Indonesia Digital Presence: Six Dimensional Digital Maturity

Indonesia Digital Presence

Indonesia Digital Presence determines the extent of an organization or company that is already on the path of digital maturity, various areas of the organization and in-depth analysis of existing digital strategies. With 55% of new companies in Indonesia adopting a digital business strategy from the start. Digital maturity within the organization is a focus that must be carried out and is a smart move.

  1. Human Resources – Determine who in the organization will work on the new digital initiative, who will benefit the most from its implementation and what staffing problems you might encounter in the process.
  2. Technology Resources – The current organizational value of technology resources and digital content to determine whether the right technology, rules and processes are available to make digital transformation a measurable success.
  3. Data Strategy – Determines how organizations currently collect, store, manage and use data collected.
  4. Content Strategy – Develop a framework that uniformly regulates how data is created, managed, sent, shared, stored and updated by inventorying current content and storage methods, reviewing the organization’s content development process, measuring the quality of current content and reviewing evaluations. and storage process.
  5. Channel Strategy – Determine what channels the organization uses to utilize digital content (marketing, channels that allow transactions and distribution channels), how the organization approaches each channel, how these efforts are funded and how performance is evaluated.
  6. Social Business Strategy – How organizations utilize the capabilities of social media to increase engagement between employees, communities and customers while determining how social media is used as a whole, which utilizes it effectively and how to enhance the customer experience.

Indonesian Digital Presence Maturity

After the organization’s digital maturity is thoroughly analyzed using these 6 steps, SANGFOR is here to make Indonesia Digital Presence fast, easy, cost-effective and comprehensive. Sangfor suggested to consider implementing aCloud.

A simplified and flexible cloud solution built on HCI, allowing users to quickly build business-driven cloud computing data centers for private, hybrid or industrial clouds. It provides a collection of automated IT, IT as a Service and O&M IT resources, making it easier for key business functions to migrate to the cloud during transformation by providing:

  • Simple Architecture
  • Friendly expansion
  • Business-Critical Software Optimization
  • Application of Simple Applications
  • Multi-Dimensional Security Protection
  • Efficient Security Policy Management
  • Reliable Data Management
  • Simple O&M

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.


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