Inspur Indonesia Server : M6-series 4 Socket Server With 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Chip

Distributor Inspur Server : M6-series 4 Socket Server Dengan Chip Intel Xeon Generasi 3

There is news from the Inspur Indonesia server that Inspur is currently introducing its newest server, the M6 ​​Series, which uses the latest 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor. Inpur M6 Series 2F NF8260M6 is produced to optimize the cloud and 4U NF8480M6 for enterprise applications.

With this new generation Xeon ® Scalable processor it can be used in 4 or 8 server sockets with one CPU that can reach 28 cores, and Bfloat16 instruction features are set to increase AI performance and computing speed. This application is also optimized for cloud computing, databases in memory, deep learning, and virtualization. The M6 ​​server from Inspur leverages these CPU advancements to provide customers with improved hardware providing higher density, performance and reliability.

In addition to greater processing capability, these four-socket servers must also boast good RAS characteristics – reliability, availability and serviceability – to ensure uninterrupted service continuity. The Inspur M6 four-socket adopts systematic fault-tolerant technology at the chip, component, engine and system level. Heat transfer, intelligent detection, intelligent management, and other technologies can effectively isolate the impact of hardware and signal errors on the system and reduce unplanned downtime, ensuring data stability and smooth and sustainable business operations.

Inspur Indonesia Server on NetData

If you want to buy this latest server, you can buy it at NetData, which is a Inspur Indonesia server at Indonesia. NetData has a fairly good reputation in terms of IT technology procurement. NetData is now also the most advanced company in providing the best IT service solutions in Indonesia.

The focus of NetData services to its customers is the key to NetData’s success as a company that provides Inspur products in Indonesia.

Mission of NetData Inspur Indonesia

As the originator of the NetData Inspur Indonesia server, the mission is to provide the best technology-based services and do it with hospitality, reliability and detail. NetData IT solutions are given the highest level of management and support using cutting edge technology. With the best quality and consistency, we provide effective solutions for clients, making technology an asset for them.


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