How to Shoot Wifi with a Router Guaranteed to Work!

How to Shoot Wifi with a Router

How to Shoot Wifi with a Router – Nowadays, the name Wifi is one thing that is very common in the technology era. And the more advanced technology is, the more advanced the way that can be done for how to shoot wifi with a router that is guaranteed to work.

Shooting wifi is not only evil because it steals other people’s wifi network. But this method can be used if your house that already has Wifi wants to share it with your neighbor’s house and pay it dues, because of course if you use a cable system you won’t be able to.

This method itself only uses a laptop and several other tools. Especially, this method is also quite low budget so you don’t have to worry when you want to implement it. Of course it will be really suitable for those of you who don’t want to go out a lot when you want to shoot Wifi.

Shoot Wifi with Router

This method is quite easy. You just need to use your smartphone and use a router. For the router that is used this time as an example is Tenda N301.

Hubungkan Telepon android kita ke TR WR840

  1. Enter the WiFi password by Default which is written on the back of the Router.
  2. Log in to the Domain Name Server “” Or you can enter the IP using a browser (Google
  3. Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, Mozilla, Safari and others)
  4. Login to the website with username = admin and password = admin
  5. Find and Click Quick Setup > Select WISP Menu
  6. Use Dynamic IP if you don’t know the IP of the AP you want to shoot
  7. Via this WR840 Router you will know what Wifi is hidden. If you already know the hidden Wifi, you can enter with the SSID and password correctly.

Note: If the target Wifi is not hidden, you can also enter the password directly.

Go to “AP Settings”, later we will create a new wifi, and we will use the new Wifi, create a password according to our wishes, then click continue. If the above process has been completed, then you just click next.

How to Shoot Wifi with TP-Link Router

The methods that you can use to shoot wifi with the TP-Link Router are as follows:

The first step is to install the driver

Install the program that is in the TP Link package. The trick is to plug the cassette into a notebook or computer. Then install the program by following the tutorial in the cassette.

Turn on TP Link with USB Extender

Connect the USB Extender cable to the TP Link. If the cable has been installed correctly, then the next step is to place the TP Link in a higher place in order to get a good signal.

Connect the USB Extender Cable to Your Computer or Computers

The next step is if the cable from the Extender has been installed on the TP-Link, now is the time for the USB Extender cable, the other one has a plug into the computer or computer. If the indicator is green, it means that it has been successfully connected.

If the indicator light doesn’t turn on, try removing and reconnecting the USB Extender cable earlier.

Connecting to WIFI

After completing the steps above, then go to the WIFI icon and click WiFi2. Connect to the Wifi you are targeting to shoot. If it is connected, it means that this step was successful.

How to Shoot Wifi with Huawei Router

For example, when you want to use this method is to use the Huawei HG532 router.

Suppose you have installed the radio station in the location you want with the right position and direction. To make sure he can observe the manual immediately. The thing that must be emphasized in this installation is the direction, between left and right and perpendicular to the radio station.

If the target is only on the first floor while the installation is level with the roof and the distance is less than 100 meters, then the vertical slope can be created not to exceed 20 degrees. But if you want the installation to be placed on a pole or tower, you can consult a professional person.

You also simply limit the Radio Station in WISP mode or station mode, while the LAN mode itself is bridged. Although IP in WISP or station mode can be controlled to Auto or DHCP. Then just scan the target then connect it, and don’t forget to enter the password if the target is password.

While on the AP router or router, make sure the DHCP has been disabled then set the SSID name and password. Next, connect the LAN cable on the radio adapter labeled LAN to the hole labeled LAN on the router or router AP.


Shooting the wifi with the router doesn’t really hurt. This is precisely how you can share your internet with other places over long distances, even kilometers. But remember, use this method wisely!


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