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Inspur Indonesia

Inspur Indonesia is one of the largest providers of Cloud Computing and global data solutions in the world. Our technological capabilities enable us to deliver full Cloud service stacks from Iaas and PaaS to SaaS. We are widely recognized as a leader in computing and design and production of server hardware, and work with more than 1,000 companies worldwide on end to end HPC, Cloud Computing, and public and private cloud management.

Inspur is the 3rd largest server provider in the world and No.1 in China. It dominated the ERP market for 16 years in a row, and the e-government cloud services market for five years in a row. Inspur is one of the eight major companies that integrate secure and reliable computer information systems, and independently develops China’s first mission critical server – K1, making Inspur the fifth company and China, after the United States and Japan, the third country to master first-class server core technology on. K1 also won the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014.

Founded in the 1940s, Inspur was one of China’s first IT brands. Since then, Inspur began its IT adventure supported by technological innovation for more than 40 years. Committed to innovation, Inspur has provided forward-looking technological breakthroughs and pushed China’s IT industry at important stages.

Success with Inspur Indonesia NetData

If you want to buy or use the Inspur Indonesia service, you can contact NetData. NetData has a fairly good reputation in terms of IT technology procurement. NetData is now also the most advanced company in providing the best IT service solutions in Indonesia.

The focus of NetData services to its customers is the key to NetData’s success as a company that provides Inspur products in Indonesia.

Mission Inspur Indonesia NetData

As the originator of Inspur Indonesia NetData has a mission to provide the best technology-based services and do it with hospitality, reliability and detail. NetData IT solutions are given the highest level of management and support using cutting edge technology. With the best quality and consistency, we provide effective solutions for clients, making technology an asset for them.


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