How to Setup Tenda Router Correctly

How to Setup Tenda Router – When you have bought a router, the thing you should think about is how to set the router according to your needs. Let’s first discuss how to properly set up the Tenda router. Because this Tenda router can be conditioned in various ways and can also be set from various devices.

This setting method tends to be easy, so you can follow it carefully and can practice it yourself at home.

Tent Router

For starters, the Tenda WiFi router or Tenda wireless router is a router network device that originated in China. If you have various electronic devices connected to a WiFi network, or live with a lot of people, you need Tenda WiFi as a WiFi router to keep the network quality consistently stable.

How to Setup Tenda Router

Here we will give an example by using Tenda F3 and you will use it as an access point, namely internet access from a LAN cable will be transmitted via wireless.

  1. From the ISP modem, plug it in using a LAN cable to the WAN port of Tenda F3
  2. Port 1 Tenda F3 connect to Laptop/PC
  3. Go to or (factory default IP).
  4. Tent F3 initial view

1. Change Password And Wifi Name

Fill in the Wifi Name and WiFi Password, click OK

Congratulations, you can now use the Tenda router as an access point.

How to Setup Tenda N301 Router

How to Setup Tenda N301 Router

  1. Make sure the Internet Source to be applied uses the DHCP Server IP (IP is not written manually).
  2. Make sure the Ethernet Cable (LAN) that is the internet source enters the WAN port (properly) on the Tenda N301 router.
  3. Now connect the PC/Laptop/HP that will be applied to the Tenda N301 AP settings. Use cable or Wireless from Tenda N301.
  4. Then, open chrome/search application and write IP Gateway of Tenda N301. Tenda’s default is usually or reset first and can be seen on the back of the Tenda N301 router, there will be a default SSID, connect with HP /
  5. PC, it will immediately lead to the Configuration page (Webpig).
  6. Log in specifically first if the Tenda N301 has previously been set using the Webpig login word.    

  2. Go to the “Online Setting” tab then select the “Router” mode and select the internet source via the “Dynamic IP Address” track.

  3. Click OK, then the Tenda N301 router will connect to the internet.

  4. Now Setting the Wifi SSID, go to the “Wireless Settings” tab.

  • Wifi name = our wifi ssid name
  • Security mode = security type (password/no)
  • Wifi password = our wifi password
  • Multi SSID = ssid and the password is more than 1
  • Wifi schedule = router scheduling on and off
  • Network mode = the updated one is b/gn
  • Wireless Channel = channel applied
  • Wireless bandwidth = bandwidth that will be given
  • Anti-interference = the router will update the empty channels so that there is no interference on congested networks.

 5. Done, now try to check whether the internet can be done.

How to set up a tent router via cellphone

The following is an easy way to set up a Tenda router via HP.

  1. First, activate the Tenda router that will be used.
  2. Then you can connect the SSID or Wifi signal to your mobile phone device.
  3. After that open the browser application, type then enter
  4. You will be guided to the Tenda Router activation web.
  5. Then select wireless repeating.
  6. Click on the WISP component and look for the SSID to shoot.
  7. Next enter the password and click OK.
  8. Finally, you can just wait until the Tent Router that is used is active again.

How to Set the Tent Router to Make it Fast

If you want to know how to set up a Tenda router so it’s fast. With this guarantee you can do it easily.

  1. Plug the LAN cable from one of the internet modem ports into the WAN port (blue) on the Tenda F3 wifi router, then plug in the power adapter cable as well, turn it on and wait a while.
  2. Connect your computer/notebook to the Tenda Wifi Router (SSID: Tenda_BE0050) via wifi, without a password, and make sure it is connected.
  3. Open a browser such as Mozilla Firefox to start setting up and configuring the Tenda F3 Wifi Router, then type the IP address into the address bar, that is the IP address of the Tenda tool.
  4. Immediately, it is enough to change the Wifi SSID Name (Wifi Name) then don’t forget to give the word, then OK, done.

Where to Sell Tent Router?

How? It’s very easy, isn’t it for Tenda router settings? Now is the time to find out where the place that sells Tenda routers is where? One you can trust is NetData.

NetData is one of the official distributors of Tenda which is guaranteed to offer you Tenda routers at low prices and also with various models that you can choose according to your needs.


It’s very easy to set up the Tenda router correctly, you can just adjust it according to your needs. There are lots of Tenda router models that you can customize to suit your needs.


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