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Rental Router Jakarta

Rental Router Jakarta – In a modern world like today we are certainly very familiar with the name router. This router is also an IT device which is an important tool in providing internet services. We will now discuss what the router is, what its benefits are below.

Routers are hardware devices that are used to connect multiple networks, either similar networks or in different networks. Routing is a system of sending shared data packets across a network from one device to another.

Each router has several facilities, namely DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol) and NAT (Network Address Translator) facilities. DHCP facility is a facility that can distribute other IP addresses to computer devices.

Meanwhile NAT is a facility that allows an IP address or internet connection to be shared with other IP addresses. By obtaining this other IP address, a device can access to other devices. Here are some important router functions:

Network Connecting

The first router function is as a network connector. As already explained, a router has the benefit of connecting more than one network so that the user can send data packets from one network to another.

The connection process works together by distributing IP addresses to each computer on the network, either statically or with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol).

Transmitting Information

The second router function is to transmit information. Another function of a router is to transmit information or knowledge from one network to another where the process is similar to a network bridge or bridge.

Connect the Network to DSL

The third router function is to connect a local network with a DSL (Digital subscriber line) connection or better known as a DSL router. Router technology is now more sophisticated, where its use is not only using a LAN cable connection, but also using wireless technology together.

Those are the benefits of a router that might help you understand it, talking about your router, you can Rent a Jakarta Router on NetData at a fairly competitive cost. Also you can ask questions according to your company’s IT problems so that NetData gets the best solution for you.

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