demands driven by cloud applications.

Advantages of Cisco ISR 4221

Cisco ISR 4221 is one of the routers with very complete features and with many advantages. No wonder why the Cisco ISR 4221 is in great demand by many people. There are very strong reasons for you to choose the latest router from Cisco, namely:

GE/SFP Integrated WAN Ports

The Cisco ISR 4221 has the advantages of Gigabit Ethernet and SFP. An SFP port is a slot on a network device or computer that includes a small form-factor pluggable (SFP). SFP transceivers, also known as SFP modules. It is a metal component that can absorb heat when connected to other devices using cables that allow for data transmission.

1.2-Gbps Performance

The next advantage of Cisco ISR 4221 is that it has a throughput that can reach 1.2 Gbps. With such performance, this router is able to deliver high bandwidth so that data transfer becomes faster.

75-Mbps Encrypted Throughput

And the last advantage of the Cisco 4221 is that it has an encrypted throughput of up to 75Mbps which ensures data transmission becomes more secure as well, of course.

Additional Router Cisco 4000 Series

The Cisco 4000 Family Integrated Services Router (ISR) is revolutionizing WAN communications in enterprise branches. With a new level of built-in intelligent networking and convergence capabilities.

Additional Cisco 4000 series routers also often have useful requirements for enhancing direct communication with private data centers and public clouds across multiple links, including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs and the Internet.

The Cisco 4000 Family contains the following platforms:

ISR 4331

The Cisco 4331 Integrated Services Router delivers an aggregated throughput of 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps and offers one Enhanced service-module (SM-X) slot, which supports both single and multiple modules providing flexibility in deployment.

ISR 4431

The Cisco 4431 Integrated Services Router is a router from Cisco that supports 3 slot Network Interface Modules (NIM). This router is capable of providing an aggregate throughput of 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps. This router also supports two types of DDRM, data plane and control/services plane, which makes it easy for administrators to manage the router.

ISR 4461

Cisco ISR 4461 is one of the Cisco 4000 series routers with 4 onboard GE, 3 NIM slots, 1 ISC slot, 3 SM slots, 8 GB of default Flash Memory, 2 GB of default DRAM (data plane), 4 GB of default DRAM (control plane) .

Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers are capable of revolutionizing WAN communications in enterprise branches.

With a new level of built-in intelligent network capability and convergence, routers specifically address the growing need for distributed enterprise site networks.

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