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The development of technology indeed requires us to be able to think even more about being able to get better technology hardware and also with the services provided, of course it has to be good too. This has become a turmoil for several companies that do rely on IT to work properly. Therefore, maybe you can be interested in Peplink.

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You may still be unfamiliar with Peplink because this company is still relatively new. However, who would have thought that the various products and services were the best to get an award as Winner IP Insider Awards 2019 and also get an award from ForbesAsia as Best Under a Billion.

Get to know the Peplink Company

Is an industry engaged in the field of Software Development. Peplink provides a complete SD-WAN solution including an edge router that can connect multiple WAN or cellular links simultaneously.

Proprietary SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs that leverage the bandwidth of multiple network channel cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links that connect anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN.

Network Solutions

In networking, Peplink has an SD-WAN product which is very well known because it can reach various types of businesses.

This product is a solution for those of you who have remote resorts, remote learning for education, for a bank able to connect branch offices and head office safely and reliably in an integrated solution, and also as a source of the right connectivity solutions for SMEs.

Peplink Security

These technologies work together to provide a multi-layered defense against any potential intrusion. To reach your network. Defenses are implemented at the client, router, SD-WAN, cloud, and administrative layers.

Security problems with this product cannot be underestimated because it is guaranteed security.

Service Providers

Peplink has a wide range of connectivity tools at your disposal, from wired and wireless routers, switches and access points with rich network features, software features such as bandwidth bonding, failover, WAN optimization, load balancer and remote cloud management. effective solutions to be able to explore what we can do that others can’t.

Services Provided by Peplink

In addition, Peplink provides services that are also very interesting for you to get. This service is offered to Peplink. This product understands that good connectivity for each of its hardware products and also security is the main thing. Therefore, it is not surprising that this Peplink can be relied on for you.

Speed ​​and quality products are two services that Peplink highly emphasizes to its customers.

5G Connectivity

5G connectivity is available to you. This service aims to connect people, businesses and objects around the world, driving innovation to a whole new level.

5G connectivity from Peplink also carries an LTE signal if your area is still not covered by 5G.

Quality Products

Why should you use this product? Of course because the products it offers have good quality. The following are some products from Peplink that guarantee good quality:

SD WAN and Wireless SD WAN

Peplink provides you with wired SD-WAN or wireless SD-WAN. Peplink has always wanted to develop a powerful combination of products and technologies that can help you build an SD-WAN network with unbreakable connection robustness, unparalleled deployment flexibility, and intuitive ease of use.


You live where the need is getting forced to be faster. And even if you run the internet at a slow speed, it certainly makes you emotional. People are looking for faster download & upload speed, real time response time, extended reach, and even general connection stability. For this reason, Peplink is introducing a line of 5G devices to its newest routers.

SD Switch

This product has an SD switch product. Scalable remote management of your local network by simply plugging in a USB dongle for out-of-band management on a Peplink SD switch.

Peplink has switch products that you can adjust to your needs. Starting from 8 ports up to 48 ports.

Network Balancer

Peplink Network Balancer has a very good mechanism. Say goodbye to connection failure.

Peplink’s network balancer is designed for enterprise networks, and stays connected even if the WAN link drops. Equipped with various load balancer algorithms to handle any situation.

Service Providers

The next service provided by Peplink is as an internet service provider or service provider.

Peplink has a variety of connectivity tools at your disposal, from wired and wireless routers, switches and access points with rich network features, software features such as bandwidth bonding, failover, WAN optimization, load balancing, and remote cloud management. Build solutions for any application and provide cost-effective solutions. Explore what we can do that no one else can.


These service providers will often have to pool multiple vendors for a complete solution which will require more management and integration from the MSP.

Cost management

Peplink service providers are increasingly operating on thin margins, which creates limits on the services that Peplink service providers can offer their clients.

Overcoming the Market

The company’s workload is evolving from traditional office premises to remote places, where Peplink service providers are not fully prepared to deal with.


SpeedFusion is a patent product created by Peplink which has many advantages in the field of SD-WAN and VPN networks. SpeedFusion can be integrated connectivity that cannot be easily broken, for example on a WAN connection.

This SpeedFusion technology is indeed intended for routers from Peplink, which with this SpeedFusion allows the merging of several connections in one VPN path only. In addition, SpeedFusion provides an InControl interface that allows you to operate it remotely.

General features of SpeedFusion:

  • The design is concise and does not minimize the occurrence of errors in the connection.
  • Network management can be done remotely.
  • Has full functionality of the router with a wireless network.
  • Can be accessed in the cloud.

SpeedFusion is divided into two types, namely traditional SpeedFusion and cloud-based SpeedFusion, here are the differences between the two types.

Traditional SpeedFusion

This traditional SpeedFusion usually requires a minimum of two Peplink devices with SpeedFusion technology to function as the endpoint. Where these two devices are placed at the head office at the main location and the second is placed at the branch office.

If there is no branch office, the first device will be a physical device and the second device will use Peplink virtual SpeedFusion called FusionHub.

So as a network administrator must have a second location with a physical router that supports SpeedFusion, or a second point using a FusionHub virtual VPN that is hosted locally or can use the cloud.

SpeedFusion Cloud

Although the use of SpeedFusion can be done using only one physical device from Peplink, this virtual configuration using FusionHub will take time and effort if there are more than one application and many users.

That’s why SpeedFusion created SpeedFusion cloud technology to solve this problem. SpeedFusion cloud is much more accessible remotely. Where SpeedFusion cloud consists of FusionHub global network technology, SpeedFusion cloud also provides access to FusionHub virtualization which can be configured on a subscription basis.

SpeedFusion cloud is suitable for use on smaller networks without separate locations, or is also suitable for use by users who have no experience with using the cloud.

Why Use Services From Peplink

Why is it more recommended to choose Peplink over other devices or services? For example, having a quality device with a high level of resistance even though using it is more reliable. And there are also lots of users who already trust Peplink products, which are more detailed, you can see the following explanation:

Best Networking Performance

By using Peplink, especially SpeedFusion technology, you can strengthen your corporate network with a more secure VPN. SpeedFusion can utilize various types of connections such as cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and others connected to your company’s WAN network.

With SpeedFusion, it will distribute all data on your corporate network using only one associated path, more efficiently, quickly, cost-effectively, and has easy configuration.

Worldwide Quality Products

This Peplink product has become a world-famous pioneer of load balancing and VPN. More than 70 patents related to SpeedFusion products that use SD-WAN network. In addition, Peplink also helps many companies in improving their internal network system at a lower cost, easy to implement, and professional. Peplink products, especially SpeedFusion, are known for their good quality throughout the country.

Collaboration With Leading Corporate Partners

Peplink already has more than 500 business partners and resellers spread all over the world. Where Peplink has proven that its SD-WAN and VPN solutions have become the best products in its class.


From the discussion above, we can conclude that Peplink is a quality SD-WAN and VPN network solution. For those of you who want to implement a quality and guaranteed SD-WAN solution or want to find out more information about SpeedFusion technology from Peplink, you can visit NetData here.

NetData is a company that provides technology-based services with the best service and quality, if you are interested in us you can contact us directly via this link or via our contact form here.


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